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Hello, friends old and new. I have been inactively playing this game for the greater part of my life, if i'm online its normally just to lurk.

I would like to take this moment to remember a few beautiful souls that I've lost in the years.
22/7/2012 - Min, thank you my dear for showing me how to fly. And showing me how to ride.
5/9/2012 - Pepper my dearest four legged friend, may heaven be all you never got to see.
And lastly my beautiful dog of 17 years HR - 25/12/2013. Thank you for being my best friend. For being my other half. For watching over me.

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Please follow the rules, it makes a much healthier environment.


Minnys Arabs
Welcome to Minnys Arabs, where we breed Bhrium Ponies & Thoroughbreds, I've been enjoying the beautiful world of Ponybox since 2006, and hope to continue on into the future. A few facts about me, I am Australian! I own 4 horses, 1 dog and a beautiful school of goldfish. I am a Nurse, and absolutely love every minute of it. Feel welcome to message me and say hello.

I am currently a serious breeder of Bhirum Ponies and Altais. I am unsure as to what foundies I should order next but that is yet to be decided. I am currently getting rid of all of my Thoroughbreds as they no longer interest me. I may possibly be picking up a new rare breed with Bucki.

Have a nice day!

VOC: It's not a door, but a stone wall. The answer is hidden, no need to bawl. You must say, "Open Sesame!" - that's what you should hear. Seek a horse with the name of the one who shouted this phrase, and the next clue will appear.

My Breeds
Bhirum Ponies, Thoroughbreds, Altai's & Halflingers
- Bhirum & Tb's
- Haflingers(whats left) & Bhriums
- Altais

You want to purchase a rare breed? Wonderful, well to the world of hard work and lots of money spending with minimal money back :P My price list is as follows, this is a FLAT rate - extra costs may apply
Haflingers & Altais = 65k per foal
Bhirum Ponies = 80k per foal
Thorougbreds *new lines* = 65k+ per foal
Thoroughbreds *old lines* = 65k+ per foal

I may at any point have other rare breeds floating around my barn.

Barn Services
Boarding: OPEN - CLOSED
- My boarding is for personal use only, a few selected horses from other barns are allowed, please message me for further information.
Training: OPEN - CLOSED
- When and if training becomes open for other barns, mine will. I specialize in *Calf Roping, *Western Pleasure, *Track Racing and *Pleasure Driving

Get a 80" Jumping Bhirum [x]
-MA Mardi Gras Girl
-MA Cod Fish

Get a 81" Jumping Bhirum [x]
- MA Sansa Stark
- MA Law Breaker

Get a 82" Jumping Bhirum [x]
MA Dreaming Big

Make an all 20 Bhirum Pony []
-Currently have 5 Diamond Saddles

Have 5 mill [x]
Have 10 mill [x]
Have 15 mill []
Sell a Graphic []

Pride and joy
I usually tend to get attached to every single pixel I own, but I guess you could say that I do have some favourites of each breed I have so here they are.
MA Valentine & MA Aviation Probably my two most favourite pixels

People who I adore
- Biffs Stables
- Stormborn Norics
- Bridle Bush Estate
- A b r a c a d a b r a
- JC Equus
- Fawn Acres
- Polo The Weirdo
- ABSPQ Ranch
- Naiad Equine
- The Last ANZAC

New/Future Projects
Project 1 - Purchase Thoroughbred OR Australian Stock Horse foundations (or I could buy both)
MA Storm Baby This is my Noric mare brought from 'Stormborn Norics' who is a little project of mine, I'm very excited with how she's going.
**Storm Baby Achievements**
- Hit 79.5" making her tied in 4th position for highest jumping of her breed
- Her two first shows are 'Breed Records'
- Has had her first foal MA A Sky Full not the best stats but I don't judge a book by it's cover

MA This Is My Toast This is my lovely ASH purchased from 'Silver Rou' She's only very young and has not yet got any achievements but I do look forward to her future.

In order to make my Bhirum's a stronger breed I have involved myself in a few crossbreeding foals.
#1 - MA Twisters Game
Twister is now a lovely matured 19 year old Stallion. Hitting 80.25"
He is crossed with the lovely Noble Trojan a |83" - All 13 - Arabian Stallion| thanks to 'NOBLE BEGININGS'
Out of the lovely MA Catelyn Stark a |80.25" - All 10 - Bhirum Foundation Mare|

#1.5 - Noble Kahalla
One of my tries with NB's Arab Stallion turned out to be Cross Bred Arab and not Bhirum Pony so Noble took her on and she's doing great! Jumping at the age of 15 - 81"
She's out of the same sire but by MA Kahalla my now retired |80.5" - 39/40 - Second Gen, Set #1, Bhirum|

#2 - MA Beauty Is
My new little crossbred project who I am expecting great things out of.
Beauty is out of the one and only Stärke a |89.5" - All 20 - Thoroughbred Stallion|
by my highest jumping mare of my breed MA Sansa Stark at |81.25" - All 10 - Second Gen, Set #2 Foundies, Bhirum|

#2.5 - MA Black Ops & MA Black Widow ** Yet to be DHSed **
So while I was looking at my crossbreed horses who have actually turned out not bad I decided to dedicate a whole LINE towards it. I will only be breeding to Thoroughbred supers, Mare or Stallion - that's what I'll be doing (as well as praying for no twins).
These two pretties are out of the lovely MA Beauty Is (see above for information) who is currently jumping 79" (hopefully not peaked).
By Traumfänger - All 13 - 110" - Thoroughbred.
I am hoping this line of horses really helps with my Bhirums

#3 - MA Headdesk
This is my accidental project mare, I was in a rush foaling day and didn't want my mare to get retired so I quickly put her in foal (was easier than paying my bills and putting her up for private sale) what do you know... It wasn't a TB I put my mare in foal to :P At first I was going to retire the foal straight away but I have attachment issues so I decided to make a project out of her.
She's out of 'Elmo Inks' Pixels - -California Chrome- |82" - All 10 - Mustang|
And by my dear MA Valentine |80.75" - All 10 - Thoroughbred Cloned Foundation Mare|
I hope she does well

A b r a c a d a b r a coded this - Request to steal Beezys coding 'Accepted'

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