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  Top Horse Jumps Today Age W - L Height Winnings Rank
CP Chardonnay Alaea    12 133 - 67 90" 89,100 379
M* Nagini     6 224 - 175 90" 134,800 1,859
Brichetto    9 128 - 67 89.5" 126,400 63
PT True Lady     9 70 - 108 89.25" 28,700 3,971
BMC Oh No    16 345 - 206 92" 166,700 2,903
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Horse Eye Problems and Infections
6th Dec 2015   |   Care and Grooming   |   Saferaphus
The simplest first aid treatment for any eye problem is washing the area with a saline solution. You can easily make this at home with cooled boiled water and sea salt. There are lots of recipes online and you canít go too far wrong with one recommended for humans or other pets. ...
Training Off The Track Standardbreds
5th Dec 2015   |   General   |   Saferaphus
Despite the difference in body type, training and gaits of your average riding horse, Standardbreds can make the transition from track star to saddle horse. Most have good temperaments, and come with some useful training already in place. They respond to basic rein aids, are gene ...
Trick Training - Teach Your Horse to Kiss Against All Odds - The Story of Bronze - Part 2 Alternative Equine Behavior Issues If Horses Went To School
Cloning A Polo Horse
3rd Dec 2015   |   Equine Technology   |   Saferaphus
Cloning does provide a sort of carbon copy however. Normally a mareís egg will contain one set of genes. The stallion then provides the second set, and the offspring becomes a mix of the two. But the cloning process starts with taking a tissue sample from the horse to be cloned - ...
Should You Spay Your Mare From Breeding
26th Nov 2015   |   General   |   Saferaphus
Gelding male horses is a common procedure. There are many advantages including a more predictable temperament, preventing unwanted breedings and may result in increased growth for the individual. If gelding a horse has benefits wouldnít it make sense to be able to do the same for ...
The Basic Stuff
24th Nov 2015   |   Care and Grooming   |   Saferaphus
Are you getting a horse? Chances are, if youíre getting your first horse, youíll want to plan ahead and be sure that you have everything ready for its arrival. Youíll want to plan how you will house your horse, and have fenced paddocks and a stable or run-in shelter ready. And, y ...
Horse Backs Are Not Fit For Riding
21st Nov 2015   |   General   |   Saferaphus
In our quest to be Ďnaturalí horse owners, we sometimes forget one thing. The very thing we get a horse for isnít natural. In fact, sitting on your horseís back isnít even very good for it. A horseís back isnít made to carry a load. If you were to choose an animal more suitable f ...
War Horses
18th Nov 2015   |   General   |   Saferaphus
Remembrance Day and Memorial Day are celebrated in many countries during the month of November. Itís a time to thank veterans and remember fallen heros. Along with the human heros, many of us also give some thought to the thousands of four-legged heros that endured the horrors of ...
History of Horse Saddles
15th Nov 2015   |   General   |   Saferaphus
It took us about 2000 years from the first domesticated horses 6000 years ago, to develop something resembling a saddle. The first saddles were simple pads of leather or cloth, held on by the seat of the rider against the horse. Archeological finds have shown that Bronze and Iron ...
When Not To Use a Rain Sheet
14th Nov 2015   |   Care and Grooming   |   Saferaphus
A rain sheet doesnít have any insulation and I think that rain sheets are a bad idea during cold weather. They flatten the horseís coat, and donít provide any insulating layer. They do block the wind and rain, but when itís really cold, that might not be enough. Several years ago ...
Weddings on Horseback
11th Nov 2015   |   General   |   Saferaphus
One of the simplest and most romantic weddings was of a friend who decided she wanted to be married at a favorite spot on trail. She found a minister willing to ride out with them, and luckily for the non-riding guests, the chosen spot wasnít too far from a quiet road they could ...
Large Animal Rescue Training
9th Nov 2015   |   General   |   Saferaphus
We often see headlines about horses being rescued from perilous situations by emergency response teams. EMTs are the front line for most emergencies and in rural areas, they not only rescue people, but animals too. Firefighters might find themselves evacuating dairy cattle from ...
Lunging Done Right
7th Nov 2015   |   Horse Training   |   Saferaphus
Lunging can be a good way to train and exercise a horse, but in order for it to be effective, it has to be done right. Now, some people will argue that you should always use a lunging cavesson. This is a headstall with some reinforcing in the noseband and extra rings so that the ...
Solving the Problem of Unwanted Horses
3rd Nov 2015   |   General   |   Saferaphus
I think itís agreed in the horse community that unwanted horses are a problem. A University of Minnesota publication claims there are 92,000 to 138,000 unwanted horses in the U.S., based on the number of horses previously sent to slaughter. These numbers are from 2011, and in fac ...
The Head Bone is Connected to the Neck Bone
31st Oct 2015   |   Care and Grooming   |   Saferaphus
Even though horses are bigger, we have more bones than they do, 205 to our 207. We start out with even more, but as we age, some fuse together. The neck bones of the horse are part of the vertebral or spinal column. The neck bones themselves are called the cervical vertebrae, and ...
