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Digital custom orders:

1. Sonny Int- Bounce
2. T e d d e r E q u u s- Janda
3. Storm Surge Equestrian- Flynte
4. Munchkin Sporthorses- Sage


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Welcome to Tigris International.

Here at Tigris International, we pride ourselves in our exceptional services and excellent horses. We offer _______...

My name is Liza, and I am fourteen, nearly fifteen years of age. I live in a small town in the United States, and am entering high school this coming fall. I am a rather quiet person, at first, but once you get to know me I'm afraid all of the outer shell washes away. I'm a little strange, but I suppose we all are in our own way.
My family recently moved into a smaller house, so we're still living out of boxes. Of course the first thing I unpacked was my tablet and my computer charger so I can keep up with all of you! The roof shelters six of us; my parents, my brother, our elderly dog, an adventerous cat who is always dying to play, and well, me.
I've had my horse since I was nine, so five years, six in August. He's my rock, and honestly I can't imagine losing him. He's turning fifteen soon, so he's basically a sibling I guess. He's the sweetest horse I've ever met, not that I'm biased or anything c; He's let my mother get on him and plod around, and even my brother has grown to love him.

I promise I don't bite, so feel free to message me about anything and everything. I'll do my best to help (:


We have 50 available stalls at this barn, for a daily rate of five ponybucks. However, as our breeding program gets bigger and bigger, we may use some of this boarding for our own use. If this is the case, we will make sure to shoot you a message in advance, to let you know. This is nothing personal, and we will try not to use too much of the boarding for our own horses to allow other members to board here as well.


Currently, no training is available. There will be an update once we do open our training.


I have always loved art, pretty much as soon as my hands could grab a pencil or a paintbrush, I made art. Since joining ponybox in 2009, I have been introduced to a whole new world of art, photmanipulation. The artists on here including myself spend hours upon hours pouring effort into their work. This requires dedication and motivation. To make my artwork, I use my Macbook Air and Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, along with my Wacom Bamboo Splash Tablet.

At current, custom artwork orders are open/closed

The Packages:
Opal Package-n/a
Topaz Package- n/a
Amethyst Package-n/a

Please keep in mind that the prices listed for full manipulations are only base prices. If you're interested in something with more complex details such as other small animals, extra markings, color changes, etc, the price will increase. These extras involve more work and effort, so please respect that.

If you like my work and would like to order a custom, send me a message describing exactly what you want. As an artist, it's extrememly difficult to work off of something like, "Just do whatever you'd like" or "Make a nice manip, that's all." I don't mind you asking for my opinion or preference on some detail of the piece, but I'm sure other artists can understand that it's fairly difficult to create something pleasing to someone when you have nothing to refer to.

Tell me what package you think you're custom falls under, and help me to understand what you want. I am the type of artist to run some things by you, such as stock, screen shots, etc, to make sure everything is going your way. If you want to multiple times to see how your piece is coming along, that is also extremely helpful.

Horse Pictures:
Tacked Horse Picture- n/a
Untacked Horse Picture-n/a

Current Custom Orders

Goboy Love:
marwari horse picture- paint horse looking towards the camera so you can see the ears clearly, ears pointed forward and touching, hand-drawn ears, no popular stock, no background preferance, pinky orange hues

We recently purchased four foundation horses with the use of a credit. These four horses had Pegasus DNA added to them, as well as a variety of items to get their training to 100% in Jumpers. We have jumped them continuously, and entered them in shows.

TI Tanzanite:
77.25"; won 835 challenges; placed 3rd in a Jumper show gaining 476 points; ranked 1,687
TI Azotic Topaz:
78.75"; won 365 challenges; made a breed record by winning a Jumper show (gaining 479 points) and placed 6th in another show (gaining 465 points); ranked 1,748
TI Labradorite:
76"; won 395 challenges; placed 5th in a Jumper show gaining 471 points; ranked 1,771
TI Hessonite Garnet:
76.25"; won 360 challenges; placed 7th in a Jumper show gaining 435 points; ranked 2,914

We recently purchased another set of foundies to avoid inbreeding...

TI Leap Of Faith
TI Out Of Line
TI Can't Breathe
TI Story To Tell


The Ardennes or Ardennais is one of the oldest breeds of draft horse, and originates from the Ardennes area in Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Their history reaches back to Ancient Rome, and throughout the years blood from several other breeds has been added to the Ardennes, although only the Belgian breed had any significant impact. The first Ardennes were imported to the United States in the early 20th century, and the first breed registry was established in Europe in 1929. The horses have been used throughout history as war horses, both as cavalry mounts and to draw artillery, and are used today mainly for heavy draft and farm work, meat production and competitive driving events. They have also been used to influence or create several other horse breeds throughout Europe and Asia.

At Tigris International, our horses are held to an extremely high standard. Together with our breeding partner, Silver Mist Barn, we hope to bring our Ardennes to the top. We've cleaned out our stock quite a bit and purchased two sets of foundation horses.

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