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 By Fantasy Farms   •   26th Aug 2010   •   5,255 views   •   5 comments
Free Ad Friday - Dreamhorse.comAre you looking to buy or sell a horse? If so, is your website! is a website that was created to buy or sell horses. When you first go to you will see many buttons. The first thing that stands out is the spotlight ad. The spotlight ad is a special place to advertise your horse. You have to pay extra for it, but more people will see your horse’s ad. There is the advanced search button. This button is great if you are looking for a specific horse. When you click on the advanced search button it will take you to a page where you will need to fill out some things such as breed, location, age etc. Then once you have filled out the page to what you want you click the submit button. All horses that meet your criteria will show up. There is a bloodline search too. The bloodline search is used to find horses that have certain stallions or dams in their bloodlines. To use this search you will need to enter a bloodline name or partial name such as “Zippo” or “Investor”. Then you can pick a breed and state to find horses that have that bloodline. You can also browse horses by their breed and/or the state they are located in. Every horse on has an ID number. You can find a specific horse by searching his or her ID number. The horse name search is if you know that horses name. You type in the horses name or part of the horses name and it will show all horses with that name. This is good if you don’t know the horses ID number and you only know the horse’s name. Next is the location search. You can click on the state you live in or click on the name of the state below the map. It will then show you all the horses in that area. To use the sellers name search, you type in the person or business name that is selling a horse. It will show you all the horses a particular business or person is selling. The zip code search is really easy to use. You type in a zip code and is will show you all the horses in that zip code. You can also click on the other links such as the free horse listings.

To sell a horse you will need to create a Dreamhorse account. Accounts are free to create. When you create an account, you will need to enter your first and last name and your email address. You can also enter your ranch/businesses name, city, state, zip code and your phone number. These are not required though. Once you have filled out the required information click the submit button. After you have an account you can create free text ads. Once you log onto, at the top of the screen is a My Dreamhorse button. Click on that and then click on the create new ad button. From there you will to enter information about your horse including the horses name, city, state, zip code, ad title, ad text, breed, registration (if registered), foaling year, gender and a few other things. You can also enter your horse’s bloodlines too. Then you click the submit button. Then your horse is up on the website! If you want to you can add a picture. Adding a picture costs money, but it’s a great way to show people what your horse looks like. Photo ads run for 90 days or more. If you have a photo, it will add a hit counter to count how many people have viewed your horse. A basic one picture add costs $20. There is multiple photo packaged available too. You can also add a link to a video of your horse.

Overall I would definitely recommend to anyone that is looking to buy a horse or looking to sell a horse. It’s a great website that is simple and easy to use. Lots of people use so you know someone will look at your horse’s ad. It’s a lot cheaper for a photo ad than other horse selling website that I have looked at. I can’t say enough about

It’s great!
Free Ad Friday -
Free Ad Friday -
Free Ad Friday -
Free Ad Friday -
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R A C E R  
I found my horse on and I'm glad I even found DreamHorse! Great website! :)
  8 days ago  •  2,098 views
If you are looking to buy a horse, a word of caution...some 'for sale' ads on Dreamhorse (and other sites too) are actually people posting photos of horses they do not own and are not for sale. When you contact the 'seller' they ask for a deposit before you've even seen the horse to hold it for you, probably claiming there are lots of other interested buyers. I only found out about this when a friend of mine saw her horse advertised without her knowledge! These are great sites for sure, but never pay any money as a deposit until you have seen the horse for real and know it is the one you want!
  7 days ago  •  2,965 views
I hate DreamHorse! Some people who post are honest, but when I was looking for a horse, many of them were very far below what the sellers made them out to be. I've found that the best way to hear about horses for sale is to make connections and depend on word of mouth. In fact, a lot of horses on DreamHorse are horses that couldn't be sold that way so were put on the website as a last resort. Many, if not all, of the horses that I tried from DreamHorse were lame or had some other serious issue.
  6 days ago  •  2,003 views
Fantasy Farms  
Dreamhorse is great! Its a great way to sell or buy a horse. I love it! All of my horses have come from dreamhorse.
  6 days ago  •  2,003 views
i love dream horse
  5 days ago  •  2,180 views
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