Animal Cruelty on the Racetrack
 By Velski   •   2nd Jun 2010   •   15,477 views   •   45 comments
Animal cruelty is bad for racehorses. The jockey needs a trusting horse, not an abused one. Animal cruelty can kill horses. They can be injured badly from animal cruelty and the owner might have them killed.

Animal Cruelty on the RacetrackMany racehorses have faults that cause injuries or death. Some racing thoroughbreds have been inbred too much and have bodies that are too heavy for their delicate legs. Broodmares are put into season too early, just for a longer training season. The mares birth at unnatural times, which can confuse the mare if it is their first time birthing a racehorse. Track surfaces are too hard, which damages their legs and hooves. The long racing season added to that can ruin a horseís legs.

Most racehorses are not treated with kindness. Some owners will drug their horses when they get an injury, like a hairline fracture, so they can still race. The horses are also raced when their bones arenít fully developed and risk life-threatening injuries. Some injured racehorses are put down, even if they have a minor injury that takes a while to heal. The owners donít have enough patients. It isnít the horseís fault that they got hurt itís the personís who pushed them to hard fault.

Certain racetrack sports are cruel. According to Kim Masters Evans in the article Animals in Sports, between November 2003 and November 2004, in California around 550 racehorses were injured from racing. Horse racing is intertwined with gambling, so some horses are drugged to make them calmer, yet faster. Like with Big Brown, according to Dave Zirin in the article The Lesson Of Big Brown, Big Brown might have been drugged, or have an injury. If a racehorse canít win, the owner will send them to the slaughterhouse. The demand for horsemeat is so immense no one cares if they kill a racehorse to get meat. Racehorses going to slaughterhouses are often kept in double-decker cattle trailers with no food, water, or movement. In the double-decker trailers, they often have to either remain stooped over or on their knees for the whole trip.

