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Model Horse Showing Tips Part 2
 By FreeRein   •   13th Jul 2011   •   5,030 views   •   9 comments
If you have read my previous article, Model Horse Showing Tips, you know the basics to live showing. Now, if you cannot attend live shows due to lack of models or lack of live shows in your area, then online or mail shows are definitely for you!

The online and mail shows require you submitting a realistic photo of your model horse. In this article, I will tell you what you will need and how to make your photos realistic.

Model Breyer HorseIn live showing, you mainly only need horses and tack. Live shows are competitive and nerve-racking, while online shows are done without this stress in the comfort of your own home. You do, however, need many props. Photo shows are usually about performance, but do include halter classes in which your horses do not have to be in perfect condition since you can position them in a way which covers up the blemishes.

The tack you will need depends on what classes you enter. Hunter/Jumper and Cross country classes will require a Hunter/Jumper saddle and bridle, while Dressage will require Dressage tack. If you are doing western pleasure, you will need a pleasure saddle and bridle, and so on. You should start with cheaper Breyer tack so you know what you are doing before moving on to saddle sets that can run up to $200.00.

Props include jumps, flowers, and companion animals such as calves and dogs. Sticky wax (Candle Wax you can find at a Michael’s or A.C. Moore’s or any other craft store) that comes in a small compact case is used to make sure all loose leather is “waxed” up to the bridle and the girth isn’t hanging loose unrealistically. If you are doing something in an arena you will need sand and a blue piece of paper for the sky. I would recommend doing this against a wall and then putting a realistic sized fence in front of it. Then, spread the sand out. Place your horse in the center and prop your camera up on some books so the whole horse is visible. Snap more than one shot and choose the best one.

You can also snap your performance photos outside. Make sure you don’t have human or dog feet in the background or things will look out of proportion. If you want to have a fence in the background, make sure your horse is a good distance away so the fence looks smaller. If you have a choice, I would recommend taking your picture on portrait in landscape mode so it focuses more on the horse instead of the background.

For halter, I recommend placing your horse in a scenic area. These areas could include the top of a cliff overlooking a valley or a tropical beach. Make sure your horse’s breed does match its natural environment. If you put an Icelandic pony on the beach, it isn’t in the correct environment. Put a Thoroughbred in a horse farm in Kentucky and an Arabian in a beautiful desert.

These photo shows have many perks such as not having to drive anywhere or not requiring a perfect horses for live shows. You can position your horse so it shows its best side and no scratches. If you have a broken bridle you can stick the broken part up and only show the good part. These shows do require an entrance fee. They can pretty much be at any price range. Online shows can be novice or advanced, just find one that’s right for you. Also, mail-in shows require you printing out photos. So you don’t have to worry about lost photos or broken printers. I personally prefer the online shows. Mail-in shows are great, but it is just my opinion that online shows are easier.

Remember, whatever you chose, have fun with your models and don’t be afraid to try out all three types of shows.
Breyer Model Horse

Breyer Model Horse

Breyer Model Horse
Model Horse Showing Tips Part 2
Model Horse Showing Tips Part 2
Model Horse Showing Tips Part 2
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Great article!
  16 days ago  •  1,829 views
Prarie Rose  
Great article. Looks cool
  16 days ago  •  1,840 views
All That Jazz  
woah, cool!
  16 days ago  •  1,837 views
Carpe Diem  
Nice article.
  16 days ago  •  1,833 views
Aslans Roar  
good post. :)
  15 days ago  •  1,838 views
thank you!
  14 days ago  •  1,831 views
Good article
  14 days ago  •  1,831 views
Awesome! I think that we should have a model horse show on ponybox! Then we could all try it out!
  14 days ago  •  2,099 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
Looks awesome ! good job
  Nov 7, 2011  •  1,864 views
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