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Shut Down Ponybox Horse News
 By PonyBox   •   29th Jan 2011   •   9,760 views   •   87 comments
This week we are posting another email from one of our fans. We get a few of these every month and sometimes we post them here for your amusement. This email was received yesterday from Pat.

I find it absolutely appalling that you feel it is perfectly fine to allow dangerous and fundamentally wrong training practices to be posted by your members. I'm a regular visitor to your equestrian news section, but after viewing the cart accident article posted earlier this week I can no longer remain quiet. Images of your members practicing dangerous techniques, such as jumping with no hands or bridles is unacceptable. In fact, I can't believe that you have not had your *** sued off and your website shut down. You are promoting the torture of animals and more importantly, the unsafe practice that can result in young riders getting hurt. Horses are meant to be companions, not stunt dummies for your pleasure.

I surely hope you take my email seriously and close your horse news section of this site. I hope you can sleep well at night knowing that you are contributing to the abuse of these lovely creatures. From my observations, your members do not have the training experience necessary to be posting practices for others to follow or imitate.

You need to stick with making games and stay out of the equestrian news business!


As mentioned above, we get a few angry emails each month, but lately our news section has been a target. At first I assumed it was just the typical emails any website owner receives, but I now feel this is more of a movement by another horse news website to have us shut down. Each month the Ponybox horse news section gains ranking as a leading equestrian news outlet for citizen reporting by our members. I feel this increase in popularity is causing other equestrian news sites to fight back and have us shut down.

Heres another email we received that substantiates this theory:

Article: Tennessee Walker Big Lick Gait Controversy

Also, I'm assuming the jumping with no hands Pat mentioned is meant to be focused at Polo the Weirdo. Her video is below:

We will see where it goes from here, but obviously someone or some company is not happy.
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That email was horrid, there are a ton of moaners here.
  Jan 29, 2011  •  1,527 views
Estella Noire  
I have jumped without reins before! It was part of one of my lessons at a approved riding school with a trained and qualified instructor! If done correctly and under supervision there is nothing wrong with jumping without reins!
  Jan 29, 2011  •  1,492 views
People are just jealous as this news idea is such a good idea.
The articles are to be kept in mind but not totally based on.
  Jan 29, 2011  •  1,531 views
Someone needs to grow up. Jumping with no hands is an exercize of balance. Also, notics that most of the posts DON'T support animal cruelty.
Grow up, Pat.
  Jan 29, 2011  •  1,401 views
Wow, is this woman a member of PB or something?
Or is she just a nosy parker? D

I'm SO glad you're actually telling us about these things, I know most sites wouldn't tell their gamers of bad press. It's a horrible thing to go through, but well done and thankyou for sharing. :)
  Jan 29, 2011  •  1,052 views
Polo the Weirdo  MOD 
These complainers never fail to amuse me. XD I'm proud to have given them something to do with their precious time, since they must have far too much of it if they choose to stalk a site simply so they can moan about it. Bravo, Pat! I had a good giggle reading that! ^_^

Thanks for sharing with us, Jeff!
  Jan 29, 2011  •  1,489 views
T W I  
Aww, pooooor Polo the Wierdo's horses! The poor mistreated animals!
At just a glance at the gleam in their coat, the sparkle in their eyes, the way they willingly chage over the jumps - anyone could tell that they are being abused!
  Jan 29, 2011  •  1,470 views
C h r i s  MOD 
Wow. I don't know what to say.

If that lady thinks that riding horses without equiment is abusive, she is wrong.
People complain that putting bridles and saddles on a horse and ridng them is abusive. Now, when someone like Polo rides a horse without any of it, it is abusive. In my opinion, riding a horse without tack is a natural way of riding. And what Polo can do with her horse is pure talent and trust.

You put up this news section so everyone can share their views, stories, new items coming out, etc. People need to learn to accept others views and opinions and as an adlut, Pat, should know that.