Animal cruelty kills or ruins an animal. Horses are one of the hardest animals to earn the trust of, and being cruel kills any trust. By abusing horses, the horseís spirit is killed, and without their spirit, there is no horse. Animal cruelty is bad and it kills. Animal cruelty needs to be stopped.
Animal Cruelty on the Racetrack
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Dark Star  
Pervelski, you have your opinion, i understand that, but me. I love going to the races, I know people who have over 20 racehorses (Standerdbreds) and they have never put a horse down due to a stupid injury, they have never sent a horse to slaughter, and they have never abused a horse. My aunt and cousin work there, they have had to put horses down, but that is because they have an injury where the horse would never be able to stand comfortably. I also know a lot of thoroughbred owners and trainers, it is very rare that a owner or trainer will drug a horse. No one does that very often anymore. They actually test horses before they go on the track now, for any signs of injury or drugs. So in your opinion racing is cruel, in mine, it's an adriniline rush that those horses love. and I mean LOVE, I have seen how spirited those young ones get when they race, it is such an experience. They are not all abused. Yes, racehorses get hurt, so do jumpers, so do barrel racers, so do trail horses. Th
  16 days ago  •  4,009 views
i love your article and to agree to animal cruelty should definately stop! yeah but like what pervelski said not all horses are treated bad but i do understand what you mean you know about drugging and that. i only respect race horse owners who respect their horses. then again i know a guy, fantastic with horses and all and has some, part of his job is to ELECTROCUTE the racers so theyre more hyper i think. he trains them and i heard they do it once a week.. i really liked your article how youexpressed your opinion :) great job
  16 days ago  •  4,320 views
There is an element of truth to the things you are saying, but mostly its a gross exageration. Happy horses are fast horses, and the majority of racehorses are well looked after, as they are worth huge sums of money
  16 days ago  •  3,030 views
I'm agreeing with Dark Star on this one..I too have had harness racers and thoroughbreds..They were all looked after extremely well and any horse that didn't have the right attitude or the will to win was sold to good homes for kids show horses..Those that weren't suitable were retired to the paddocks
  16 days ago  •  2,961 views
This is a touchy subject for many people, and I admire you for writing about it. Yes, the way they train and race racehorses is cruel, because time and money force them to train the horses way too young and race them beyond their capabilities. It's like that in all sports, but the horse racing sport takes it too far, I agree. You are walking on thin ice about horse slaughter though, because discussing this subject is actually against Ponybox rules, but since you brought it up: The changed rules in U.S.A. about banning horse slaughter for meat was one of the biggest mistakes ever made. Now the horses travel further distances to other countries, where the slaughter process is even more mean than in the States. They should have put in more inspectors and such in stead, to make sure that everything is done correctly.
  16 days ago  •  3,102 views
Chris Antley Memorial  MOD 
I agree with Dark Star and Chris. Like Dark Star, I too love going to the races and one day I hope to become a jockey. It is true that some people in the industry are cruel but that is only a small percent. There is a larger percent of people in the industry that aren't cruel. If you did research you will understand that the horse racing industry is finding ways to make racing safer for both horse and rider. In many states steroids are banned. In the case of Big Brown, his dislodge shoe cause him to lose the Belmont. His shoe was dislodge at the start of the race, when the horse next to him, stepped on his back foot. At the end of the race, his jockey pulled him up, not because he was injuried but because he knew he didn't have the same horse. He took care of Big Brown. Also during those Triple Crown races, no horse was on steroids. As for Big Brown's quarter crack, Kent said that all throughout the race, there was no lamenss on that foot. Frankly, I am tired of people always
  16 days ago  •  2,983 views
City on the Hill  
You are just firing opinion after opinion, including no evidence or sources. Some horses are put down, because of the fact they will never live comfortably, some horses are sold to the slaughterhouse, and yes it is sad. But most ex-racehorses go to the racehorse adoption centers now. I personally love watching horse racing, naturally horses are competitive animals. So the owner and jockey aren't forcing them into something they don't want to do, they are encouraging them to do what they want, and win.
  16 days ago  •  2,956 views
Yes back then horses were treated like this but I think nowadays people understand more about racehorses. Most racehorses are cared for better than most humans. They are pampered to the maximum! Occasionally you will find a racehorse that gets beaten, but most of them are treated really well. I agree with Dark Star, any horse can get injured because they are horses. It isn't just racehorses. ALthough, I DO agree with Pervelski about the whole slaughterhouse thing. That does happen today with almost all racehorses and it is very true that this needs to stop.
  16 days ago  •  3,010 views
Thats so sad! :0(
  16 days ago  •  3,002 views
I know that. I wrote this a while ago, and didn't do that much resarch. I asked people their opinions, and this is what I got.
  16 days ago  •  2,978 views
Star Sparkle  
Did you know that they race them at 13 months old?
  16 days ago  •  3,070 views
Carousel Farms  
wow. I knew animal crualty is harsh, but I never thought someone would be this mean to a defensless horse. Besides, we don't need there meat. It's not like we're going to die without it. We have fruits, vegetables, grains, oils, and other meats like cows and chickens (Which are already being questioned of there decency) to eat. I just don't see why any of this is nessasary...
  15 days ago  •  3,095 views
Dark Star  
Star Sparkle- That's not true. They TRAIN them as yearlings, then race them when there 2 years old.
  15 days ago  •  2,976 views
Now i call that cruelty!!!
  15 days ago  •  3,002 views
No Name  
that is really mean. and I wish I could help the horses.
  15 days ago  •  3,000 views
Read the post on the forum,
  15 days ago  •  2,978 views
sad i fill so sorry for those horses
  Jul 2, 2010  •  3,029 views
your talking about the people that have funded reserch that has saved thousands of other horses!!
  Jul 21, 2010  •  3,630 views
Americano Freedom Stables  
Where are you getting your rescources???? Racehorses are not treated like that and as DarK star said they love the adreniline rush, there is a TB race barn that stays at my barn and the yearlings are only riddin at a slow trot like once a week for extra exercise and the rest of the time they are free to run loose in the indoor arena and round pens. They also dont just put horses down for "Stupid injuries" they had one that had only one eye from a injury at birth and treated him kindly and like any of their horses and when he couldn't race he was placed in a nice home for free and had actualy offered him to my friend if she could keep him.
  Jul 22, 2010  •  3,727 views
Llama In A Box  
There are certain things which are done on racetracks that are indeed, very bad and cruel. There are also things that may appear cruel to us, that are done with the very best of intentions and are sometimes for the better.

