Triple Crown Hopeful American Pharoah Name Registration Issue
 By Saferaphus   •   27th May 2015   •   2,116 views   •   1 comments
Triple Crown Hopeful American Pharoah Name Registration Issue

Did you realize that American Pharoahís name is misspelled? My spellcheck picked it up right away! The Thoroughbredís breeder, Zayat Stable held a contest to name their two-year-olds. And, the woman who submitted the winning name claims she checked the spelling before submitting her entry. The Jockey Club is not taking the blame either. Misspellings are common when registering horses, whose names must adhere to strict guidelines and character counts. So no one noticed whether the horseís name should have been Pharoah, or Pharaoh. However it was misspelled, the name of American Pharoah may go down in history. There hasnít been a Triple Crown winner for 37 years, the longest drought in the race seriesí history. And itís hoped that American Pharoah is the horse to finally break the drought.

The American Triple Crown of Horse Racing started in 1914, and in 1950 that the Thoroughbred Racing Association had the coveted trophy made by Cartier Jewelry Company. The three jewels of the Triple Crown, The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness and The Belmont Stakes are represented by the three sides of the trophy. Since its inception, only 11 horses have won all three races. There have been many near misses, most recently, California Chrome, who placed a disappointing fourth in the final race, the Belmont Stakes.

The horses that did win the title are the giants of the racing world and many like War Admiral, Secretariat, Seattle Slew and Affirmed are names familiar to those outside the horse world. Secretariat was named the Sports Illustrated Athlete of the Year in 1973. Others are subjects of popular books.

The United States isnít the only country to have a horse racing Triple Crown. In Canada, the Canadian Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing is comprised of the Queen's Plate, Prince of Wales Stakes and Breederís Stakes all held either at Woodbine Racetrack on the outskirts of Toronto, or Fort Erie Race Track in Fort Erie, Ontario. Australia has a Triple Crown of three races: Randwick Guineas, Rosehill Guineas and the AJC Australian Derby. These races have been run since 1935, and only five horses have won all three races.

The UK has a very challenging Triple Crown. Each race is longer. The first race, the 2,000 Guinea Stakes is one mile in length. The Epsom Derby is a mile and a half and the last race, the Leger Stakes a gruelling mile and three quarters. The series has been run since 1853, with only 15 winners in itís history, the last being the legendary Nijinsky, in 1970. The races are also spaced further apart by months, rather than weeks, making it more difficult to keep horses in peak condition and injury free.

So will 2015 be the year a horse finally wins the American Triple Crown? There are some that say American Pharoah is poised to win it. He ran happily through the mud, he left the pack behind and while he may not have pyramid power, he does have pedigree power. Others point out his bounce out of the gate, the substantial Ďhandlingí applied during his races and that the Belmont track is further than heís run before. Heíll also be running against horses heís not run against in previous races. That, say many is the recipe for an upset. What do you think? Will you watch history being made as American Pharoah wins the Triple Crown?
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I don't think he'll be able to tackle it down. The Belmont is the monster, so much longer and they're so tired when it comes up. Hopefully it happens, but I don't feel that it's likely.
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