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Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate.

Freebie Manips:
Rules are simple:
- Don't move or remove the credits.
- Don't claim as your own/sell/make profit from it in any way.
- Not for use outside of ponybox.

Click here forrrr: Legacy Server Banners that are free to use :D

Dearest fellow ponyboxers,

I shall be leaving the game side of ponybox.

I've tried to stick through all these updates, but in the process everything I loved about the game has either been removed or changed beyond recognition.
All the things that made me fall in love with the game are gone or so different it's no longer the same.

This is not a post to bash on Jeff, or the admin team, or the mods. It's his game, he can do what he wants with it. And I appreciate him trying to do what all the other players want. Sadly it is never what I, personally, wanted.

I loved being able to throw 50 diamond saddles on a horse, just because it was such an achievement.
I loved accepting JO's and being able to send to my own horses over and over and over again.
I loved the quick JO's, where there weren't any classes and where my horse wouldn't suddenly be impossible to jump because I added a saddle pad or a stirrup.
I loved growing feed, boarding my horses, training them and showing them.
I loved cloning horses when they proved to be amazing.
I loved being able to keep my horses alive with the sales 'glitch', it required planning AND determination to do, but it suited my style of slow breeding.

Sadly all these things are no longer possible.
I've tried to stick with the updates, I really have, but I can no longer do it.
Every time I log on I just feel so sad that things are no longer this way, so I'm going to stop playing.

I shall still log in to share my art.

If you need me in a bit more of a hurry:
- Ellessy #9481 on discord

Thank you ponyboxers, for being such a wonderful community, for introducing me to digital art, for giving me so many laughs and so much support.
I love you all ♥


Hello there dear barn stalker. I’m known as Ellessy ^.^
I am forgetful, so if I don’t reply to your message feel free to remind me!
**Note: I'm logged in a lot on mobile devices. They do not log me out even if I am no longer online/active. Thanks for understanding.

Formerly LS Broken Heart Equine
I joined ponybox 5th of November 2007 on the barn that is now called Ellessy (ID: 104031). First I was called something silly like Black Brown xD That soon changed to Rainbow Ranch.

A few months later I needed more space and I created what I now use as main barn (ID: 122844) for the surplus horses. Which has been merged into this barn (ID: 62) with the updates :D Some time later I changed my name to Misty Moon Barn and ID 122844 became my main account.

I then had a short stint as Night Sky Ranch, but I didn't like that; so I reverted to Misty Moon Barn, but added LS in front of it. This stands for my two favourite ponies ever: Lady and Soraya. If you say it like you should it also sounds like a gorgeous horse at my barn: Ellesse; hence my nickname Ellessy.

When 2009 came around I wanted something new and I became LS Broken Heart Equine. When 2014 swung around I felt it was giving me bad luck so it was changed to LS Blue Haven Estate.

Over the years I have bred many breeds: Thoroughbreds, Toris, National Show Horses, Campolinas, Arabians and Shetland Ponies. Also known as Fuzzballs. My greatest achievement was all 24 super Mr Fuzzball who jumped 86.25" and achieved WR 2 as highest ranking. Then I moved on to Belgians, which also did really, really well for me. Currently I'm breeding TB's and Pixie Belles.
Frequently Asked Questions
May I ask about horses & items with regards to buying them?
Yes. However I may still refuse.

May I message you with questions about Ponybox?
Of course!

May I message you to chat?
Feel free :D

Do you do custom manips for pbs?
No. Please feel free to check my deviantART for further info. (Or check below)

Will you critique my art?
Yes. Send me a link.

Will you please teach/help me with manips?
Yes, but keep in mind I may not be in the mood, not have time at that moment, or not be sure how to help you.

I’m not evil, I promise ;)

• 5 million Ponybucks for sale • 5$ per million.

• Studs and foal reservations available •

• Coding OPEN • 200k|40dA points flat rate.
Feel free to draw how you want your code to look or to link me to a code you saw and liked :)
I can always provide some more examples if you'd like :)

[1] - [2] - [3] - [4] - [5] - [6] - [7] - [8] - [9] - [10] - [11] - [12]

Sterling Silver says hi! :D
As mentioned above I do not take custom orders for ponybucks. I do occasionally sell premade horsepictures on the forums. On very rare occasions I will sell a custom slot for ponybucks; this will be announced and for bid in the forums. However my commissions on my deviantART are usually open. These are for real money or deviantart points.

