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   Item Name Qty For Sale World-wide
Avg Sold Price
Sale Price
 Carrot Juice 43 7,487 25,000
 Horse Trailer 5 774 25,000
 Diamond Stirrup 1 90,185 350,000
 Sticky Gum 75 643 500
 Diamond Horseshoe 1 493,568 2,500,000
 Feedback 91 2,336 1,000
 Pegasus DNA 3 388,316 1,500,000
 High Fertility DNA 15 5,124 25,000
 Fountain of Youth 15 44,512 25,000
 Fetlock Feathers DNA 1 252,423 1,200,000
 Double Play 3 3,961 5,000
What are Items:
Most items that you own can be used to perform specific functions, such as, improving your horses performance, increasing training levels and changing your horses name.  Once you use an item to perform a function it is removed from your account unless the item states that it is an unlimited use item.

How do I get an Item:
Items are given out randomly throughout the site.  If you see an item appear on your screen just click it to pick it up and have it added to your account. You may also purchase item packs on PonyBox or buy items from other members.

How do I use an Item:
Once you receive an item you can either use it, sell it or just hold on to it.  If you choose to use it just click the item name when viewing items you own.  If you choose to sell the item it will display on your Barn Profile Page under the Items link with the option for other members to buy.  Once you place an item for sale you can remove the item for sale or change the sale price at any time.

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