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Ponybox Guide For Horse Fanatics - Catching The Bug
 By Carpe Diem   •   4th Apr 2012   •   2,440 views   •   38 comments
Ponybox Guide For Horse FanaticsEquine fever is as easy to catch as your common cold, if not easier. It can easily be spread by your first reading of an issue of Heartland, watching a horse race on TV, or even sighting a horse galloping across a pasture through your car window. Once you've caught the bug, it stays with you your whole life. You'll experience cravings for information, pictures, stories and opportunities to be around horses whether you own one or not. Your parents tell you it's just a silly phase, but you tell them it isn't. Soon riding horses or even being around them will become a need for you, and without it you will grow more ill. Being around horses is like your medicine, and without it you'll eventually die. The Guide For Horse Fanatics is our own Ponybox guide to help you with your horse obsession.

Do you think you have the horse bug? If so, see if these personality traits match yours. If they do, you have a severe case of equine fever!


You have a love for the aroma of equine.
When you get to the barn for the first time that day, you stop and take in the sweet smell of hay and manure, just taking in the scent that equines naturally give off. When someone else walks into the barn and says, "Ew! It stinks in here!" Your heart stops for a minute.


You'd rather muck out a stall than clean your room.
When your mom yells at you to clean your room, you wish that you were at the barn so you could just clean the stalls instead of your room. This means you don't mind the stench of mucking out stalls, and no matter what you'd rather be closer to horses than anything else.


You set up a jumping course or barrel pattern and do it while pretending you're riding a horse on foot.
When you're not at the barn riding your horse, you have a craving for the speed and feeling of jumping that you get while riding. So, you improvise and set up your own course in your backyard to jump or run with your imaginary horse.

Ponybox Guide For Horse Fanatics


You space out in the middle of class day dreaming about you riding in a big show, or just riding.
When your teacher is going over some stupid math equations or going off about Columbus, all that's on your mind is you soaring over jumps on 'your' amazing 16.2hh Dutch Warmblood.


You would rather go for a trail ride than go on a date.
This shows that no matter what, horses come first. Before boys, before movie night, and normally even before homework. They're the first things on your agenda.


You shop for your horses more than for yourself.
When you're surfing the web for things on awesome sales or newest releases, it's always for a new roping saddle or a new pair of boots, or a saddle pad that fits your horse's color perfectly.


You can name every body part of the horse, but barely know the name of one bone in your body.
You know all or almost all of the body parts of the horse, but could care less about your own body parts.


You can describe every horse color.
You know and can easily describe every horse coat color.


Your room is covered in horse.
Whether your room is covered in ribbons from shows, pictures or stuffed animal horses, your room is an equine sancurary.


You can tell what a horse is thinking.
Once you become more indulged with horses and begin to spend more time with them, you will start to be able to anticipate what they will do next, read their facial expressions, and tell what their thinking from the look in their eyes.

If these personality traits are like you, you have caught the horse bug and are hopeless to get cured.
Ponybox Guide For Horse Fanatics - Catching The Bug
Ponybox Guide For Horse Fanatics - Catching The Bug
Ponybox Guide For Horse Fanatics - Catching The Bug
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I think i am incurable..... Maybe my vet has a
  Mar 6, 2013  •  1,169 views
Mrs West Malik  
love this artical, read it so many times now:3
  Jul 25, 2012  •  931 views
Let It Ride  
All ten are true of me hahaha
  Apr 26, 2012  •  923 views
Very true. I'll never know how I "caught the bug" - for as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated with animals, specifically horses. It's unusual, but I love every minute of it. :)
  Apr 26, 2012  •  929 views
Sapphire Flames  
great job! :)
  Apr 25, 2012  •  899 views
great article! and i think i have a severe case of the "horse bug"
  Apr 23, 2012  •  920 views
Carpe Diem  
Thanks everyone! :D
  Apr 20, 2012  •  938 views
I caught it when i first went to the stable near my house:D but sadly my parents wont allow me to own one......
  Apr 19, 2012  •  949 views
Nice article.I caught it by seeing my cousin's mini pony and since that I asked for a pony or horse.
  Apr 15, 2012  •  997 views
Bright Horizon  
Love number nine :P
  Apr 15, 2012  •  941 views
Bright Horizon  
Very good article! )
  Apr 15, 2012  •  941 views
Doodles Forever  
Great article! I do most of these, and I still do six, even though I don't own a horse anymore xD
  Apr 12, 2012  •  922 views
nice jump! lol
  Apr 10, 2012  •  923 views
My Paper Heart  
Great article! Here is something that made me laugh: 'Being around horses is like your medicine, and without it you'll eventually die.' It's so true though! Lol.
  Apr 10, 2012  •  899 views
Double Spur Ranch  
Very good article
  Apr 9, 2012  •  916 views
10.I am so 10. LoL.:P
Great article! Hehe! This made me laugh so hard. At first I thought it was a fever for horses. Then I slowly realized that it was for people. LoL.
  Apr 8, 2012  •  897 views
love it!! said yes to all!! ^^
  Apr 8, 2012  •  925 views
Deep as Rhubarb  
Almost all of these are true for me... xD
  Apr 7, 2012  •  919 views
100% true. Well, for me it is. xP Awesome article.
  Apr 6, 2012  •  876 views
soooo true! great article i remember getting the bug when my friend taught me how to draw a horse when i was little ... i also remember my very first pony ride when i was three :)
  Apr 6, 2012  •  1,098 views
Sapphire Flames  
lol. those are all so true! great article! :)
  Apr 5, 2012  •  700 views
This is an awesome article! Pretty much all of these to the full extent other than having my own horse. But hopefully that will change soon. :)
  Apr 5, 2012  •  737 views
Break Up The Dark  
Great article and cool idea. I do all those things.
  Apr 5, 2012  •  820 views
Dancing On Air  
I do all those things!
  Apr 5, 2012  •  778 views
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