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+  Lovely member welcome back x -PUGS 100 01Dec16
+  Enjoy some positive karma lovely! :3 75 12Aug14
-- +  Very blunt straight-shooter with words. Doesn't mince words at all. Says it how they see it. 50 09Aug14
+  Nice player. 75 29Jul14
+  You're a doll. I ♥ u! c: 100 19Jun14
+  You're an amazing artist. (: 100 10Jun14
+  Amazing artist and very kind person :) 25 06Jun14
+  Super, easy to deal with player annnd makes fabulous artwork =) 50 28May14
+  Doesn't deserve the flack from other players :) 25 23May14
+  Thank you for your lovely comment ❤ This player is such a sweet person and such a wonderful manip maker! Will definitely by more from her in the future :) I absolutely love this player! 25 18May14
+  Sorry for being annoying! Thanks for being so patient :) You make amazing manips :) 75 18Apr14
+  Getting rid of Karma Items. Thought you deserved some. Have a nice day. :) 25 01Apr14
+  Just because! :) 75 24Mar14
+  Thank you for challenging my horses :) 100 18Feb14
+  You seem to have changed. :) 25 15Feb14
+  So you make some amazing art, and you are extremely smart. I appreciate you leaving some ideas in my post awhile back!(: 100 13Feb14
+  AMAZING AMAZING player and artists. I still obsess over my horse pic. One of the kindest players ever! Does NOT deserve any negative feedback. 25 18Jan14
+  Such a nice player :) 25 18Jan14
+  Thank you so much for the kind words! Incredibly kind player, amazing artist and all around sweet player! Love you, Cee! :) 75 18Jan14
-- -  Whiny spoilt obnoxious person who needs to grow up and listen rather than rant all the time. -100 05Jan14
+  seems like a lovely player to me and id ignore the haters :) chip up x 100 05Jan14
+  Very kind player :) 50 05Jan14
+  Appreciates all kinds of artists, such as just starting out or well on their way. Happy New Year :) 75 01Jan14
-- -  the 'established' players aren't the most important thing in the world. other plays matter too. especially with art. give others a chance. -100 31Dec13
+  I know we have our differences, and don't exactly get along, but that feedback ___ left you was really over the top. Here's some good karma, no hard feelings. 100 22Dec13
-- -  Bad for Ponybox community .. has some horrible friends too with horrible views. -100 21Dec13
-- -  Just to make it clear, nasty person, never listens, never changes. -100 21Dec13
-- -  Back stabbing, spoilt, malicious and a trouble maker, never changes. -100 21Dec13
+  Seems to have a rough time at the moment, maybe time to cut some slack? 50 21Dec13
-  Claims I descriminate against those with disabilities, when I have a disabled uncle, and a brother and mother with mental disorders, all of who I love very much and defend. What a jerk. -100 14Nov13
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Member feedback can be left on barn pages to reflect your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with any dealings you have had with this barn.  Feedback items have Karma points that will either add or subtract from the members Karma.  A barn with high Karma points is well liked by other members.

How do I leave feedback on a members barn:
You must posses a feedback item to leave feedback on a members barn.  You can't leave a barn feedback if you have previously left feedback to the barn within the past 7 days.

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Yes, feedback you receive does have a minor positive or negative effect on your barn rank.

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