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Australia vs New Zealand - Battle of the Accents
 By PonyBox   •   3rd May 2010   •   11,928 views   •   39 comments
If you track Ponybox on you probably have run into the Blackie vs. Outtie accent challenge. Blackie, who is from New Zealand and Outtie, who is from Autralia both posted a video displaying their accent.

Video 1 - New Zealand

Video 2 - Australia

Anyway, now we need your opinion.

Who's accent would you rather have? Video 1(New Zealand) or Video 2(Australia)
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T W I  
Haha, they're both awesome. xD Maybe Australian.
  May 3, 2010  •  999 views
Wandie  MOD 
I like the New Zealand accent
  May 3, 2010  •  1,008 views
Happy Stables  MOD 
I could listen to both of you forever, but Blackie has a stronger accent. But you both are nice to listen too. Thanks for sharing your videos! : )
  May 3, 2010  •  1,035 views
C h r i s  MOD 
I like the New Zealand accent.
  May 3, 2010  •  1,032 views
Lol...I've seen them both already. I like them both. I would have liked to have seen Blackie's before she came to America though xD I don't know which I'd rather have.
  May 3, 2010  •  1,031 views
Topthorn Equestri  
I've already seen them both but I love Austrailian accents for some reason.
  May 3, 2010  •  1,039 views
You guys are famous! Haha, kinda funny seeing this on PB3. I think I can find their barns, Outtie is like Outback Graphics or somethin'
  May 3, 2010  •  1,025 views
Shadow Princess  
i like the New Zealand accent offence to you with an Australian accent or who like it
  May 3, 2010  •  1,003 views
Fantasy Farms  
I like the new zeland better
  May 3, 2010  •  1,013 views
Valkyrie  MOD 
Omg *dies of embarassment* I look so stupid in that t-shirt!!!! Argh. Lol. Anyway, you were looking for my account and here I am lol Jeff.
  May 3, 2010  •  1,896 views
Its BlackHaurakiLeo for Blackie
  May 3, 2010  •  1,919 views
I prefer New Zealand, but they are both cool
  May 3, 2010  •  1,889 views
Blackie, Your getting more votes than on Nokkie xD. Outtie NEEDS to see this when she comes on. Its kinda funny, it's morning where she is right now 0.o
  May 3, 2010  •  1,919 views
Falling Up  
*rolls on the ground laughing* You 2! Love you both! Gonna watch the video's now...
  May 3, 2010  •  1,909 views
Falling Up  
Is it just me or do they sound similar? No offense guys... and Blackie by the way your SOOO much like me its scary! Havent talked to you in a while so send me a message! And I shure hope you to are just havin a FRIENDLY competition here... and sorry Outtie but I love Blackie The Kiwi's accent so one vote on Blackie for me!
  May 3, 2010  •  1,909 views
I think I like New Zealand better but both are awsesome, go Blackie XD
  May 3, 2010  •  2,356 views
Im Outtie on Nokota.... I was not expecting this.
  May 4, 2010  •  2,236 views
GOO AUSSIES! I don't care if you like the NZ accent better cos deep down us Aussies know that you actually prefer the Aussie accent way more cos we are AWESOME!
  May 4, 2010  •  2,231 views
Mystic Magic  
Lol well I am Australian so I guess I will say I like the Australian better lol, even though to me I dont have an accent. Looks like the kiwi's are winning the votes though. :)
  May 4, 2010  •  2,235 views
Video 2(Australia) =)
  May 4, 2010  •  2,806 views
Megliss Equine  
I would love to have Video 2 (australian accent) !!! Since Im from the United Kingdom :)
  May 4, 2010  •  2,865 views
I'm all for the New Zealand! Go Kiwis!
  May 4, 2010  •  2,925 views
I'm not sure haha...they r both cool! i love the canadian accent 2, how they say "Eh" after like everything haha....i'm from the States and I think all accents r cool, but can sometimes be diffucult to understand haha :D
  May 4, 2010  •  2,895 views
I 3 the Kiwi accent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  May 9, 2010  •  2,857 views
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