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A Love Hate Relationship - Part 2
 By MoMoz   •   8th Aug 2011   •   2,315 views   •   19 comments
The first time I ever rode Fancy was at a show. I ended up knocking over the third barrel in the barrel racing class, which caused me not to place. I wasn’t about to beat myself up about it though, considering I had never even ridden this horse before. I felt pretty good knowing I got on this horse after she had practically killed me a few months prior.

My Lessons on Fancy

Barrel Race Horse StoryI rode her every Friday night for the next three months. I gained confidence on the spirited mare and I learned how to barrel race properly. I was pretty good on Fancy, but not that good. After a while she started picking up bad habits. She started knocking over barrels and turning too soon, but worst of all, bucking. I wasn't sure if I had caused these bad habits or something else was the cause. I mean, I wasn’t the only person riding her. Her owner, Sarah, rode her more than anybody. Surely all these problems weren’t MY fault? Either way, I was beginning to love this horse.

Eventually, in one lesson I got bucked off. I knew it would happen at some point. She started to get really hot around the barrels and when I was doing a practice run and asked her to run home, she got so excited that she started bucking. I subsequently pulled her head up, but she still managed to buck. I’m still not sure how she did that. I ended up falling face first and slid a few feet in the dirt.

I literally ate the dirt. Ouch.

I have never been the kind of rider who is scared to get back on after a fall, so I kept riding her in lessons and she never bucked again.

One week, Fancy’s owners were going out of town and they asked me to take care of her and ride her if I wanted. I had never owned a horse before so I was excited to actually get to clean her stall, groom her and ride her every single day as if she was mine. Of course, now I know that cleaning your horse’s stall isn’t all that fun after a long day of riding. I just got a little over excited when I heard they wanted me to watch Fancy and wasn't aware of all the responsibilities.

I ended up riding her for three straight days and then decided to take a break and just lunge her in the round pen. A few days later I rode her for another two days and worked her on barrels. That’s when I noticed her having problems with knocking over barrels. When her owners came back and took her to a barrel race, she ended up freaking out and knocking over barrels and shortly afterwards came up lame.

The owners blamed her lameness on me for cantering her in the round pen and working her too hard.

“Did you canter her in the round pen? You’re not supposed to do that! She can’t make that sharp of turns!”

I was a bit confused and responded. “Umm... she is a barrel horse. I would think she could make those sharp turns.”

After the whole round pen “making her sore” incident, I never rode her again. I loved her, so it broke my heart. I have never loved a horse that much even if I did only know her for a few months. It breaks my heart to see her continuing to have problems with the barrels. I wish I could ride her again, maybe I can fix some of the problems I started, or help her owners figure out what is wrong. I have some ideas too of how I can fix her, but unfortunately I will never be able to try them.

Even if I never ride her again, I will always love and hate Fancy.
A Love Hate Relationship - Part 2
A Love Hate Relationship - Part 2
A Love Hate Relationship - Part 2
A Love Hate Relationship - Part 2
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Mo, you ride her better than anyone ever could... cough cough.... Hahaha. They were wrong to blame you.
  23 days ago  •  878 views
Stay Untamed  
Im sorry that you don't get to ride her anymore,she sounds like a good horse (minus the bucking and everything )) Good article,by the way :)
  23 days ago  •  783 views
Falling Up  
My horses name is also Fancy, and she bucked on me coming home on a pole pattern.

Thats scary..
  23 days ago  •  1,038 views
They shouldn't hav blamed you!
  23 days ago  •  749 views
I am sorry to hear tha you don't ride her anymore.
  23 days ago  •  790 views
Longeing/roundpenning at a canter is known to put a lot of stress on horses' legs, but she's a sturdy barrel horse, so she should be able to take it. Maybe she knocked herself?
I really hope her owners will let you ride her again. You really would make a great team! Good luck!
  23 days ago  •  791 views
I'm sorry ):
  22 days ago  •  748 views
That is so dumb of those people!!!!! AAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! I can canter my pony in a 10 meter circle so if that horse can't canter in 20 meter round pen.... Then that horse has issues. :-P
  22 days ago  •  749 views
Cruisin Past Curfew  
That was wrong to blame you! It is so sad that you can't ride her again :(
  22 days ago  •  751 views
Prarie Rose  
Aww, that's sad. Wish you could still ride her. But great article. :)
  22 days ago  •  783 views
Untamed Heart  
My horse bucks coming home from a speed event. I have to pull her head up. Good thing she isnt a real barrel horse, just a just for fun barrel racer. That is cruel that they wont let you ride! I would probably come unglued if that happened to me! I would have to go to a mental hospital!
  22 days ago  •  1,052 views
Soul Horse  
A barrel horse who is able to gallope around barrels should be able to canter in a round pen... Barrel horses must be very fit so I can't see how this is your fault.
  22 days ago  •  783 views
Thanks for all of the comments guys! :)
  22 days ago  •  783 views
neon hoofprints  
ya my horse started to buck at a barrel race so i took a break and raced a month later......he did great and he doesnt buck anymore.....i guess he just got tired of going places...i really dont know but im glad the problem is not a problem anymore
  22 days ago  •  835 views
Aw, I'm sorry you aren't allowed to ride her anymore... they shouldn't have blamed it on you. I hope you get to ride her again someday!
  20 days ago  •  768 views
Heaven Sent Creatures   MOD 
sorry to hear you can't ride her anymore
  20 days ago  •  790 views
All That Jazz  
Good article. Too bad you don't ride her anymore!
  19 days ago  •  754 views
Carpe Diem  
Nice article. I'm really sorry about you not being able to ride her. :( But tip for bucking horses: One rein stop! You slide one hand up the reins, and pull. It throws the horse off balance and it prevents them from bucking because there body is twisted. :) So, just a tip for the future and good luck! I hope you'll get to ride her again.
  15 days ago  •  750 views
Mrs West Malik  
good artical and they were wrong to blame you!
  Apr 4, 2012  •  787 views
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