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American Horse Breeds - Mustang
 By Crz4Horses   •   3rd Aug 2010   •   9,723 views   •   5 comments
Mustangs are well known in America as symbols of Freedom and diversity, and also of America itself. Whether you own one yourself, or just adore them from afar, it's hard not to fall for their wild nature. In the year of 1971, the American Congress recognized Mustangs as “Living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West, which continue to contribute to the diversity of life forms within the Nation and enrich the lives of the American people.” I believe this to be completely true, they are wild, free, uncontained, unkempt, and unpolluted.

American Horse Breeds - MustangThe name Mustang some from the Mexican Spanish word mestango, which roughly translates into "stray livesock animal". The American Mustang breed is believed to have come from Early Spanish Conquistidor's mounts that escaped or were released. They formed herds and flourished in the United States Old West. As the pioneers moved west, their horses seem to have mixed into the Mustangs and widedned the Mustang gene pool further. By the year 1900, The U.S. Mid-West was home to over 2,000,000 Mustangs! Since then, their population has declined due to them being used for pet food, or military mounts. There was no law passed against harming wild Horses untill 1959, when congress passed the first Federal Wild Horse protection law, which was followed in 1971 by the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act.

In this paragraph, I was about to tell you about the conformation, color, size, and usese of the Mustang, but then realized that they are too diverse! Mustangs are incredibly amazing creatures, each extremely unique. In a single herd you could have a Jet-Black stallion that's 16.2h, and a tiny paint pony that's 13.2hh! Some have great conformation, and others sloppily built! they are used mostly as nothing, roaming free on the planis, but some are domesticated to become great cow horses, or some even show horses! There are endless oppertunities!

In conclusion, no two Mustangs are exctly apart, Mustangs do whatever they want of their own free will, and I love Mustangs! I hope this article taught you a bit about the Mustangs.
American Horse Breeds - Mustang
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they are gorgeous
  19 days ago  •  2,896 views
Uphill Climb  
Also did you know that the mustang came from the Spanish Barb? I learned to ride on a mustang named Foxy, Sweetest thing ever
  19 days ago  •  2,908 views
I own a BLM registered Mustang. You can adopt them if you want to own them! same with Burros and you can do the Wild Horse and Burro Show with them.
  18 days ago  •  2,903 views
Prarie Rose  
I used to ride a bay mustang mare named Spirit.She was green and very stubborn.She didn't like me either,haha! She bit me and stepped on my foot many times.I'm sure it was on purpose,lol.
  18 days ago  •  2,876 views
Cloudy Cat  
Love mustangs. You never find two exactly alike which is what I like. Excellent article. :)
  14 days ago  •  2,943 views
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