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Here is my deviantart in case you want to check out the art: All Premade/Commisions/Horse Pics Here

Please Visit The Stud Barn Where All Of Our Stallions Are Located! Lowest Stud Fees, Show Winners, All 10s, And High Jumpers!

Twin Empire Equestrian 2: Our Stud Barn!

So I guess I am joining the bandwagon and have an account for sale: Account For Sale By Twin Empire Equestrian

Visit My Other Specialty Barns:

My First Barn: Twin Empire Equestrian On Pegasus Since 2009 - Player Of The Day Awarded To This Barn!

My Clearence Barn: Twin Empire Sale Barn

My Rescue Barn: Twin Empire Rescue

My Number 2 Barn: Twin Empire Equestrian 2: Our Stud Barn!

Hello! feed and boarding are always open! You will not be unlinked!

Lowest barn ranking: 31

-------------- Twin Empire Equestrian------------

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doctor reviews

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-------- Breeding-------

I am currently breeding thoroughbreds and almost always have some foals. Just message me about any of my horses and you most likely have a deal. All horses not 40 stat, under 10, not good jumpers, don't have good parent, or record, will almost always be sold.

NOTE: I have the right not to sell.


I have prices for my items and will usually sell them to you if I am not in need of them so take a look around that part of my page and chose one. Feel free to message me about it with YOUR price.

NOTE: I have the right not to sell.

-------Let's Be Freinds!-------

Send me a message, any day, any time, and I will respond! I love all of yall!

------- Horses you need to sell!?-------

I am also a rescue for thoroughbreds with good lines, stats, and jumps! Age does not really matter! I never have my doc full of horses so can always take one more in! :) just message me with the link and price you are looking for!

------- Do not do-------

Message me about mayor,
Try to sell me something I don't want,
Selling something for a price unreasonable,
Be rude,
Send negative feedback or karma for no good reason,
Get your feelings hurt if i don't sell you something,
Make bad comments about my horses.

------- Thank you-------

Thank you so much! And a special thank you to Apache Tear Valley Rescue for the wonderful layout! Feel free to message me with any kind of message! I can help with questions, concerns, help of any kind, or just need to chat... I'm here! Thx and luv u!
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