Animal Cruelty on the Racetrack
 By Velski   •   2nd Jun 2010   •   15,476 views   •   45 comments
Animal cruelty is bad for racehorses. The jockey needs a trusting horse, not an abused one. Animal cruelty can kill horses. They can be injured badly from animal cruelty and the owner might have them killed.

Animal Cruelty on the RacetrackMany racehorses have faults that cause injuries or death. Some racing thoroughbreds have been inbred too much and have bodies that are too heavy for their delicate legs. Broodmares are put into season too early, just for a longer training season. The mares birth at unnatural times, which can confuse the mare if it is their first time birthing a racehorse. Track surfaces are too hard, which damages their legs and hooves. The long racing season added to that can ruin a horseís legs.

Most racehorses are not treated with kindness. Some owners will drug their horses when they get an injury, like a hairline fracture, so they can still race. The horses are also raced when their bones arenít fully developed and risk life-threatening injuries. Some injured racehorses are put down, even if they have a minor injury that takes a while to heal. The owners donít have enough patients. It isnít the horseís fault that they got hurt itís the personís who pushed them to hard fault.

Certain racetrack sports are cruel. According to Kim Masters Evans in the article Animals in Sports, between November 2003 and November 2004, in California around 550 racehorses were injured from racing. Horse racing is intertwined with gambling, so some horses are drugged to make them calmer, yet faster. Like with Big Brown, according to Dave Zirin in the article The Lesson Of Big Brown, Big Brown might have been drugged, or have an injury. If a racehorse canít win, the owner will send them to the slaughterhouse. The demand for horsemeat is so immense no one cares if they kill a racehorse to get meat. Racehorses going to slaughterhouses are often kept in double-decker cattle trailers with no food, water, or movement. In the double-decker trailers, they often have to either remain stooped over or on their knees for the whole trip.

Animal cruelty kills or ruins an animal. Horses are one of the hardest animals to earn the trust of, and being cruel kills any trust. By abusing horses, the horseís spirit is killed, and without their spirit, there is no horse. Animal cruelty is bad and it kills. Animal cruelty needs to be stopped.
Animal Cruelty on the Racetrack
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i dont agree with animal cruelty its just not fair on the horses
  Feb 11, 2011  •  2,239 views
I understand that this is your opinion and you are more than entitle to write it. But please do truely understand what you are talking about before you sterio type.
But I must hand it to you, you did hit some of the main causes of injury people debate about. Though I dont agree with most, I do agree with the blood lines and breeding.
In the 1800s horses were racing 100 times in their careers running ever other weekend and retiring perfectly sound. In todays time Zenyatta (who I love) was being compared and title "the best thoroughbred ever" with just 19 wins. But many have forgotten horses like Kincsem. Kincsem was a chestnut filly born in 1874 who was undefeated in 54 races. She won races such as: Oesterreichisches Derby, 1877 Magyar One Thousand Guineas, 1877 Magyar Two Thousand Guineas, 1877 Magyar Oaks, 1877 Magyar St. Leger, 1877 Preis der Jockey-Club (Austrian Derby), Emperor's Prize, Grosser Preis von Baden (3 times), Grosser Preis von Hannover, Goodwood Cup, Grand Prix de De
  Feb 14, 2011  •  2,396 views
Very well written, however, it is about 5% of the racing industry that is actually cruel, it's not very common to abuse the horses due to the fact that an abused horse is no use so it will not race properly, why would they do that to a horse worth hundreds and thousands? These horses love their job, when on the gallops their ears are pricked and they are having fun, they live like royalty with tons of attention, correct feed and are happy. If a horse is seriously injured then it is the kind thing to do to put it to sleep. For a horse to be walking round with a broken leg is cruel, that is why they are put down. Look at cross country, if it was as big as racing then you would have just as many injuries, same with show jumping, even in dressage there can be injury due to ever straining, where ever you look there, sadly, will always be cruelty and it's incredibly hard to stop.
  Feb 21, 2011  •  2,243 views
There are bad seeds in every sport and most certainly in every discipline a horse is involved. But to lump all the bad seeds right there with the ones who try their best to do a great and HONEST job with their animals isn't right. Since this example is with racing that's what I'll stick with, either a horse is born to race or it's not. You can't force a horse to have the heart to run you can breed for the physical attributes of the race horse, but not the attitude.

And foals are born year round, so I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say they are born during "unnatural times". Many mares don't cycle in winter, but there are plenty who do still cycle when it's cold (less light being the reasoning), but simply keeping lights on them is a drug free way of helping them start cycling. If whomever is in charge is capable of having a Winter foal (I'm going to guess that's what you mean by unnatural times) and taking care of it to keep the chill away and any other cold related i
  Mar 4, 2011  •  2,270 views
what about greyhound racing????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  Mar 20, 2011  •  2,242 views
This is all so sad. I wish racehorses were treated better.
  12 days ago  •  2,284 views
Silent Nights  
i don't get it
  3 days ago  •  2,257 views
Laugh and Ride  
It's interesting to see the different opinions on this..... an article that makes you think :)
  Jul 9, 2011  •  2,268 views
I think it is horrible that they should be treated this way! I understand that some racehorses are treated well, but those who are not that is just evil!
  Jul 16, 2011  •  2,238 views
uggg I hate animal crulety!!!!!
  Aug 23, 2011  •  2,251 views
Sky Caballos  
i agree with dark star. my friends dad has race horses and he loves and cares for them very much.
  Aug 23, 2011  •  2,244 views
Double Spur Ranch  
ONLY Sick Sadistic people would abuse a horse. Every race horse owner trainer rider I know in my life would never hurt a horse.
  Nov 25, 2011  •  2,245 views
i like racing - but only when the owners love their steeds, i strongly dislike people who dont care about the horses health and morale and do it just for money. i like the people who keep their ex racehorse or sell it to a person who will love it just as they did. i dislike the people who sell them to slaughter when the horses can have sooo much potential. There are the nice ones and the nasty ones - this is why we should do everything in our power to help the horses with the nasty owners :D
  Feb 4, 2012  •  2,259 views
Cecelia Stebbins  
I used to know a professional ex-race horse jockey. There's alot of myths out there about racing horses, but there is also alot of abuse. That's found anywhere in the horse industry, since there are so many ways of "Horsemanship". However, I have owned alot of race horses and I know how many issues they can have. Which leads me to wonder.....
  46 days ago  •  2,295 views
Gone forever BYE  
that is so sad and i love horse racing
  Jun 20, 2012  •  2,242 views
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