Will Rio Summer Olympics Equestrian Venue be Ready After Troubled Start
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Will Rio Summer Olympics Equestrian Venue be Ready After Troubled Start

The start of the Rio Summer Olympics is just a few months off. The test events for eventing, stadium jumping and dressage, held in August 2015 were deemed successes by organizers. But it seems as with every other big event, there are many stumbling blocks and mini-dramas before the opening celebrations begins. So far, there have been three major concerns leading up to the 2016 event.

The stable at the Olympic venue was previously used to stable military horses and was emptied in February, allowing a six month quarantine period before the event. But the first challenge was a frightening outbreak of glanders close to the site. This deadly disease spreads easily in the close confines of a stable. Itís largely unheard of in North America, but still occurs in many Asian and South American countries. The outbreak was in an army stable neighboring the Deodoro Olympic Horse Park that housed 600 horses and took place at the same time the test events were being held at the Olympic equestrian competition venues last summer. The stable was put under quarantine and at least one horse was euthanized. Another large stable outside of the area was also put under quarantine, and the disease was contained.

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In October, it was rumoured that Brazil had still not secured the equine health certificate that would permit horses to enter and leave the country. Initially it was feared that if the certificate could not be secured, the equestrian events would have to be held in a different country. With the glanders outbreak highlighting the need for strict bio-security, organizers scrambled to satisfy officials from the FEI and other organizations that all was well, and the paperwork to allow horses in and out of the country was finalized.

Now, as 2016 begins, there have been concerns that the venue itself would not be ready. In fact, it seems there are several Olympic venues experiencing completion delays. The indoor track cycling velodrome construction has been delayed, largely because of budget cuts. And the tennis venue is 90% complete, but has come to a stop when the building contract was cancelled because the consortium responsible experienced delays and Ďbreach of contractí. The equestrian venue is reported to be behind in refurbishments of the site. The equestrian venue is scheduled to be inspected by FEI delegates and a meeting of the The International Olympic Committee in February will include an update of the status of all the Olympic venues.

The Deodoro site of the Olympic Horse Park was formerly used during the 2007 Pan-Am Games and was used by the Brazilian Army Equestrian School. It is the second largest of all the Rio venues. Officials assure though, that despite the delays that all will be ready for opening day on August 5. The equestrian events are scheduled to take place, starting with eventing on August 6.

Rio Summer Olympics Equestrian Schedule

Will Rio Summer Olympics Equestrian Venue be Ready After Troubled Start
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