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Likit Horse Treats and Toys
 By Fantasy Farms   •   8th Jul 2010   •   8,712 views   •   4 comments
Likit Horse Treats and ToysIs your horse pacing, weaving, cribbing or kicking? If so, it sounds like your horse is bored. There is many things you can do to make your horse stop doing these habits such as kicking chains and cribbing collars. Have you ever wondered if there was a more natural way to make your horse stop doing these habits and entertain them at the same time? Well now there is.

The Likit is an equine treat that helps relieve boredom. Likits are an equine toy that encourage stretching and promotes natural grazing behavior, which is beneficial to their health. Likits come in the standard Likit size and the Little Likit. Likits come in many different flavors including apple, banana, carrot, cherry, garlic, honey & camomile, natural molasses, mint, salt and sport electrolytes. There are also the limited edition flavors such as strawberry for the summer months.

Likit Horse Treats and ToysLikit Holder:
Likits can be put into many different equine toys including the standard Likit Holder. The Likit Holder fits one standard size Likit. The holder is made of a strong durable plastic. It hangs from a rope that attaches to the ceiling. When your horse tries to lick it, the Likit will swing around making your horse work harder to get that treat. The Likit Holder comes in a variety of colors and is complete with a matching rope.

Tongue Twister:
The Tongue Twister is another type of Likit toy that is mounted on the side of a horses stall. It holds up to 2 Little Likits. As your horse licks the Likit, the ball will spin making it harder for your horse to eat the treat. This is sure to keep your horse entertained for a while! Its perfect for horses who have a smaller stall. The Tongue Twister is available in red or purple and lilac.

Boredom Breaker:
The Boredom Breaker is my personal favorite. It has kept my horse entertained and she loves the tasty flavors! It is a combination toy that has the standard Likit Holder and a ball at the bottom. The Boredom Breaker is designed to be hung inside the stable away from any walls. The top half of the Boredom Breaker holds one standard size Likit. The bottom half of the toy holds 2 Little Likits. As your horse tries to lick the Boredom Breaker, it swings from its rope making your horse work hard to get the tasty treat. It is available in red, glitter pink and purple/lilac.

Snak A Ball:
The Snak A Ball is a round, plastic toy that your horse rolls around. There is a hole at one end that you put treats inside. Your horse nudges it around and a treat will fall out of the hole every so often. It is a great toy and it stimulates natural grazing behavior. It is very similar to the dog toys that dogs roll around and treats fall out of. The Snak A Ball is available in red and purple.

Facts, Tips and Comments:
*Recommended that your horse should not eat more than a Little Likit or half of a standard size Likit a day
*Apple is the most popular flavor
*Glucose is the main ingredient of Likits
*300 grams of a Likit is equivalent to approximately 2 hours of grazing on grass

Overall I really like the Likit Products. I have a lot of success in keeping my horse entertained in her stall. Lots of horses that I know love the garlic flavor Likit. I would definitely recommend the Likit to anyone that has a horse. I think its great for horses that are bored in their stalls and need something to do. I think the Snak A Ball is a great pasture toy as your horse can roll it more freely in the pasture. If your horse has never had a Likit before, I would buy the Likit treat bars. The treat bars are a good way to see which flavors your horse likes. Then you can go buy the toy and flavors your horse likes knowing that he will like them. Likits are available at a lot of tack and feed stores. They are also available online. Just search “Likit horse toys”.
Likit Horse Treats and Toys
Likit Horse Treats and Toys
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T W I  
Mmm...reading about them makes me hungry!
  Feb 8, 2011  •  3,449 views
Topthorn Equestri  
My horse doesn't have any bad habits and Dreamer100 trust me your horse will LOVE them. My horse ate his in 1 day! He absolutely loved it! I have even tried them and it's no wonder they like them. They taste like candy! :P
  4 days ago  •  3,458 views
Candi AKA Poheh  
I ride a horse who cribs, and borrowed my friends likit ball thing that hangs. My horse has not touched it and we have tried all kinds of flavours. I've put it in different positions, etc. Still not interested. BTW - it has been proven that "stable vices", better described as abnormal behaviours, are not due to boredom, but intestinal problems, stress and habit, among other causes.
  10 days ago  •  3,536 views
I want my horse to try one of these, not because she has bad habits, but just to see if she likes them.
  17 days ago  •  3,451 views
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