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We are starting on: Project American Creme and Whites!
More information on that coming soon!
Studs and foal reservation for Creme and Whites will be closed for right now due to the fact that we want to keep them pure bred and build them up first!
*Please Read my barn description before anything else*
(Do NOT message me before you read the Very Important Notes!)

Here at Kenai International we breed the finest Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Paints, and Palominos. Our lines are carefully selected to bring out the best in our Horses.

I am always open for Jump-Offs, just please do not jump my foals (0-2) or if they do not have full loyalty!

Kenai's Wall of Fame

World Rank: 58 | Rating: 488 | T Winnings: 75663 | Show Wins: 2 | Shows Entered: 4 | Jumpoff: 333 - 67 | Highest Jump: 72.5" Stats: 10/10/10/10 Parents:Bleach x Serenity Highest Ranked Quarter Horse stallion!

World Rank: 65 | Rating: 487 | T Winnings: 54487 | Show Wins: 5 | Shows Entered: 4 | Jumpoff: 203 - 72 | Highest Jump: 73.75" Stats: 10/10/10/9 Parents: Insane x Mural Highest Ranked Quarter Horse Mare

Vicotry Dancer
World Rank: 33611 | Rating: N/A | T Winnings: 143250 | Show Wins: 1 | Shows Entered: 3 | Jumpoff: 697 - 54 | Highest Jump: 75.5" Stats: 10/10/10/10 Parents: Fiery Victory x Awendela One of the highest jumping Appaloosas

What we offer:
Training in all Disciplines for 2pbs
Feed: Any kind for 1pb
*Horses for sale: 2k- x amount
*Items: 1k to x amount
Stud fee: starting at 500pbs
Foal Reservation: 1k to 10k

Our Goals:
Make 500k
Make 1million pbs
Make 2million pbs
Make 3million pbs
Make 5 million pbs
Make 10million pbs
Make 20million pbs
Have 100k in barn winnings
Have 200k in barn winnings
Have 500k in barn winnings
Have 1millionk in barn winnings
Have all my shown horses ranked under 1000
Have all my shown horses ranked under 500
Have all my shown horses ranked under 200
Create an all natural 70" Jumper
Create an all natural 72" Jumper
Create an all natural 73" Jumper
Create an all natural 75" Jumper
Create an ll natural 76" Jumper
Create an all natural 78" Jumper

*Very Important Notes:

Horses for Sale:
Do NOT message me, asking me to sell my horses to you for under 1k.
If you think the price is ridiculously low to yourself, don't bother messaging me.
Also, before you message me, please look at all the horses, decide which one you would like, and consider what they are worth it. Then message me, but only then! (And yes, I do look around to see what horses go for and what mine are worth compared to all the other horses!)

I will NOT sell my items for a ridiculously low price!
Please, think to yourself how much you would want for the same item!
Don't ask me to sell my Golden Legwrap for 2k! (This is only an example) I will make a forum post if I feel like giving away items for cheap, so watch the forum!
I am not the well fare for ponybox, don't bother messaging me if you know you do not have the money to afford the item! (Sorry I have to somewhat rude about this, but I get way too many ridiculous questions like that!)

Foal Reservations:
If you want to reserve a foal from one of my mares, please decide which one before you message me. Also, decide which stud you are looking at and be aware of the costs all together!
My foal Reservations will start at 1k and can go up to 10k(it all depends on how well the mare does).
My foal Reservation Fees consist of breeding to the mare (1k+) + Stud Fee + Foal Tax! If you want to have it foaled right away instead of waiting until Thursdays or Sundays, please, either provide a horseshoe or you have to pay to use one of my horseshoes (usually around 50k!)

Don't message me unless you know what you want and you know you can afford it!
This only applies to my horses, and items! You can message me at any time to chitchat! I am always open for that =]
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