How to Join Up with your Horse.
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Join up is where you and your horse act as a herd. Your horse has to treat you with the respect that he would give a senior herd member in the wild. This method was used in the Heartland books and most people that do JoinUp and work with trusting of horses such as Parelli also use this acient method.

How to join up

Join up is simple. Take you and your horse into a pen or a menage - make sure you trust your horse enough for him not to jump out of the menage (my horse did that on the first go) and then if you are nervous lunge your horse first, if not just unclip the line straight away.

1. Unclip the lunge line and let your horse stand or run around a little while, step into the middle of the ring chase your horse away - No hitting or slapping - make sure you hit the ground behind the horse to almost scare it so that it runs away.

2. If your horse slows, begin to chase again - do NOT let your horse stop.

3. Wait till you see his ears flickering - his ears flickering means he wants to get close to you and not be pushed away any more, once you see this sign, chase him away again.

4. The next sign you should look out for is a licking/chewing motion with the mouth, let the horse do this and then again - chase him away, but instead of keeping him going like you have been - turn your back on your horse.

5. With your back turned drop your shoulders and look to the floor, drop the lunge line and stand as still as you can - if the join up has worked your horse will walk over to you.

6. After the join up, walk and run around and if the join up has succeeded - your horse should follow you pretty much everywhere you go.

If the join up does not work first time - Don't worry. Some horses take a few goes to get it right and understand what you want.

Key Points
-Make sure your signals are clear and what you want.
-Make sure you are on your own with your horse nobody else is in the arena at the time.

Good Luck!

Parelli Trainee Becky :) x
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Sophie Baggott  
Thanks. Now I know how to get my horse to trust me more.
  34 days ago  •  6,772 views
It really works. i've had to join up with one of the ponies that I'm trying to train. Usually he's like a speeding bullet, but after I joined up, I walk trotted, and cantered etc. with partctically nothing. Also a joinup can be found in a book called Sundancer
  34 days ago  •  6,720 views
I've done this with my horse before....went to a clinic where a a professional did it with a wild mustang that had never been handled....the mustang would let the man ride it perfectly after only 2 hours!
  34 days ago  •  6,705 views
Bright Horizon  
This is a really great article. My horse and I have done this before :)
  34 days ago  •  6,721 views
I have done Parelli with both my boys!
  32 days ago  •  6,701 views
Topthorn Equestri  
I use the Parelli training methods. I really like them but I don't have anything against any of the other trainers. :)
  32 days ago  •  6,718 views
This is great. I have also done this with my 10 year old appaloosa gelding. It works!!
  32 days ago  •  6,747 views
i love this method. its so natural. thankyou for your nice comments :)
  Aug 19, 2011  •  6,861 views
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