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If you ride, youíre probably familiar with the phenomena of helmet hair. And, around the stable, there is a good chance your hair is tucked under a cap most of the time. If your hair is long, a ponytail is probably as close to an actual hairstyle you get. Itís functional, easy and comfortable. But, when youíre headed into the show ring or elsewhere, a ponytail, loose hair or wispy short hair sticking out from beneath your helmet might not cut it. Loose hair, while you're working around horses or riding, can be a bit of safety hazard. Plus itís better for your hair not to become windblown and tangled. So how do you tame your own mane for the show ring?

First of all, you have to find out what the rules and requirements are. Not many shows will have specific rules about hairstyles, but, there will be neatness and safety to consider. A tidy hairdo is important to the overall all neat presentation you want for the show ring. And some types of sports require specific types of hair styles.

Trail Riding
If youíre just out on the trail, nobody is going to be overly worried about your appearance. A ponytail or braid is probably all you need to keep your hair in control and out of the way. If your hair is short, it may not need much attention at all. Some people like to tuck their hair under their helmet. Be aware that this can affect the fit and effectiveness of your helmet. So itís probably best not to do this.

Field Hunting
Your hair must be neat. Your hair isnít supposed to be obvious beneath your helmet, so the most accepted way to wear it is in a hair net. Clubbing up a braid, or wearing a bun would work too, but you must be sure that your hair is very secure. You don'tí want your bun flying away because a pin falls out as youíre galloping along.

The Hunter Ring
Tradition rules in the hunter ring and is a little less subject to fads than many other disciplines. Anything that is the least distracting is a no-no. This includes flyaway hair. If youíre a young rider, a single braid with a bow or two pigtails with bows is appropriate. But if youíve entered the double digits, itís probably best to wear a hairnet with your hair folded under your helmet, or a low military style bun or do that keeps your hair in place.

A French braid with the ends tucked up underneath the braid can work. Pins, hairspray, and a net will keep it all in place. If you wear your hair tucked up under your helmet, make sure that when you buy it, you wear your hair like this when you try it on. That way, the helmet will not be too tight. Some manufacturers donít recommend wearing your hair tucked inside the helmet at all.

While itís may be acceptable to wear long hair loose in the jumper ring, itís probably best to contain your tresses. Hair braided back, netted up or in a bun is one thing less likely to get caught on something should you have an unscheduled dismount.

Horsemanship and Showmanship
In equitation, horsemanship or showmanship classes, a low bun is acceptable. These means lots of pins and hairspray to keep it frizz free. You can also wear a hairnet that matches your hair color to keep everything in place. To make a perfectly symmetrical bun, you can buy a bun form that matches your hair color. This isnít the popular messy bun thatís popular, but a low, sleek bun that sits low on your neck. For hair that isnít quite long enough to make a bun with, a Ďshow bowí which is a combination clip, bow, and mini hairnet looks nice.

Dressage hair is much like hunter's hair. You donít want your hair to move at all and be distracting. A show bow, as in showmanship is acceptable. Scrunchies with a little bling is also acceptable. You could also wear a sleek bun, or a tightly rolled Ďgibson tuckí, well fixed with pins and hairspray. If youíre heading to the cross country phase of eventing after your dressage, you can take your hair down, and wear it in a ponytail or braid.

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