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Victory Sporthorses
where victory is always possible.
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about me

Hello, and welcome to Victory Sporthorses!
On ponybox, I am known as Victory or Vic, as some call me. I currently a artist here on ponybox, and am known over on deviantart as horses-are-real.
I cannot remember the exact date I started ponybox, but I believe it was some day in 2011....ish xD I no longer have access to my original ponybox account.
Over the almost 10 years I have been on this wonderful site, I have worked with many, many breeds!
Some consist of; cheju, Orlov Trotter, Maloposki, Ban-ei, Banker, Carthusian, French Trotter, Lithuanian Heavy Drafts, and many more! Those are just a few that I remember really enjoying working with. Though now, I currently breed Orlov Trotter and Thoroughbreds!

When I am not online on ponybox, I work and like to create artwork both traditionally and digitally.I do however go through phrases where I feel as though my work is not good enough, and my production with my artwork slows down. I do however, ocassionally open up custom slots here on ponybox for horse pictures, and you can find examples and pricings in the boxes below.

I am currently breeding Champion Orlov Trotters!
more to come. - lines still being worked on.

[x]Have the new DNA incorporated into my herd
[x]Have a Orlov Trotter hit 90"
[x]Create a Orlov Trotter all 15 Super
[x]Hit 50million Ponybucks
[x]Hit 100million ponybucks
[]Hit 200million ponybucks
[]Get Top Breeder for Orlov Trotters
[x]Have a Orlov Trotter in the top 100
[]Have a Orlov Trotter Rank in the top 50
[]Have a Orlov Trotter Rank in the top 10
[]Have a Orlov Trotter Rank in the top 5
[]Have a Orlov Trotter Ranked #1
[]Get barn rank of #1
breeding programme

I am currently breeding champion Orlov Trotters!

I am currently trying to work on getting the Orlov Trotter jump heights over 90". I am still slowly trying to get their ranks under 100, but for now, I am working on showing off what they can do!

As of now, my lines are currently private, as they are still being worked on, however I would aim to release the lines when they are ready, so please do not message me in regards to this as of yet.
top horses

Here, I will showcase some of my best Orlov Trotter, both retired and non-retired.
-will update soon.

Can I message you? Of course you can! I'm always happy to talk about my artowrk or just have general chat. my inbox is always open ♥

Can I message you in regards to ordering a custom piece? Unfortunately, in regards to my customs, they are currently closed, meaning that I am currently not avaliable to produce customs due to RL commitments and currently, a lack of motivation. If you really want to have a custom piece from me, please feel free to message me and let me know that you are interested, since I will be selling custom slots from time to time over on the forums. Messaging me will allow me to note that you are interested in the custom and can give you an estimate of when my next slot will be up for bidding. I will notify you when this slot is open.
artwork services

My Customs are currently;
open/ closed

Feel free to messsage me if you are after a horse picture and I'll try my best to complete it c:

1. Clear Creek Farm - paid
2. Clear Creek Farm - paid
3. Clear Creek Farm - paid
4. open
5. open

Prices can be found in the box to the right.

These prices, can be negotiated, and I can give package deals if you would like to purchase more than one c:
Examples and Pricing

Simple Horse Pictures

This consists of a basic cut out piece, Tacked,basic painting not much detail at all.
Price; Pay what you feel is right for the piece

Detailed Horse Pictures
Tacked/Untacked, mane and tail painted, Eye repainted, shading on face/body
Price;Pay what you feel is right for the piece

Complex Horse Pictures
Tacked/Untacked, Mane and tail painted, Eye Repainted, Shading on face/body, any other additions
such as animals in the background, horns, antlers, and more!
Price; Pay what you feel is right for the piece

Simple Photomanipualtion
Untacked, Lighting, 1 Subject, mane and tail painting, body detailing, eye repaint
Price; Pay what you feel is right for the piece

Detailed Photomanipulation
Untacked, Lighting, 1-2 Subjects, mane and tail painting, body detailing, eye repaint, 1 extra add-on ie, birds or butterflys etc.
Price; Pay what you feel is right for the piece

Complex Photmanipulation
Untacked, any pose, Lighting, 3+ Subjects (not limited to a maximum) , mane and tail painting, body detailing, eye repaint, 3 extra addons ie, birds or butterflies etc.
Price; Pay what you feel is right for the piece
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