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+  You're an awesome person!:D 25 27May14
+  Random Karma. Smile you're beautiful < 3 25 22May14
+  You don't deserve all the negative karma! You are a great player and a great manip maker. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING TO BUY A MANIP, BUY IT HERE!!! 100 29Apr14
+  Darkness is such a rad player :3 if people got to know her, they definetly wouldn't be leaving her - feedback. Pfft, some people -_- 75 17Apr14
+  Kind player who does not deserve the constant negative treatment. Don't ever give up on your dreams, wear your heart on your sleeve and prove the cynics wrong! Never let the critics drag your down! 25 13Apr14
+  Karma for you! 25 29Mar14
+  WOW. Ok, this girl is really nice, and she doesn't deserve this crap. Cut it out. 75 27Mar14
-- -  Narcissi, Its a great idea to stop blaming the wrong person for giving feedback to this girl. I did not tedder lol -100 26Mar14
+  she is so 25 15Mar14
+  Back to zero! Here's to a fresh start :D 75 07Mar14
+  Furthermore, to the player who left he anonymous negative feedbacks that read "make sure you use karma properly," may I point out that you were karma bombing her, anonymously I might add? Why don't you use karma properly. Seriously... 75 06Mar14
+  It makes me sick that for what, the second or the third time, I have to do this, only because some bully players get a thrill out of making this girl go negative. Shame on you all. Enjoy the + karma, stars of darkness. 75 06Mar14
+  I know I'm most likely not going to have enough karma to bring you back into the positives, but I hope this at least helps. Again, SOD is a rad player. Don't listen to any of the - karma. It's all bogus and retalitory. 75 06Mar14
+  stars of darkness is an awesome player, and I can't believe how cruel others are to her. I hope you all feel ashamed. I better not see anyone else karma bombing her, or Admin is sure going to hear about it. 75 06Mar14
-- +  Seriously, not cool Tedder. Leave the poor kid alone. Stars of darkness is awesome. She does not harass or bully anyone, YOU on the other hand complain and cry whenever someone leaves you - karma, but merclessly attack other players. 75 06Mar14
-- -  leave my friends alone. -75 04Mar14
-- -  harrasses, bullys, spams -100 04Mar14
-- -  insufferable -100 04Mar14
-- -  make sure you use karma properly -100 04Mar14
-- -  make sure youre using karma properly. -100 04Mar14
+  Lovely player, thank you for all the help. 50 01Mar14
-- -  Please discontinue to spam me with your incoherent messages. -100 01Mar14
+  Dude. Shes awesome! Okay? She doesnt harass people, She ran a honest mayor race, and i have had no problems with her. I dont care who sent her bad karma but seriously stop. And next time please show your face. 25 28Feb14
+  And some more :3 25 27Feb14
+  And more :3 25 27Feb14
+  And more! 50 27Feb14
+  Heres some karma to get you into the + 50 27Feb14
-- +  Now that I've got all of that out of my system (and I'd like to say shame on you Tedder, we all know you were the one who karma bombed this poor girl), here's some more + karma. Hopefully you'll be up in the positives soon. 50 27Feb14
-- +  3. Are you really going to pick on a kid because of their spelling and grammar? Come on, not cool. She also doesn't harass anyone, that's a false claim, and I've always found this player to be very honest, certainly not a liar. 75 27Feb14
-- +  2. She does not harass other players. I have no clue where that claim came from, but it's totally bogus. She also does not "spam" the forums, and not being interested in her posts is a lame excuse to karma bomb her. 75 27Feb14
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What is feedback:
Member feedback can be left on barn pages to reflect your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with any dealings you have had with this barn.  Feedback items have Karma points that will either add or subtract from the members Karma.  A barn with high Karma points is well liked by other members.

How do I leave feedback on a members barn:
You must posses a feedback item to leave feedback on a members barn.  You can't leave a barn feedback if you have previously left feedback to the barn within the past 7 days.

Does feedback effect my barn rank:
Yes, feedback you receive does have a minor positive or negative effect on your barn rank.

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