Equestrian Sports Set To Make Comeback In Next Winter Olympics
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Equestrian Sports Set To Make Comeback In Next Winter Olympics
Ski-joering Sport

The winter Olympics are over, and truthfully, it's a bit disappointing that there was really nothing for the equestrian crowd, except Russia's brief nod to the horse during the opening ceremonies. Over the years, a few equestrian sports have been tried. Ski-joering was a demonstration sport back in 1928, with no full double fulls, biranis, or lay tuck tucks, it was really just a lot of guys on skis hanging on for dear life to a rope attached to a horse barreling across a froze lake. Flat racing also appeared at the 1928 winter Olympics. This too was run on a frozen lake. Few of barefoot enthusiasts attended.

Clearly, we horse lovers need a winter Olympic sport. However, one of the arguments against having horses in the Olympics at all is the expense of the venues and stabling. So, any Olympic horse sports need to be economical in terms of event venues and equipment. Here are a few ideas.

Pony Puck Pelting
This could be a team or individual sport. Each competitor would be equipped with a bucket of frozen horse buns. Gloves would be optional, and no safety equipment would be allowed. The teams or individuals would stand a prescribed distance apart and start pelting each other with the frozen buns until one begs for mercy. In the team sport, the more people on the team start screaming stop! stop! the more points will be awarded. Time would be used to break ties. While most Olympic sports pit country against country, more interest could be added to this sport by pitting sibling against sibling.

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Wheel Barrow Terpsichore
This would be similar to the ice dancing and figure skating Olympic sports. I discovered this sport while cleaning stalls one afternoon. I had ascended the plank up the manure pile and deposited the load of manure. As I turned to walk back down the plank, pulling the wheelbarrow behind me, I discovered that I could let go of one handle and spin on one foot to face the opposite direction and re-grab the handle without actually dropping the wheelbarrow. I know we've all found creative ways to get through doors, around horses and up manure piles. This is one spectator sport that that is sure to fill the stands.

Pasture Relay
We've all played this, so we know the rules. The name of the game is endurance. Walk through knee-deep snow to catch horses that don't want to be caught. This will be a timed event, with chances for bonus points. Points will be awarded if your heart rate stays below the maximum target heart rate for your age group. Extra points will also be awarded if you almost catch the horses, and they take off again and for catching a horse dragging a shredded turnout rug behind it.

Ski-joering (of course)
Those guys back in 1928 made ski-joering look pretty tame. The winter Olympic version should include spins and moguls in addition to the jumps and ring collecting already included in the modern version of the sport. Speed, daring and finesseósounds like the perfect winter Olympic sport.
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