How To Create A Successful RPG
 By Velski   •   14th Jul 2010   •   5,330 views   •   8 comments
Itís not always easy to create a successful RPG. It takes a lot of thinking, unless you have one that youíve made elsewhere that worked really well. But making that RPG took a lot of thinking too. Itís amazing how much fun RPGs are, but no one truly appreciates how much work you put into it. The best way to make an RPG is to find something everyone enjoys, and to advertise for it. Post an advertisement on the home page. Send messages. However, if you send messages, always copy and paste it, sending it to one person at a time so if someone answers those who deleted it wonít have to delete it again.

How To Create A Successful RPG

My first tip is to find something everyone likes. The most popular is Wild Horse RPGs. However, they arenít always the most fun. For example, my favorite was Serinidiaís Warriors RPG. However, that ended awhile ago. It always saddens me to see a good RPG go to waste. Some other RPGs you can find in the Forums are the Stray Dog RPG, Pegasus RPGs Horse only RPGs, Riding School RPGs, Teen RPGS, Ghost Hunting RPGs, and more. As I said before, the most popular are the Wild Horse RPGs.

Another tip is to always try to get as many people to join at the beginning as possible. Some people donít understand when to join. I feel itís always important to establish when the RPG is closed. For example, after you get ten people, itís closed. Maybe after five people. My second RPG, Riding School RPG, is my most popular. It might be the most posted on in the forum, I donít know that, and I donít care. RPGs are always for fun, not a popularity contest.

Hereís my favorite tip: put ALL the rules in the first part of the post. If you donít, some people might get confused when you tell them they canít do something you didnít put in the rules. You might want people to have only one person, and forget to put it in the rules, and then people donít understand why they canít have two people. Some of the rules should be obvious, like no swearing and so on. But some rules, like the amount of characters one, might be less obvious because some people donít mind allowing more then one character per person.

Another one of my favorite tips: create something new. Sure, Wild Horse RPGs are fun, but they can get old when thatís all you see. Try something like a cat RPG, or a cow RPG, or something random. Whatís popular isnít always the best choice. Sure, it seems cool at first, but if you never try something new, you never know if itíll be popular or not. I wasnít so sure about my second RPG when I started it, but after I posted a few times, Serinidia joined me. We went on like that for a while, and Weezapony joined. More people joined after it got a bit more popularity. At that point, Riding School RPGs were fairly rare.

RPGs are a very fun forum topic, and Iím very grateful PonyBox allows them. Are you grateful for RPGs?
How To Create A Successful RPG
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Undesired Humor  
Hey! You used mine! Is that why people suddenly joined this one?
  Jul 14, 2010  •  2,644 views
Oh! I see my name! I'm famous! :D hehe, jk. Good article, I'm glad to see thought being put into RPGs. I love them, but it can be a bit annoying when all the same characters keep appearing, all with a perfect personality.
  Jul 14, 2010  •  2,630 views
Beeswax Crusade  
Nice article :) RPG's are most awesomeness. :P

I think people need to think more when making RPG's, though. Everyone makes wild horse or teen RPG's on Ponybox, and they're almost always plotless. I love RP'ing, but I'm in very few on these forums simply because I can't staaaand plotless. *dies*
  Jul 14, 2010  •  2,668 views
I posted a forum about just this, a while ago on Paint, it didn't get many views, so it's definately better off here, where more people will look.
It annoys me to death when there's about 7 Teen RPG's up, on the first page, and people just keep posting more of 'em up anyway. D:
Plus, all the slightly overused right now, 'Teen/Werewolf/Human' ones, where it's obvious the owner only just came back from seeing/reading Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse. -_-"
Have some originality, people!
  Jul 15, 2010  •  2,776 views
Yeah. I agree completely, Bearsy. And now there's more Wild Horse RPGs. At least they aren't all plotless anymore. *Rolls eyes*
  Aug 28, 2010  •  2,632 views
T E M P E S T  
I am not a huge RPG player, so i set my fourum settings to only show general discussion. On the 1st page of posts there was at least 5 RPGs. Please catagorize correctly!
Thank you!
  Sep 23, 2010  •  2,673 views
I love RPGS
  1 days ago  •  2,628 views
I definitely agree that more thought needs to be put into making RPGs. There's always tons of the same theme - wild horse RPGs/teen RPGs/riding school RPGs... mix it up, make something a bit different.
  Jul 25, 2011  •  2,747 views
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