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My Sweet Victory - Part 2
 By MySweetButterfly   •   7th Apr 2012   •   1,179 views   •   13 comments
My Sweet Victory

Pride swelled through me as I gazed down at the gorgeous palomino colt, “Well done, girl,” I patted Penny’s neck. “What should we call her, eh?” my mom asked, smiling down at me. I thought for a second as I watched the colt struggle to his hooves, “Ace,” I muttered, it seemed to suit the little foal. My mom smiled, “Good choice,” I nodded and suddenly remembered why I had come into the barn, “Oh! We saw the horse!” I burst out. My mom smiled and nodded, “He good?” “Amazing!” I beamed, “We’re going to get him. He’s being delivered tomorrow!” “Given him a name yet?” she asked. “Victory,” She smiled, “You’d better get to training,” I’d completely forgotten! “Thanks,” I dashed out of the barn and headed towards the training paddock.

Dylan was standing there, tapping his feet impatiently, holding the reins to my mom’s ex-racehorse, Acoustic Shadows, aka, Shadow, “Where were you?” he glared at me, “If you want to be a jockey, you’ve got to be committed.” I sighed and studied my feet, “It’s just, Penny was foaling.” His gaze softened, “Ok,” he sighed, “But next time, at least come and get me,” I nodded as he handed me my helmet. He smiled, “Ok, want a leg up?” I nodded as he heaved me up onto Shadow’s back.

I stroked the Thoroughbred’s sleek, shiny, black neck and urged him gently on into a walk. “Pull his head up,” Dylan told me, before walking to the side of the exercise paddock. I gave a pull on the left rein then the right one and the black gelding quickly lifted his muscular neck. “Now,” Dylan called from across the paddock, “Get him into a working trot and warm him up. A couple of laps ‘round the paddock.” I nodded and squeezed Shadow on into a working trot, “Good boy,” Shadow has the smoothest, most comfortable trot you could ever imagine. It’s almost like a rocking horse! “Good, Good. Now, a collected canter please,”

I brought the gelding up into a collected canter and we sped around the paddock. “Slow him down!” Dylan shouted as we passed the blurry figure, “then give him his head and get him into a slow gallop,” I did as he said and Shadow broke into a perfect gallop. Adrenalin rushed through me as we thundered past Dylan again; this was why I’d decided to become a jockey.

The love and enjoyment of doing what I loved had blinded me and it wasn’t until we were nearly at the paddock fence that I noticed.

I was going to crash into Dylan.

Furiously I yanked at the reins and pleaded Shadow to stop, “No, Shadow! Please, stop boy!” It was too late I heard loud screaming and frantic neighs before it all faded to blackness.


I slowly forced my eyes open and saw my Dad crouched over me. “Thank God,” he muttered, “Are you ok?” I slowly sat up. My left arm ached slightly, but apart from that I felt fine, “What happened?” My Mom sat down gently on the bed, I realised I was in my room, “You crashed into Dylan.” she whispered softly. Her eyes were raw, as if she’d been crying.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, “Is Shadow ok?” My mom nodded gulping, “Shadow’s fine. It’s just Dylan.” Was Dylan ok? I wondered. I felt really bad. It was all my fault I’d crashed into him.

“Dylan’s,” she gulped, “Dylan’s dead.”

My heart skipped a beat. Dylan was dead? Dylan had been more than a trainer to me; he’d been my best friend. And now he was dead, and it was all because of me.
Woah, that was seriously intense!
  Apr 7, 2012  •  483 views
Faith forever  
Amazing! Keep them coming! I freaked when Dylan died.....more please! =D
  Apr 8, 2012  •  476 views
Oh oh. Dylan's gone 0.0
  Apr 8, 2012  •  503 views
Yay! Part 2! :P
  Apr 8, 2012  •  605 views
Mutley Jackson  
  Apr 8, 2012  •  461 views
Makaela Marie  
Not Dylan D:


Great article though (:
  Apr 8, 2012  •  502 views
xextendthetrotx that was amazing. very sad!! love it cant wait for part3
  Apr 8, 2012  •  491 views
Double Spur Ranch  
Love how it was all happy to sad and depressing
  Apr 9, 2012  •  483 views
Mrs West Malik  
this is so good, well done!
  Apr 9, 2012  •  503 views
Sapphire Flames  
wow! sweet! can't wait for the next part! great job! :)
  Apr 9, 2012  •  464 views
thats so awesome. great job!
  Apr 10, 2012  •  488 views
you are tooooooo AMAZINGGGGGG!!!
  Apr 20, 2012  •  593 views
Love Forever  
Good job!!
  51 days ago  •  482 views
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