10 Ways to Tell You are Desperate for a Horse
 By Unique   •   9th Apr 2012   •   5,453 views   •   30 comments
10 Ways to Tell You are Desperate for a HorseSome people, like myself, are absolutely desperate for an equine companion. You feel as if you could not go another day without being near a horse. There is a constant ache in your heart every time you lay eyes on a horse and their loving owner. Each time you see a horse in need you want to scoop it up and never let go. Now trust me on these, this is coming from a person who longs painfully for a horse. I have done all of the things listed and continue to go on with doing them almost every day. I have a slight addiction to horses, I just need one to feed that addiction. This is for all those out there that don't have a horse to feed their addiction! There is still hope!



  You "canter" around your yard and pretend you are riding your noble steed. You set up jumps made of lawn chairs, rakes, and sticks. Sometimes you even carry around a "crop" but never use it harshly. Ignoring strange stares that you encounter, you continue on in training your horse for the Olympics of 2014. You often walk along alone in your yard speaking in a quiet voice, having a small conversation with your horse.


  You often pretend that you are a professional horse back rider and make other people think you are too. You trot through the store and wear riding clothes, though you have no intention of riding. When you go to different horse related events you try your hardest to look and seem as if you own a horse, or have owned one. You talk about how things are over priced and how good your horse would look in a certain color. Little do people know that your horse is only imaginary.


  Every time you see a polo shirt it reminds you of a horse. Each time you wear one you decide you look like you are going to a show. Your whole attire is based around horses, whether it is Western or English. You have a helmet, and several cowboy hats. You have at least one pair of riding boots, and several pairs of "western" boots to wear elsewhere. You even have belt buckles that you bought at a second-hand store so it just looks like you are a rodeo champion.


  You find yourself tearing up when you see a horse of the exact color and size you want. You imagine yourself atop that horse, surveying the world with great ease.


  You receive at least one horse related magazine in the mail. Each time you look at them you say, "I'm going to do that someday." to one photo or another. You often stare at a photo of a horse until it brings you to tears. Sometimes you pretend you are the one in the magazine and you tell yourself you could have ridden better that day.


  You own horse related items. Such as, brushes, lead lines, halters, hoof picks, sweat scrapers, horse treats, etc. You keep them hidden away in a place where you can look at them occasionally, but not have them jumping in your face every day to remind you that they have never been used. A large hope is in you that someday you will have a horse that matches the color of your halter and lead line perfectly. You often take out the items and display them in your room when guests are coming, just to see if they ask you if you have a horse somewhere. When you reply with no, you then go on to tell them how badly you want one and what color, size, breed, and personality you want the horse to possess. Make sure they know your deep passion and the desperate longing within you. Often, they just walk away and continue on their conversation with your parents.


  You have several photos or posters of horses hanging in your room. They are almost everywhere and yet you continue to put up more. You are determined to show your parents just how much you love horses, even if it means covering your entire walls with posters and photos. Every person that walks in can clearly see you are in love with horses even if you don't tell them.


  Suddenly you find yourself begging for a miniature horse. One that you can not even ride! You often show your parents how cute they are, and explain that they are only as big as some dogs. You then go on to explain that you could probably get a license plate to go on the back of your wagon so the pony could pull you around town. That way, you wouldn't need a car. Miniature horses are much cheaper than cars, make sure they know that. You also explain how you can halter show them, and they don't eat as much as full sized horses. Don't forget to point out the fact that they don't need tack either, just normal vet check ups and food. Well there's other stuff too, but leave that out until you get the miniature horse.


  Every time you pass a horse farm you say, "I'm going to live there someday, and have dozens of horses." If no one replies you say, "And I won't invite you over to ride either!" You often dream of someday having your own farm and raising your own horses. A phrase that comes out of your mouth almost all the time is, "When I have a horse." You are determined to own a horse someday, no matter what it takes!


  You often browse horse sale ads and look for the cheapest yet most decent one. You then tell your parents you found a horse you want and proceed to explain to them the expenses of the place you want to board them at. You tell them kindly that you will get a job at the nearest Walmart or gas station and they cann't do anything about it. Sadly, they can do something about it. Your dreams are crushed momentarily when they give you a firm, yet loving "no", like always. Moments later you go back to looking at ads and dreaming about owning one of those gallant steeds for yourself.

