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Nearly 200 Dead Horses in Arizona Stock Pond
The state of Arizona has been hit with an intense drought. As a result, wild horses have been the victims. This spring, about 180 horses died after becoming caught in the mud of a stock pond where they tried to find water. Weakened by starvation and dehydration, the horses were unable to extricate themselves, and became stuck. Sadly, this isnít an isolated incident. It happens to some degree every year.

Study Suggests We May Be Wrong About Horse Domestication
Until now, scientists believed that the horse was domesticated about 5000 years ago on the western steppe, by a people known as the Yamnaya. A new study suggests that this theory may be incorrect. Turns out we still have a lot to learn as DNA may be pointing to two separate sources of domestication: the Yamnaya and the Botai.

Wearing Leg Support May be Damaging
Do you wrap or put support boots on your horse before riding? Turns out you may not be providing as much support as you might think. At best, youíre doing nothing. At worst, you could be doing damage. A British vet suggests that if you are wrapping tight enough to support your horseís legs, youíre wrapping tight enough to restrict blood flow. And, you risk having your horseís legs overheat which can lead to tendon damage. Protective boots that are open in the front make sense when jumping and doing other sports where a horse might hit itself. But otherwise, your horse is better off without the bandages and boots.

Horse Found in Pompeii Dig Site
Most of us know the story about Pompeii, the city that was buried under the ashes of Mount Vesuvius. Archeological digs have provided us with a fascinating although sometimes alarming window into Roman civilization. Recently, outside the main site a full sized cast of a horse has been unearthed. Itís thought that it was a parade horse. Other equids have been found in the past. DNA analysis has determine that a skeleton unearthed a decade ago was a Somali ass.

Horse Movies to See
Get out the popcorn and the tissues. There are currently three horse themed movies we need to watch:

Lean on Pete is a drama based on a book by author and singer Willy Vaulti. It was released in the U.S. early in April 2018 after initial screening at the 74th Venice International Film Festival. The storyline involves a single dad and his teenage son, a race horse destined for slaughter and their struggle to find their place in the world. Critics praise this film for its strong character portraits without being maudlin.

Unbridled is about an abused teenage girls and horses. This movie is based on real-life stories from various equine assisted therapy centers in the United States. Again this movie is praised for its unsentimental but touching treatment of a very difficult subject.

The Rider is a story about a young rodeo competitor who sustains a traumatic brain injury that according to doctors, should end his career. The story is about his struggle to redefine himself as he deals with his injury and that of a good friend.

The Last Horsemen of New York is a documentary about the carriage trade in that city. From the press release: ďIt examines the carriage horse business in New York, money in politics, jobs, animal rights, and more.Ē This doc will be released mid-May.
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