Rare Horse Colors and Unusual Patterns
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You canít believe everything you see on the internet. A quick image search can bring up some really unusually colored horses. Thanks to digital editing, itís easy to change a horseís color or markings, such as the viral picture of the pinto horse that appears to have the word Ďhorseí hidden in it. You donít need Photoshop to find really unusually colored horses though. Some amazing colors and patterns are found in real life too. Here are some rare and odd coat patterns that mother nature herself created.

Cremello Akhal Teke Stallion
Cremello Akhal Teke Stallion

Most of us have seen the cremello Akhal Teke stallion photo that went viral under the title, Most Beautiful Horse in the world. So you might not think cremello is an unusual coat color, but it is. Cremello horses have pink skin, blue eyes, and a white mane and tail. They can look almost white, but they are not. They are a very light cream color.

Cremello Akhal Teke Stallion
Peacock Spots or Inkspots

Peacock Spots or Inkspots
An unusual variation of leopard spots on horses, like those found on some Appaloosas and Knabstruppers, are peacock spots. Peacock spots are dark spots that have a halo of white hair around them, making them look the pattern on a peacock's tail feathers. The darker the base coat color of the horse, the more obvious the patterning is.

Cremello Akhal Teke Stallion
Brindle Markings

Brindle markings can show up on any color of a horse. The darker the horse, the more striking they can be, with the white hairs drizzled vertically down the horseís body. Brindle coats are rare. Most brindle horses carry no gene for brindle. Rather it is a combination of genetics called Ďchimeraí that causes it - when the cells of two non-identical twins fuse. Another form of brindle is genetic,

Cremello Akhal Teke Stallion
Perlino Horse

Perlino horses are very similar to cremellos with cream-colored coats, blue eyes but darker shaded manes and tails. If there is any question as to whether a horse is perlino or cremello only its pedigree and DNA testing will reveal the answer.

Cremello Akhal Teke Stallion

Lacing Markings
Lacing looks similar to dapples, but backward, or perhaps giraffe spots. Itís also called giraffe spots of cobwebbing. Some people think itís genetic, while others think it might be some sort of scarring from skin infections. But, because some owners have had foals from mares that have had the same pattern on their coats, itís probably genetic, caused by a recessive gene. It tends to grow year after year, and that too, points to genetic origins, as scars or healed lesions would probably lessen over time, not increase.

Sometimes really unusual coat patterns can happen that have nothing to do with genetics. Pinto markings are especially apt to create pictures on a horseís coat that look like other things. I knew a horse that had a very precise silhouette of a person wearing a feathered headdress on its side. In Britain, a pinto pony foal was born with its own silhouette on its shoulder. There are horses with maps of countries or other animals. The phenomena of seeing an image in another random object is called pareidolia. And this has inspired contests in which digital image software users are challenged to create artistic pareidoliac images. Many of the unbelievable unusual coat markings are computer generated, so you canít believe everything you see.
Rare Horse Colors and Unusual Patterns
Rare Horse Colors and Unusual Patterns
Rare Horse Colors and Unusual Patterns
Rare Horse Colors and Unusual Patterns
Rare Horse Colors and Unusual Patterns
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