The Horse Funnies
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I donít often buy a weekend paper anymore. But when I do, the first section I flip to are the funnies. I love the Peanuts, Family Circus and Shermanís Lagoon. I also like GoComics on my tablet. Horse magazines donít have a pull out comics section like newspapers do, but there are some horse funnies in print and online.

When I was a kid, The Western Horseman was one of the few horse magazine available, and decades later, itís still a very popular magazine. My favorite part were the little comics that appeared in the corners of some pages. (Next best was that ad for the silvery sparkle boot toes you could add to cowboy boots.) One of the longest running cartoons was by an artist who signed the initials BJB. The BJB cartoons centered around a little girl and her patient Appaloosa horse named Fizz Bomb. Fizz Bomb reminds me a bit of my mare - more inclined to snack and nap than work. The BJB cartoons were just one of many that appeared in the pages and still do. Western Horseman features many cowboy cartoonists. The themes may be cowboy life, but most horse lovers will recognize the situations and humor.

Thelwell cartoon
Thelwell Cartoons

Thelwell cartoons show up online, the books are still available and youíll often see the cartoons on things like mugs and plates. Thelwell captured the horse world with a touch of wry. His shaggy shetlands, hovering mothers, and determined young equestrians are very relatable. Thelwell strayed into other realms such as fishing, sailing, farming and traveling, but itís his depictions of the equestrian life that he is best remembered for. You can get a taste of Thelwellís art on the official Norman Thelwell website.

Thelwell cartoon
J.L. Werner

Within the pages of the Chronicle of the Horse, youíre likely to see the cartoon art of J.L. Werner. Her cartoons also appear on the Equimed website once a month. After trying real jobs, Werner decided to pursue her artistry full time. Her article and accompanying illustrations Deciphering The Basic Lunging Commands can be found on the Chronicle's website. And her article The Real Equestrian Lifestyle captures just that and echoes why I donít have an expensive wardrobe or a car with a sunroof.

Thelwell cartoon
Danaís Doodles

Danaís Doodles seem to show up everywhere online. Youíve also probably seen them in Young Rider, Horse Illustrated, and other popular horse magazines. Dana Baurís doodles, actually watercolor and pen creations are funny and inspiring. Baurís ideas come from real life. Her first horse became the inspiration for many of the cartoons. Her website Danaís Doodles is a portal for her store featuring everything from mugs to stall signs.

Thelwell cartoon
Kay Thorton

The Funny Horse Cartoons website is the creation of Kay Thorton of Queensland, Australia. She makes light of the many frustrating aspects of horse ownership, riding and horse life. While there are lots of cartoons on her website to chuckle over, thereís also an app on Itunes and a Kindle book you can enjoy.

Do you have a horse cartoon, comic strip or funny thatís your favorite?
The Horse Funnies
The Horse Funnies
The Horse Funnies
The Horse Funnies
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