Legends of the Falls
29th Oct 2015   |   General   |   Saferaphus
Those of you south of the border have to wait for your turkey dinner a few weeks, but my family got together for Thanksgiving recently. It was hot, so I decided there was no way I was going to cook a turkey. Weíd have BBQ in the backyard instead. And, like many holidays when fami ...
Help For the Worlds Poorest Horses [Video]
26th Oct 2015   |   Care and Grooming   |   Saferaphus
In a world dominated by cars, trucks, trains and planes, we sometimes forget that a great number of the worldís human population still rely on the domestic horse and its close relatives for transportation. But, of the worldís 100 million+ equines, the majority of them are still u ...
Horseback Riding is a Pain
22nd Oct 2015   |   General   |   Saferaphus
The most common pains new riders experience are in the muscles down the inside of the upper legs. While these muscles help stabilize us when we walk or stand, riding requires that we use them in a way they arenít normally used. Many riders will feel pain on the inside of their th ...
Diseases Humans Catch From Horses
19th Oct 2015   |   Care and Grooming   |   Saferaphus
Ever wondered if your horse can make you sick? Not the horse crazy type sick? But truly ill in some way? As it turns out, itís rare, but possible. If your horse contracts a zoonotic disease, there is a slight chance it could be passed along to you. ...
Horse Tripping Competition [Graphic Content]
17th Oct 2015   |   Shows and Events   |   Saferaphus
The horses used in horse tripping competitions are usually mares. Lightweight horses are preferred as these horses are easier to take down when the roper pulls back on the lasso. During these competitions horses sustain many injuries. The horses are often pitched to the ground wi ...
How Your Horse Protects Itself From Flies
14th Oct 2015   |   General   |   Saferaphus
Bug season around here is slowly tapering off, but until the first hard frost eradicates those pesky pests they will still be around to annoy us all. Late summer and early fall is when the tiny mosquitos that carry the West Nile Virus show up. The Bot fly uses the lazy days of la ...
Five Famous TV Horses
12th Oct 2015   |   General   |   Saferaphus
There arenít any good horse series on TV, are there? This wasnít always the case. Over the years there have been many. Some included fictional horses like Black Beauty, Flicka and famous race horses. Others featured horses as faithful companions to a hero. Here are just a few of ...
The Flood Horses of South Carolina
10th Oct 2015   |   General   |   Saferaphus
There are some really dramatic videos of horse rescues in flood stricken South Carolina. Several days of torrential rains left S.C. residents on flood alert if they are not already under water. Rivers are spilling over their banks and dams that should control flooding arenít suff ...
The Tangled Web of Horse Cruelty
4th Oct 2015   |   Care and Grooming   |   Saferaphus
Burnings, beatings, torture, soring: these things are obvious cruelty. One would like to think that the ASPCA, The RSPCA and others had the ability to intervene, save horses and provide law enforcement with the information to prosecute the offenders. But, the ideal scenario and t ...
Gili Trawangan Remote Tourist Island Culture of Abused Ponies
30th Sep 2015   |   Care and Grooming   |   Saferaphus
When it comes to exotic travel destinations, Bali, an island province of Indonesia often comes to mind as an ultimate destination. A neighboring island, also an island of Indonesia, Gili Trawangan is gaining a reputation, but not for the same reason as Bali. In common with Bali i ...
How Green Is My Horse
28th Sep 2015   |   General   |   Saferaphus
Things slide down hill quickly though if you start heading out to horse shows and trail rides off of your property. Those of us who pull horse trailers will have an appropriate vehicle. Chances are you donít just use that large, fossil fuel guzzling vehicle for hauling. It probab ...
Bad Horsemanship Barbie Toy Review
26th Sep 2015   |   Product Reviews   |   Saferaphus
So look whoís hopping on her horse and going for a ride - all by herself! Itís Barbie. Barbie has been on horseback before. Previous incarnations had her wedged onto the saddle like a clothespin, with her feet arched chronically from constantly wearing high heels. My sister had t ...
Riding in the Rain
23rd Sep 2015   |   General   |   Saferaphus
Itís raining and I want to ride. The arena is being used, so I have the choice of staying home or getting wet. I have work to do too, so perhaps the rain is a good thing, keeping me getting things done before I go play. ...
The Para-Equestrian Sport
21st Sep 2015   |   General   |   Saferaphus
Para-equestrian officially encompasses two sports, dressage and driving. In both sports, riders are fit into different grades, depending on their abilities. This ensures that everyone competing is doing so against riders with the same abilities and makes the competition fair. ...
Camping With Horses
19th Sep 2015   |   General   |   Saferaphus
Summer is almost over, but there are still many weeks of good weather yet. If you like camping, the warm days and cool nights of autumn, before the frost sets in, is an exhilarating time of year to spend outdoors. Getting yourself organized for camping can take some careful plann ...
Thwarting the Stable Houdinis
15th Sep 2015   |   General   |   Saferaphus
Do you have a Houdini in your stable? Houdini was an illusionist and escape artist who specialized in spectacular death-defying escape acts. He would don a straight jacket and hang upside down, or immerse himself in cold water upside down and then miraculously free himself. He co ...
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