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Top Online Horse Sim Games by Page Views
 By DejaVu   •   8th Dec 2010   •   30,905 views   •   9 comments
Ever wanted to know how many daily page views your favorite horse sim game is receiving? Ponybox recently did some investigating and ranked the top online horse sim games by page views. took 1st place, a 3 million Euro investment buys you a lot of page views.

RANKHorse Sim Game Website URLDaily Page Views

That's a lot of page views, I wonder how much revenue they have coming in? Hmmm, sounds like a good article to post soon.
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Valkyrie  MOD online
That's quite an interesting perspective. I have accounts on Howrse, Horseeden, Whiteoakstables and Equintium.

I did notice that isn't up there, that's a pretty popular horse racing one.

Of course, none of them compare to Ponybox. I log in for about half an hour max on other sites, PB I stay on all day haha.
  Dec 9, 2010  •  22,646 views
I have a account on I used to have a account on
  Dec 9, 2010  •  22,641 views
Topthorn Equestri  
I've never heard of some of those. I don't like howrse or whiteoaksstables and I'm not a big fan of horseland. The others I haven't heard of. I think ponybox should definitely be on top. It's the best horse game out there!
  Dec 9, 2010  •  22,667 views
Signature Farms Int  MOD 
I have tried all these horse games. I payed and regretted spending quite a lot of money on and Howrse. Ponybox has the nicest players by far, upgrades are very regular, and it's nice to be able to contact and speak to admin/mods instead of feeling completely cut off.
  Dec 10, 2010  •  22,813 views
Riders Up Ranch  
Ponybox is the best :) I have tried other games and they were no where near as exciting or addicting as PB! Some were very slow to load the pages or were too confusing to figure out how to play. PB is the only sim game for me.
  Dec 10, 2010  •  22,767 views
The thing I find bad about these other horse sim games is they are not always Dial Up Friendly. Lol.I have AOL and I can't play because things won't load. I've tried and Things take forever to load (or won't load at all)

Thankfully Ponybox loads just fine for my slow computer xD
  Dec 10, 2010  •  22,671 views
Seven Sins  online
interesting never even heard of some of them
  Jan 31, 2011  •  22,644 views
Wandie  MOD 
Quite interesting. I've never hear of some of these. I have played Horseland and Howrse, but I didn't enjoy them
  Feb 3, 2011  •  22,649 views
Heaven Sent Creatures  MOD online
I have tried a few of those games but nothing is as fun or interesting as pb
  Feb 5, 2011  •  22,674 views
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