I've been to the races on a few occasions, and I've never experienced any violence/trouble/cruelty to horses. I know that it does happen though, and I feel sorry for the horses that have to put up with the pain and suffering.

Good post. =]
  Jul 22, 2010  •  3,629 views
EVERY equine industry has abuse. Why harp on horse racing when they are Western Pleasure horses that have there heads tied to the rafters of the barn so that they carry there heads low when they are ridden, or gaited horses that have there hooves soared and heavy chains tied to there pasterns, or barrel racers that are jerked and whipped and spurred, the list go's on and on. All the racehorses I have met were very well cared for and every horse sport has injuries, fatalities, etc. What about the three horses that died at the Rolex cross country phase two or more years ago?
  Jul 23, 2010  •  4,081 views
I disagree with you as well. There are injuries and deaths in every sport. Have you ever seen any of what you said in person? Have you seen endurance riding and the terrain they have to conquer. Or how about Cross Country riding not only do they have to maintain speed but also have to jump over things that any normal horse would look at and say Nope not gonna do it. Even when you take a horse out to a large paddock and turn them out there is a chance they might not come back alive. Think please before you preach.
  Aug 13, 2010  •  3,952 views
that certainly dosent happen anymore yeah maybe in small racecourses and studs with small profit, but not proper racing. horse racing is a multi million pound buisness and the people in it know what they are doing they dont
inbreed horses they have more sense than that and injuries and deaths come with it and are rare with the saftey precautions in place. And any way horses die every day from say small things like a bad trip being led or ridden. racing is based on natural instict so horses thousands of years ago were doing it to get away from preditors. i conclude that i thorouhly disagree with you and your information source is wrong
  Aug 27, 2010  •  3,937 views
yes all the commets positive to this are wrong and raceing is a brilliant sport and a multi million pound buissness with people who know what they are doing.all your points are misinformed and like above think before you preach
  Aug 27, 2010  •  3,937 views
Softball Girl  
If that was my horse i would give it ALL my trust and let him have fun to!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Sep 12, 2010  •  2,635 views
i agree that animal cruelty should stop as well as slaughter but not all racehorses are treated like that, i have seem some news on youtube of stuff like that but i know not all race horses are treated badly most don't.
  Oct 5, 2010  •  2,619 views
I agree. I hate horse raceing. It's very bad for the horse and it wastes there potitial.
  Nov 13, 2010  •  2,603 views
This may have been the case a few years ago, but everything has changed. The jockey club has brought in rules about everything from whip rules to the amount of weight the horse should be carrying on itself.
Only about 5% of racehorses are actually treated badly, all the others are practically treated like gods. They are fed several times a day, led in and out of paddocks and trained everyday so they don't break down on the track.
There are not many horses actually put down, a few will have have heart problems and instead of letting them bleed to death, it is better for them to be put down. Horses don't do casts well either, after all they are only an animal and boxed up for 12 weeks is bad.
  Feb 1, 2011  •  2,630 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  MOD 
I agree with Chris Antley
  Feb 4, 2011  •  3,028 views
I totally agree with this.
But as a few people have mentioned, most horses are well looked after. I personally hate horse racing as it is animal cruelty.
Good Post.
  Feb 7, 2011  •  3,155 views
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