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Model Horse Photo Contest
 By ImaCoolCowgirl   •   1st Jan 2011   •   5,284 views   •   19 comments
I have seen a lot of people wanting a model horse contest so I am going to host one! This is the first one I’ve ever done so it is a learning experience. If it works out well I may host others.

Models will be judged first on their condition: lack of breaks, scratches, etc. Second, they will be judged on how well they meet the standards of the class entered. Consideration will also be given as to how well the horse is presented by the clarity and focus of the photo and how well the horse fills the frame, presence or absence of distracting background material. Fictional graphic backgrounds are allowed.

Breyer horses and barn 3

If your horse can't be seen clearly it can't win no matter how beautiful it is. Try to make the horse look like it is alive and in a real show. The more realistic it looks the higher it will be placed. There will be a Grand Champion and Reserve Champion awarded. To be in the running for Grand or Reserve Champion you must place 1st in any class as well as top 3 in each class. Unfortunately at this time I cannot give out real prizes, but you will have the pleasure knowing you won. If any one is willing to make graphics or edited pictures to award the winners that would be great. Please contact me on here.


By Model (Breyer, Schleichs or Other)
By Breed
By Discipline (Western, English)

How To Enter

Leave a comment to this news article with the URL to the image and the classes that you are entering with the image.

Entry Deadline

Contest ends February 1st 2011.
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Pink Pony  
i am going to enter all 3 class's!!! i will send the link when i am done :)
  Jan 1, 2011  •  1,761 views
Pink Pony  
i have taken many photos and was wondering if haveing people in the shot was alright or not (i have shots with people and without) which would you prefer with or with out people?
  Jan 1, 2011  •  1,761 views
I have some Grand Champions and some Bryers
  Jan 1, 2011  •  1,843 views
That's neat.
  Jan 1, 2011  •  1,745 views
SkyFall Equestrian Center  
I'm entering all3. i just don't know how to put them on for you to see them.
  Jan 1, 2011  •  1,744 views
Ponybox  MOD 
A few of you have been asking how to enter this contest. Here's an example:

Class: Quarterhorse
  Jan 1, 2011  •  1,806 views
Brilliant Idea! I will try to enter.
  Jan 1, 2011  •  1,768 views
taking my photos now! what happens if like everyone does thoroughbreds and only one person does a welsh pony what happens then? are we allowed to enter custom horses? (ones that we have painted)
  Jan 2, 2011  •  1,774 views
can you enter the same horse in more than one event?
  Jan 2, 2011  •  1,774 views
I'll enter as many as possible
  Jan 2, 2011  •  1,781 views
Undesired Humor  
I will enter in by model and by breed.
  Jan 3, 2011  •  1,758 views
I can make free graphics for the winners.
  Jan 4, 2011  •  1,776 views
Owe im entering:)
  Jan 6, 2011  •  1,814 views
Pink Pony  
this is my entery for Breed, the horse in the pic is a A nine year old Bay Appaloosa gelding

Breed: Appaloosa, photo:
  Jan 6, 2011  •  1,761 views

Dressage: and


Dutch Warmblood:
Canadian Warmblood:
Hope i win!!
  Jan 10, 2011  •  1,771 views
Winny the Poo  
Class:Breyer Horses (Stablemates)

Photo Tooken By: ME!!!
  Jan 11, 2011  •  1,763 views
Sleepy Hollow  
Cool!That is really neat..
  May 9, 2011  •  1,779 views
Breed Class - Morgan

Model Class - Breyer
  May 10, 2011  •  1,785 views
Mrs West Malik  
i love model ponies, and im a teenager!
  May 5, 2012  •  1,791 views
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