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"Breeding Extraordinary Legends"

Travel with me on this great journey. See my muscles ripple as I push forth from the grounds of my great creator, feel the force of gravity as my hooves dig into the earth and push onward. Let me astound you with my neverending endurance and inspire you with my agility and speed across the land. Head into battle with me and let me show you my great nobility as a war horse. Let my sweat be your reminder that I would travel to the edge of the world for you. Follow me to the massive coastline where the salty breeze sweeps across the earth's shores, ride with me to the highest peaks that this green landscape has to offer, all the way to the uncharted rainforest, and to the ancient landscapes which holds the origin of the greatest beauty of the world, the Thoroughbred.

Beyond The Rain is home to some of the most spirited and noble Thoroughbred horses Ponybox has to offer. Bred to be superior, courageous, & born leaders. They have all the qualities and bloodlines to excel into some of the best performers in any event. Our Thoroughbred stock is selectively bred to be remarkably intelligent, stunningly breath-taking, & strong-willed. They are trained to be lifetime companions and work beside their beloved owners.
Im an American girl where I live in the southern part of the USA. I'm 25yrs and currently the mother of one daughter Sable Raine born 8-8-2018. My life has always revolved around the lifestyle with animals. I have 5 beloved horses and 6 companion dogs. Obviously a die hard animal lover. And all 5 of my horses include mares, I'm a weirdo and perfer the company of mares lol. There is my Palomino Roan QH Honey, Sorrel QH Sunday, Black Tennessee Walker Duchess, Missouri Foxtrotter Aspen, and lastly my Grullo QH Fable. My dogs are a bunch of misfits I've picked up over the years. There is Kyrin, Luna, Nala, Drake, Sahara, & Keira. I work a full-time job, sometimes fill in temporarily as a vet assistant also, spend time with my daughter and my animals, and Ponybox in between the slow moments, so.....that's the story of my life. pretty exhilarating! =) and I Love It!
Haunted Whispers (10-10-10-10) 92.25"......700k
A Worlds Grave (10-10-10-10) 91.75".......75k
DeathDoesntBargain (15-15-15-15) 97.25".......1 mil
Echos In The Night (10-10-10-10) 91"........75k
European Dead Zone (10-10-10-10) 91"......75k
MarkOfTheDemonKing (10-10-10-10) 90".......50k
Nordic Anastasis (10-10-10-10) 90"......75k
WFE Sunbolt (10-10-10-10)......100k
WFE Oryx (10-10-10-10) 91.75".......75k
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-Ask for donations for personal projects (I work hard for what I have accomplished and will not give what I have earned out freely, BUT if you need help with something I do not mind making a deal or negotiating. Remember I started with 5k also.)
- Message me with rude and mean intent. Im sure if I did something to upset you it was nothing intentional, just message me with your thoughts not with hostile wording and we can come to a understanding.
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