Equisoccer - Playing Soccer On Horseback
 By horseygall   •   8th Jul 2011   •   3,518 views   •   20 comments
Horses and soccer is not something that goes together at first glance, but look again. Take some horses and riders and add one large ball and you have equi-soccer. Equi-soccer is not only the newest thing in equestrian sport, but its a great tool for both you and your horse to bond and gain a better connection.

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Cruisin Past Curfew  
Equi-soccer is so much fun :D
  Jul 8, 2011  •  2,213 views
the fresians were so cute. they were like "MY BALL!"
  Jul 8, 2011  •  2,212 views
That is AWESOME!! I tottally want to start a league!
  Jul 8, 2011  •  2,211 views
Prarie Rose  
This looks so cool! I wanna try it :)
  Jul 8, 2011  •  2,230 views
Wanderin Boy Memorial  MOD 
That looks like so much fun !!
  Jul 8, 2011  •  2,253 views
:) we do this at my barn sometimes! sooooooooooo fun! :)
  Jul 9, 2011  •  2,504 views
he he, didn't surprise me the horses one, who would honestly want to get in the way of a fast, strong and determined horse that has the ball. lol, looks like fun though!
  Jul 9, 2011  •  2,250 views
solo pony  
cool i think i have heard of ponies doing this before
  Jul 9, 2011  •  2,240 views
Estella Noire  
Hahaha! :L Thats funny. I want to try.
  Jul 9, 2011  •  2,220 views
solo pony  
i want to try this!!! it looks fun
  Jul 9, 2011  •  2,308 views
Laugh and Ride  
That's really cool.... never knew about equi-soccer! :)
  Jul 9, 2011  •  2,241 views
Stay Untamed  
LOL! This sounds like alot of fun! I want to try it!
  Jul 9, 2011  •  2,252 views
I have seen that before! Me and my barn friends should try that someday (if we ever buy a giant soccer ball! haha) Can you actually like compete in it or is it just something people do for fun?
  Jul 9, 2011  •  2,242 views
Sounds like a lot of fun. Not something I'm really into, but I absolutely loved the Friesians. We own Friesians, and I know first hand that they love toys.
  Jul 10, 2011  •  2,211 views
Carpe Diem  
Awesome! My two fave sports, in one! :D
  Jul 10, 2011  •  2,213 views
Carpe Diem  
The second vid. is so cute!
  Jul 10, 2011  •  2,213 views
This is really cool!
  Jul 11, 2011  •  2,586 views
solo pony  
i really want to try this
  Jul 11, 2011  •  2,355 views
All That Jazz  
oh my gosh, that second video was hilarious! :)
  Jul 14, 2011  •  2,217 views
That looks fun. Nuff said XD
  Jul 16, 2011  •  2,210 views
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