Ever here of the saying, "If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen." If people don't like what they read on Ponybox, don't always go back and read more.
  Jan 29, 2011  •  1,539 views
Starry Eyes  
Well this pat person can go to bed tonight in shame after what she wrote! This has gone Public.
  Jan 29, 2011  •  978 views
Happy Stables  MOD 
In the time it takes people to write these angry letters, emails, etc. it would be more productive for them to send their own news articles on what they find wrong with the one they are upset with. It's human we all don't agree about things, but I would rather hear helpful information then have someone want to just get rid of the site. For goodness sakes, lets discuss this, we all just might learn something.. : )
  Jan 29, 2011  •  1,001 views
Finally There  
May I ask, which article was showing Animal Abuse? I mean seriously?
  Jan 29, 2011  •  966 views
Pink Pony  
i don't think its cruel to jumo with no hands, loads of people do it! please don't take away ponybox news i love it!!!
  Jan 29, 2011  •  977 views
Pink Pony  
i don't think its cruel to jumo with no hands, loads of people do it! please don't take away ponybox news i love it!!!
  Jan 29, 2011  •  977 views
Cali Equus  
Torture of animals? Jeez. Your full of it you are!
Polo is responsible and as far as I am concerened it is up to HER what she does with her horses.
If you are thinking that taking equipment off a horse is abusive, what about having an ill fitting saddle?
Those horses are being so abused that, their coat is gleaming and shiny, eyes bright and ears pricked over every jump. They trust her.
This aggrivates me.
Keep out of OTHER peoples business!
  Jan 29, 2011  •  1,668 views
Ah I do love when people post such things. Like my mom says (I'm close to driving), "everyone on the road is an idiot except you." This email reminded me of that qoute, LMHRO! :)
  Jan 29, 2011  •  990 views
I don't think that the news section should be shut down. If it is, most writers will just post their works on the forums. This is not promoting horse abuse, its just true stories and fiction (Most of which have happy endings). As for the stunting thing, it isn't telling people the should try to jump without saddles or bridles, it's just saying 'this is what me and my horse can do'. This is just my opinion, but I think that lots of these people who are complaining are just trying to make the PB community miserable just because they don't like the game.
  Jan 29, 2011  •  1,007 views
Polo the Weirdo  MOD 
My poor darling fluffy, I must have used my evil telepathy skills to make her jump when I had zero control. How cruel and abusive I am with my mind control skills! XD *Chuckles* Aaah, this is all good fun. :) Thanks to everybody for the nice comments in my defence - glad you guys have the sense to tell a happy horse apart from an abused one.
  Jan 29, 2011  •  974 views
Riding with no hands or without a saddle has been going on for generations. Ever since the horse was first trained. Some would call it showing off, but others would do so to show the expertise of horse and/or rider. The cart accident was just that an accident. That is why they are called accidents. They happen without obvious cause and are not a regular occurance. Obviously by the pony's behavior at home and his subsequent escape, there was something bothering the pony greatly. You could go into psychological behavior and say the pony ran away because he felt bad about what he did, or you could also chalk it up to a bad day, illness or something hurting the pony. I read most of the articles and as person with 36 years of actually riding experience and 15 years of experience in training, I have yet to see anything that I would deem as dangerous. Maybe we should put a "do not try this at home" clause, but would that work? Not really. People are responsible for their own actions and if th
  Jan 29, 2011  •  1,588 views
Oh, I forgot to put that I have yet to see any abused animals in here. While I am not saying that there could be some sort of abuse that goes on by any of our thousands of participants or writers, I have yet to see an article showing how to abuse.
  Jan 29, 2011  •  1,063 views
Rein or Shine  
Twi- I know, right? The poor, beautiful horses look so miserable.

As for this I read the mentioned cart article, and I spotted absolutely no sign of abuse, stupidity, or irresponsibility. The article even clearly mentioned that they seeked help as soon as the horse was in trouble. Obviously they cared for the horse!

Jumping without hands, bridles, etc.- it CAN be a good practice of balance. I've never even jumped at all before, but I know it could be. And has there ever been a story about being hurt because of that? No!

  Jan 29, 2011  •  993 views
Evans Day Parade  
OMG, if people dont like this site, quit. plus, half the people on here know a LOT more then me, and people who say that stuff usually dont know how to do it themselves =/
  Jan 29, 2011  •  1,012 views
That's interesting, and very narrow minded of her (the complainer.) And since you guys are LLC I think you'd be exempt from most of the "legal stuff" anyway. Plus, it's information posted by your members and not by you, meaning that you're neither contributing nor condoning "the torture of animals" and "unsafe practices." '

Horses are inherently dangerous animals. Nobody has posted anything about abusing horses or forcing them into some heinous act of cruelty...just training experience, mistakes, and progress.

I think she's just mad because the more news you get on the site, the higher your SEO ranking. You probably knocked her site off and now she's attacking you for it. In which case-

Good for you! )
  Jan 29, 2011  •  988 views
SkyFall Equestrian Center  
Geez. I'm a troubled rider and i can jump a 2 foot vertical with no stirrups.
  Jan 29, 2011  •  992 views
I do not agree with the email! Can't people have fun! I think it is cool doing funky stunts!
  Jan 29, 2011  •  1,016 views
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