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kelpies that rise from the depths
a g n i r a a n e e e r d e k o n i g i n a e r a v a s i l i s s a Darkfall Wonderland

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about me

On PB I go by Nessie, but you can find me all over the internet by a variety of names! Most commonly is Aedrielle, which is the name you can find me on deviantART as (see links above).
On the PB side of things, I have been playing since 06/07 and have seen the rise and fall of the servers, people come and go, and so many great horses! While things may change around here one thing remains the same - PB is the place where I not only grew up, but met amazing people, some of whom have turned into "real life" friends. I have played with many breeds over the years, most recently running a TB Empire beside my Kelpies. However due to RL time constraints I have downsized somewhat to be running Kelpies by themselves. As of the beginning of 2020, we have also begun work on bringing back the Firehorses at a g n i r a a n e e!

I also do a lot of art! Art and Writing keep me sane (or perhaps make me more insane?). I don't do either professionally and I cannot see them ever being "good enough" to be a full time job, but both activities are great relaxation to me.
Outside of PB I work full time at a small business that allows me plenty of time during work hours to be on my laptop working on art, writing, or just hopping around PB! My family includes a cat, several dogs (including my new 'sisters', two Mastador puppies my mum got), a snake, a boyfriend, and a whole school of fish! I haven't quite figured out what I want my 'life goal' to be so for now I'm working, saving up money, and doing what I love!
top supers

* Synnove - 99 Jumping Kelpie Mare
* Sibylline - 99 Jumping Kelpie Mare
* Erembour - 98 Jumping Kelpie Stallion
top itemed

* Morning Light - 94 Jumping Kelpie Stallion
* All That Glitters - 94 Jumping Kelpie Mare
* Agent of Stars - 94 Jumping Kelpie Mare
horse sales

In general, my Kelpies are only for sale to other Kelpie breeders or responsible breeders who have worked with rares before. The rules are as follows:
- All Sales are Final.
- Prices are negotiable through PM.
- Any horse that has a 'For Sale' picture is indeed for sale, and/or open to offers (even if not listed for sale).
- I reserve the right not to sell.
- When it comes to Kelpies, I ask for the right of first refusal. If you go to sell in the future, I would ask that you first offer to sell it back to me. While I cannot enforce this, it is greatly appreciated.
item sales

- Any items listed for 1 PB are for private sale unless stated otherwise.
- Purchase of items listed for 1 PB by other than the prearranged purchaser can result in negative feedback after contact.
- Items listed at/below the average (but higher than 1 PB) are normally for open sale unless stated otherwise on my wall.
- Not sure? Feel free to shoot me a message!

Due to the Rare nature of the Kelpie breed, I request that any crossbreeds that are Kelpie be retired.
I am willing to do crossbreeding with nearly any of my horses, including retired. My retired TB's are always open to DNA breeding within reason (excessive breeding of the same pairs, requesting to breed siblings/closely related, et cetera are subject to rejection). I am willing to do breedings with 2 DNA breeds provided for reduced price. Breeding from my existing use of DNA breedings or asking to use my own DNA breed items result in higher prices.
Continuing to pester me about breeding to a certain horse over and over can land you with negative feedback, or complete blacklisting.
Breeding excessively to one horse when up for personal or prearranged breeding can also result in negative feedback or blacklisting.

*What is Blacklisting?
My "Blacklist" are breeders who do not follow my simple rules, beg or persistently pester, overbreed, or are otherwise rude or inconsiderate during transactions(items and art included). I'm in general very lenient, so as long as you are polite and ask I am more than willing to arrange certain breedings. For example, a player who spots a stud who was up for a private breeding for no longer than 5 minutes and proceeds to breed three whole barns of horses to that one stud, then is rude and inconsiderate about it when I politely ask them to consider either retiring the foals or paying for them properly will be blacklisted (true story bro).

Feel free to shoot me a message any time if you are interested in the Kelpie breed, are curious about my training methods, or anything else! I am more than happy to lend a helping hand whether it be getting started in rares, re-learning the game, issues with fellow players, or just to chat!
My inbox is a safe space. I am always willing to lend an ear be it a game issue, a stubborn horse, or real life issues. Need to complain to someone? Message me! Having an issue with a player? Message me! Want to share excitement about a horse? Message me!
While I may not be able to reply immediately despite it saying I am online (I am often logged in at work and when it gets busy I don't always get a chance to get back to messages) I am always willing to help however I can :)

breeding program
My current plans for breeding -

- All 5th gen+ horses without foundation lines directly added (ie, stud is gen 5+ but dam is foundie or 2nd gen) who do not hit 90 are retired.
- All horses are paired and bred according to that pair. Exceptions being if I end up with an uneven number, in which case breeding out or crossbreeding is used.
- Foals are kept depending on parents and their own merit. In general, any foal under 38 and/or less than 8 active DNA is retired.
- Active Super Horse takes precedence when keeping foals.
- Each pair strives to have 3-5 good foals, no more than 5 foals active.
- Second generation foals are bred to later generation foals with more DNA.
- With the new DNA, select foals will receive new DNA as acquired and bred specifically for the purpose of passing that DNA on regardless of jump.
- DNA Bred foals have an error margin of 5" (aka a DNA bred foal with a jump of 85-90 is still bred to ensure fresh lines).
- Lines sometimes take precedence. If a horse jumps 88+ but does not hit 90, depending on line worth it may still be bred to the highest jumping horse of opposite gender.
- All foals/horses on this barn will be Itemed.
- Breeding Occurs bi-weekly to bi-monthly, as needed.

Some general information about my art -
- All art for sale will be listed on the forums. Art on my barn page is not for sale.
- I reserve the right to not sell.
- Upon an agreement, payment must be received within 1 week to receive non-watermarked version. Art taken before this time with watermark on it will be considered stolen. If the buyer is not online within that one week time or messages me regarding issues with payment, an extension can be granted.
- I reserve the right to restart an auction on the forums at any time, or remove a piece from sale at any time.
- Private offers will be considered but does not guarantee a win.
- Item offers for art will be considered as a bid of their average amount or what I value the item as, not what you may think the item is worth.
- Auction end times are generally non-negotiable, except in the case that I myself am not able to be online at the time due to RL circumstances (IE, getting called into one of my jobs).

Commissions are currently available upon request.
I reserve the right to deny a commission if I am too busy/think its beyond my skill level/have too many.
I do not work with tack.
RL Money commissions take priority over PB commissions. I sell both on PB and on other sites, so both PB prices and RL prices will be listed below.

Commission Prices
*All USD prices are set. Currently accepting Items/Credit value for Manips as well. Approximation 1 USD = 1 mil*
Basic Manip - 1 subject (normal colored), simple background - 10 USD
Intermediate Manip - 1 subject, color changes allowed, complex background - 15 USD
Advanced Manip - 1 subject, major color changes/modification, complex background - 20 USD
Add Ons (add to price of manip above) -
Wings - +2 USD
Simple Horn (IE, unicorn) - +1 USD
Complex Horn (IE, antlers, multiple horns) - +2 USD
Additional Character - +5 USD
Commissions Available upon Request
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