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Welcome to the home of Troubled Romance!!!

Photobucket ^This poem reminds me of my girl Ruby. She had to be put down on 6-27-12. RIP Rubes!
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.My Place.
Welcome to Thoroughbred Champions. Here we live, breath, sleep, and show Thoroughbreds. We strive for perfection, even if that means pushing our horses to the maximum limit. I know it may seem like a cruel idea, but every horse that is born, kept, or sold here, is on its way to becoming a champion. Our goal is to become one of the best barns on ponybox. The slogan for this barn is, Winning Comes With A Price. End The Slaughter. This barn was built in memory of my grandpa who died peacefully on 7-11-09. He taught me everything I need to know about horses and more. It was hard to see him go but I love you grandpa! R.I.P.

I am sort of starting over on here and the only service I offer is boarding. Feel free to board your horse here since I haven't gotten the grasp of the whole training thing yet. Any all ten foal that is born at my barn gets named and branded immediately after birth. I normally keep the all tens unless you find one that you really like. Just ask me the price. If you want me to breed one of my mares to one of your stallions just msg me and I will do it. Feel free to challenge any of my horses. I am one of the barns who do not use items on their horses to get them to jump higher. The only items I use is the ones that improve the horses' training and loyalty. So my horses are all natural all tens. Feel free to jump any of my horses that are UNDER the age of 10.

.About Me.
I am known as Champ on here and I have a registry for TBs as well. It is called Thoroughbred Specials. I used to own a TB mare named Ruby but sadly she had a stroke and had to be put down. I graduated High School in 2011, I'm 21 years old, married, and going to medical school in the fall to become a Pharmacy Technician. I am currently writing a book series which is on I LOVE to rp and write. My favorite quote from Carrie Underwood is from one of her songs called "Wheel Of The World". "God put us here on this carnival ride, we close our eyes never knowing where it will take us next" -Carrie Underwood-

.Horses For Sale.
All no names for sure but if you run across any that catches your eye then msg me and we will sort out a price.

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My Friend Flicka
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Wonders Star
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Wonders Star
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