Base price for a horse picture (also known as a portrait manipulation) is 20€ or 2000 points.
Base price for a full manipulation is 40€ or 4000 points.
For more info click [here]

All horses listed here are Immortal & Pure TB.

Silent Stalker
All 60
Extra Info
At the time 76" inches was a top height. Foundation. Extremely proven sire/grandsire.
1 Mil
*Konrad 3 92" All 20 Stallion Foundation. Exceptional sire/grandsire. 500k
Tale Of The Cat 17 87.5" All 15 Stallion From the time when 83" was the top-end of jumps. Foundation. 250k
Silent Witness. 22 82.25" All 14 Stallion Foundation. Very, very consistent and good producer. 500k
Savvy Nature n/a 76.25" All 13 Stallion Pre-updates super => BR unknown/73-74" was a high jump. By Efficient. 200k
Citation Worthy 58 85.75" All 10 Stallion Pink Lemonade, The Anzac, Universe Topazz... need I say more? 250k
King Simba 1268 81" All 10 Stallion Never properly shown. 81" was highish at that time. By Traumfänger, with Härte on dam's side. 250k
LSBHE Finito 14 80.5" All 10 Stallion Project W, Violetta, Apex. Some of my best lines. 83" was the high jump at the time. One of the first all four server DNA horses! 350k
LSBHE Sonar 8 82.25" All 10 Stallion By LSBHE Activated* out of LSBHE Insulin. KILLER stud. Only at stud by request
Eleonora Rose 18 88.5" All 15 Mare 83" was high jump at the time. LSBHE Playing Around, Silent Stalker, Sonuç, SFI Mazeppa, Lion Tamer, LSBHE Lioness, Apex, Violetta, Turffontein, Nanami, Traumfänger, Galileo, Mächtig, Bonfire Heart. Epic lineage. 400k
Aeglaeca 161 81.5" All 13 Mare Dam to Eleonora. Turffontein, Nanami, Traumfänger, Galileo, Mächtig, Bonfire Heart. Just say yes. 300k
What Hurst Most 33 81" All 13 Mare 83" was high at the time. Norman in her lines, the rest relatively unknown and unused. Has produced 88"ers in the new system. 250k
Miss Snow White n/a 76.5" All 13 Mare Pre-update super => BR unknown/73-74" was a high jump. Foundation. Good potential when crossed with strong studs. 200k
^NightMare 30 85.25" All 10 Mare Dam to Coy Supremacy. WHT Hysteria, B*I Faded Love, PinkChampagneOnRox. Rather unused/unknown lines, but great producer. 300k
LSBHE Pride 157 79" All 10 Mare From the time where 81" was high. LSBHE Lionheart, CL Code Red, Lion Tamer, LSBHE Lioness, LSBHE Project W, Apex, Violetta. Strong lines, solid producer. 250k
LSBHE Feline 16 79.25" All 10 Mare By Lion Tamer. BE DrinksAfterWork, Instigated, Iblis, LSBHE Insulin, LSBHE Activated*. A combination of Donjo's and my own, oldest line. Very strong producer. 300k
LSBHE Last Heart 84 82" All 10 Mare By Sonuç, out of LSBHE Lionheart. LSBHE Lioness, Lion Tamer, LSBHE Project W, Apex, Violetta. Proven and solid lines. 250k
LSBHE Beeline 100 84.25" All 10 Mare By LSBHE High Hopes, out of LSBHE Completed. Koutaro, Violetta, Apex, LSBHE Project W. High Hopes was an undeniable success, which he passed on to his foals, I think Beeline will do the same! 250k
LSBHE Angelica 34 86.75" All 10 Mare By Guinness out of LSBHE Completed. Violetta, Apex, LSBHE Project W, Atomic Tonic, Mass Effect... Valkyrie's strongest lines mixed with my strongest; what could go wrong? 350k

