Where to Find Quality Free Horse Images
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Where to Find Quality Free Horse Images

Whether you’re like me and need photos to go along with what you’ve written, you want images for your website, or you want to manipulate an image for your online stable, finding the appropriate images can be hard and sites like Getty and iStockphoto can be expensive.

You really can’t just grab any old image from Google Images or from someone else’s website and do what you like with it. Many images are copyright protected, meaning to use one without permission is stealing. Many sites offer ‘free downloads’ but you still have to pay for the use of the image. So, here are my picks for free, public domain or Creative Commons (CC0) license image sites with a large variety of horse themed images. Link
Morguefile is an archive of photographs available for any use. You can use and adapt them any way you like. With the search word ‘horse’, you’ll find photos of hunting, polo, racing showjumping, farm scenes and lots more. The site name Morguefile sounds ominous, but it’s an old newspaper industry term for photos and other material kept for reference for future use. Link
This is my favorite sites for sourcing horse photos. The photos are submitted by photographers and there is a huge selection of photos featuring horses. The free photos are mixed into other images that must be purchased, so make sure you choose ‘Free Files’ from the menu bar. Many of the photographers appreciate a photo credit when you use their photos, but it isn’t mandatory. Link
Again, watch that you select the free images option on this site. Even with that filter, there are lots of high-quality photos to choose from. You can also find vector graphics and a few horse videos. Link
Sometimes, rather than a photo, you need clipart. There is a huge collection of horse vector graphics on You can also edit the images within the website, which is handy if you don’t want to open something like Photoshop or Gimp. There are a few formats that you can download such as SVGs so you can use them easily in Illustrator or Inkscape. Not all of the art is 2 color. You’ll also find vintage posters, full-color art and graphics suitable for icons.

Wikimedia Commons Link
Wikimedia Commons is another free source of horse related photos and artwork and illustrations. You’ll find horse equipment such as saddlery and horse-drawn vehicles. Link
All of the great photos on is public domain or CC0, so you are free to use them anywhere you like. This is a small collection of high-quality images. Link
Not all of the images on are great photos, but if you’re looking for images to edit, you’ll probably find something suitable. Using the search term horse brings up about 200 separate images. Like most of these sites, if you are a photographer, you can also upload your photos so others can use and enjoy them.
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