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The Blue-Eyed Phantom
 By Stay Untamed   •   10th Jan 2011   •   1,652 views   •   4 comments
She had one blue eye. Thats all she knew about the wild horse. Elaine saw her running on a hill, then went to town to ask about this mysterious horse.

"She has haunted those hills since I can remember." That's what the local sheriff said.

"Only a few even have seen her. She's like a ghost haunting the hills." An old librarian said.

Elaine found out from the local barn owner that she had a blue eye.

"I saw her once on a trial. She had one blue eye that could see through you. That was along time ago, but I'll never forget that haunting blue eye."

Elaine decided to go out and see this mysterious blue-eyed horse herself. She set out the next day on her mother's Paint horse, Arrow. When she got to the top of the hill where she saw the horse, she got off Arrow and looked around. She could see the rolling expanse of the plains. If I were to see this mare, this is where I would see her, she thought.

Elaine went to the other side of the hill and looked down. There was a little stream and a cave next to it. Jackpot, she thought. She started to walk down the hill to the stream. When she got down there she saw a glimpse of movement near a bush on the other side of the stream. She walked over. When she broke through the bush there was a horse. It was a paint, the horse that Elaine saw on the hill. From what Elaine could see it only had a brown eye. But when the horse turned around to look at her, her other eye was blue.

It's her! She thought.

Elaine just stood there speechless. The mare, Elaine named her Phantom, turned and started to walk off. Elaine got back on Arrow, and followed her down the hill. Phantom took them to an abandoned shack in the middle of the forest. Elaine decided to get off and check it. When she looked in the pitch-black, dusty windows all she saw was literally nothing. It was just a one room square building in the middle of the woods. She wondered if maybe the mare wasn't trying to show her something. She looked back and saw Arrow looking intent on something far off in the woods. Phantom was gone.

She went over to stand with Arrow and listened. She heard hoofbeats. There are multiple horses, she thought, too many for just Phantom. She looked into the forest and thought she saw some horses trotting into the clearing. Phantom was at the front when they came into the clearing. There was also 2 bays, a chestnut, and a palomino. She noticed that the palomino was so fat she looked almost pregnant. Then in the very back she saw a shadow. No, she thought, not a shadow, a horse! He was a magnificent black stallion. He had a flowing mane and tail. His nostrils were flaring when he caught the scent of Elaine. The stallion walked over to Phantom and they put their nostrils together. They looked like they were talking. When they were done, the mare walked over to Elaine. She put her head down and made a signal to follow her. When Elaine did follow her, Phantom went into the cabin. Phantom stood in the middle of the room and looked into the far corner. Elaine walked over into the corner and saw a lamp. She turned the lamp on and saw the cabin in light for the first time. There was straw on the ground and the palomino was the big lump in the corner she saw when she came in. She noticed the horse was breathing heavily and looking back at her stomach. Phantom walked over and stood gaurd. Elaine went back out and took hold of Arrow where she had previously left him. She walked him over to the window and watched the birth of a new baby colt.

When Phantom finally came out she made a motion like an appreciation nod and walked into the forest followed by the rest of the herd, including the stallion who looked back one more time at the cabin. Elaine looked into the window and saw the palomino and her new baby sniffing each other. She watched them for a few more minutes then decided it was time to go home.

When she got back down the hill she looked back up at the top of the hill. There was the blue-eyed mare, Phantom, looking down at her. She whinned to Elaine and it sounded like a thank you. They both went their seperate ways after that. Elaine never found the horse again, but once, on the same trail as that fateful day, she thought she saw a flash of a horse silhouette with a blue eye watching her from the distance.
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That's really good!!
  Jan 12, 2011  •  645 views
Wandie  MOD 
Great story. Love the title
  Feb 3, 2011  •  644 views
Sleepy Hollow  
Great article!
  May 9, 2011  •  815 views
Carpe Diem  
I love it!
  Jun 11, 2011  •  641 views
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