Thanks for reading, and watch out for more articles about being desperate for an equine companion written by, me!
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This is a sad article. I don't know why, but it makes me sad. It's good though!
  44 days ago  •  2,882 views
I may have horses, but I'm pretty sure I do a few of these. The horsey posters one is my room, my walls are coated with photos cut out from magazines. And I used to pretend I rode my horse when playing with my friends. I sometimes set up jumps at home and see how well I'd do in the puissance too xD
  44 days ago  •  2,914 views
Oh. My. This is totally me! Hahaa.. Sad but true. :P
  43 days ago  •  2,920 views
P.s Very well done!
  43 days ago  •  2,920 views
I ride Pogo all the time and treat him like he's mine, yet I still do all this because I don't have a horse. My wall is completely invisible, unless you dare to peel back a small portion of a poster of a mule and realize it's purple. I beg for a horse every day, but now that I ride Pogo, instead of telling people about my horse that I hope exists, I just tell them about Pogo. I even have to remind some of my closest friends he isn't legally my horse! :) And I used to have a herd of invisible miniature horses. They ran away. :( But before that my dad's car used to pull a trailer full of ten invisible miniature horses, and I'd take my favorite, Inky, for a walk. In public. And I'd talk to him and pet him and ask if he wanted a carrot...Boy did I get some strange looks. And did I mention my racehorses that followed me around the school track? Ahhhh, those days. :)
  43 days ago  •  2,883 views
I cry when I watch horses perform, because I know that I could be out there. This is so true! I do every single one of these (except for the mini, although I should start!). Excellent article!
  43 days ago  •  3,133 views
Valkyrie  MOD 
Lol I used to do the first one all the time as a kid, even when I had a pony XD

The miniature horse one, though, came true for me :P I still had a pony but we had too little land for her so we ended up selling her after I got two miniature horses. I still have one of those two minis, and bred her in 2004 and her foal is now my second mini :P
  43 days ago  •  3,114 views
Like, all of them. My new years resolution when I was 7 was 'Beg my parents for horseback riding lessons better.' I arrange stuff in my room so that if someone were to walk in, they'd be like, "Oh, there's a horse person!" and my friends could probably tell you all about horses just from what they've heard from me. XD
Haha, I call both Derby and Scout mine to anyone who asks, but then I have to insert a "technically, no...but I wish!"

Good job, Neekers, you're so committed to them, I have a gut feeling that someday you shall own one of those majestic stables with fancy horses. ^^ If I ever get one of those, I will invite you!
  43 days ago  •  3,114 views
Deleted Accounts  
these are so true im desperate for a horse. im doing four, five, seven, eight, nine and ten and a little bit of numbers one and six.
  43 days ago  •  3,146 views
Painted Destiny  
I used to do all of these. I still do the first one. Haha xD
  43 days ago  •  3,113 views
Sapphire Flames  
awww......those are all so true. it kinda made me sad too. but it's great!! :)
  43 days ago  •  3,270 views
Southern Devil  
My family's had horses since before I was born, and I STILL do that! I do number 10 every other day. This is a big accomplishment for me, as it was an every day thing! XD
  43 days ago  •  3,311 views
Makaela Marie  
The worrying thing is that I do most of those, even though I have horses....

And I want a Miniture Pony!
  43 days ago  •  3,332 views
Dark Star  
Must say, I do get some horse magazines, but I don't picture myself in it, as I sometimes am. haha, but I have a horse, and I train others horses, so I can't really say anything.

Good Article!
  42 days ago  •  3,316 views
ahaha awesome artical this is how i felt before i had a horse lol
  42 days ago  •  3,329 views
Estella Noire  
LOL. When I was younger I used to do 1 all the time. I still have notebooks full of stickers of horses, each had a name, height, age, breed, personality etc. and I'd 'jump' them over rakes in the backyard xD

I was a very sad child.
  42 days ago  •  3,327 views
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and especially 10 is me
  41 days ago  •  3,348 views
HaHa! I have horses, but before I had one, I did all of these, especially the posters. I'm not actually exagerating, you couldn't see the wall because of the posters! Believe me, that's how many posters I had. I also had a grooming kit, a numnah and a lead rope, before I even had riding lessons! xP Great Article!
  40 days ago  •  3,313 views
Double Spur Ranch  
Very great article and a very true one at that!
  39 days ago  •  3,326 views
Whoa! Number 1 is just like me and my friends galloping around a mini Cross Country course in my Back Garden! I actually do carry my crop.
  38 days ago  •  3,330 views
I do
10, 9, 8, 6, 5, 3 and 1.
  38 days ago  •  3,331 views
Unbridled Sakia  
I have done all of these since I was 6!!
  38 days ago  •  3,371 views
Bright Horizon  
Explains me EXACTLY, before I had my own horse. :)
  38 days ago  •  3,343 views
wow, weird as i have that exact toy horse in the picture and even though i own a horse i still do most of these! maybe you could look at adverts where people have horses but dont have time to ride them and ar looking for people to ride them? just a suggestion! i remember when i didnt have a horse and i owned a saddle,girth,stirrups,stirrup leathers, numerous halters, browbands, whips, bits and even horse food! but, you never know when it might come in handy! :)
  35 days ago  •  3,552 views
This is true for me. I wish i had one :(
  34 days ago  •  2,223 views
im most of them even though i have a horse! funny that i have that oy horse in the photo!!
  32 days ago  •  2,417 views
I have horses and I still do all of these! I can only imagine what it'd be like to want a horse so badly and never get one!!
  30 days ago  •  2,175 views
Let It Ride  
Great article!
  26 days ago  •  2,196 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
these are so true !
Love it :)
  6 days ago  •  2,206 views
Pastel Retirement  
I have done number 1 :)
  Sep 28, 2014  •  1,091 views
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