Getting Your Horses White Spots White
 By Topthorn Equestri   •   2nd Jan 2010   •   5,246 views   •   6 comments
Horses are prone to getting dirty. And having a white or light colored horse is a pain to get clean sometimes. So Here are a few cleaning tips to make your horse shine on show day!


1: Use whitening shampoo (Purple or blue shampoo, White N Bright, Show Sheen, etc,)

2: You can use dry shampoos for winter clean ups too!

3: The longer you allow stains to sit on your horse's coat, the harder they are to remove. So clean out your horses stall daily!

4: Brush your horse daily to help get mud and things out of their coats.

5: Put a light sheet or blanket on your horse to help keep it clean.

6: Use a large, sponge to apply the soap/water on the horse. Rinse all of the soap off of your horse so it doesn't dry their skin out.

7: Brush your horse daily but DON'T wash it more than once every 2 weeks. To keep natural oils that horses need on their skin.

8: Sweat scrape your horse after bathing it to get extra water off of him.


1: Using Cowboy Magic green spot remover or Miracle Groom Spot remover is great for show day touch ups.

2: Apply baby powder or cornstarch to white areas with your fingers or use a small clean towel then lightly brush it off.

3: Use baby oil to make your horse shine!

4: Have a helper to wipe or brush your horses body before you enter the ring.

5: Hoof oil or polish will make your horses hooves look great! Careful not to get it on you or your horse. These will also dry out your horses hooves so only use it every now and then.

Hope this helps and have fun!
Love, Morning
Getting Your Horses White Spots White
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Good tips, but I have one that will save any white horse owner. When bathing your horse use Wisk laundry detergent instead of horse shampoo. It may sound stupid but it's amazing. I have a Paint mare who's almost all white and I only use Wisk and it gets her clean faster then the whitening shampoos.
  Jan 3, 2010  •  3,053 views
Someone i know uses this pink washing up substance o.O but baby oil is very good hen used discreetly , judges hate it though.
  Jan 3, 2010  •  3,102 views
Topthorn Equestri  
Snowen I have used it once I don't like it though. If you use to much you will almost never get it out. hehe I would have added it but I couldn't remember what it was called thanks
  Jan 3, 2010  •  3,073 views
Topthorn Equestri  
Oh and your probably wondering why it says love morning. Well I changed my barn name to topthorn like 2 days after I made this post and I went by morning. LOL
  Feb 20, 2010  •  3,073 views
Little Bitty Farm  
Great article!
  41 days ago  •  3,066 views
Starlight Farm  
i just searched google for "how to clear horse white spots" and your article was the first thing to come up! xD
  31 days ago  •  3,083 views
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