I do roleplay and I quite like it. Due to constraints of life I will be slow at times or I may not reply for a while.
I prefer romance/adventure/supernatural/horse/human... Pretty broad really. A list of my human characters is below, though I usually adapt them to the roleplay in question. Let me know if you're interested! :)

Ruby Weatherby
Shy. Stubborn. Friendly. Loyal. Calm.
Long black curly hair, with a reddish shine. Strange violet/blue eyes. 5'8", slim and willowy. Pale skin.
She was laid on a doorstep as a baby. Her adoptive parents have been kind and understanding, though she's hidden her powers from them. Ruby doesn't know where she came from and it is quite possible she's the only angel left on earth...
Alexander Hayes Alex, Sander 20 Male Human Sociable. Level-headed. Friendly. Rational. Gentleman. Bronze hair, with a reddish shine. Silver-grey eyes. 6'2", well muscled but lean. Average light skin. Angular features, almost too pretty for a boy. Nothing much to tell. Grew up in an average family with his twin, Alexis. They're very close and can almost read each others mind.
Alexis Hayes Alex, Lexi, Ally 20 Female Human Excitable. Flirty. Bubbly. Cheerful. Temperamental. Honey blonde hair. Silver-grey eyes. 5'2", petite. Average light skin. Angular features, her beauty is almost ethereal. Nothing exceptional; except for a few fights she's gotten into. Grew up in an average family with her twin, Alexander.
Conner Matthews n/a 19 Male Human
Calm. Caring. Unforgiving. Positive. Stubborn. Dark auburn hair. Deep brown eyes with amber flecks. 6'3", strong and muscular. Golden tanned skin. Several scars. The most disfiguring ones are on his hip from the surgery. His mother was an artist, but died when Conner was seven years old. He lives with his father. However, being the CEO of a big company he's not around much. Usually Conner has the house to himself. Competed in MMA fighting. Suffered a hip injury aged 15. His left hip was dislocated during a match and the hipbone shattered. However Conner continued the fight, he won, but at the price of severely damaging his tendons and muscles into the bargain. Doctors doubted his full recovery, but Conner stunned everyone and did make it through. Only when it gets really chilly will he start to show signs of a limp.
Emma Jones Trouble 18 Female Human Tough. Fun-loving. Energetic. Temperamental. Careless. Dark blonde wavy hair. Blue & green eyes. 5'7", slim, lean yet curvy. Lightly tanned skin. Rosy lips and delicate features. Her parents died in an accident, after it turned out they had huge debts. Emma was left penniless. 15 at the time she pretended to be a boy and got work on a ship. She changes ships every year, so no one will notice the fact that she's not growing a beard... She usually says she's 14; despite now being 18. She hides her soft girlish features under a layer of grime and badly chopped off hair. Usually she stays quiet, it's the only way to keep her secret.
Jason Dean Jace, Jazzie 18 Male Human
Kind. Quiet. Observant. Shy. Artistic. Black hair. Jade green eyes. 5'6", very muscular. Fair skin. Several scars. The most disfiguring ones are on his face. His left eye droops due to scarring. Lived a relatively normal life until he was seven and his world got thrown upside down. His dad was taking him to school when the car got rammed by a lorry. The impact killed his father instantly. Jason survived, but his left cheek was badly damaged by flying bits of glass and metal. He was lucky not to lose his eye or eyesight. Since then he's been quieter, more withdrawn and more likely to turn to his sketchpad than to a friend. His mother has accepted the change in her son and does anything she can for him.
Jenna Greene Jen, Jenny 20 Female Human Shy. Artistic. Quiet. Loyal. Cautious. Silky straight golden blonde hair. Bright green eyes. 5'5", slim. Pale skin. Three jagged, ropey scars on the left side of her face due to a childhood car crash. Burn scars down her left arm and her side, which are both rough, raised and red against her otherwise pale and smooth skin. Nerve damage causes her side to hurt. Nothing that special, save for a car crash at the age of 13 that scarred the left side of her face quite badly and burned her entire left side. It left her with mottled skin down that side of her body and near permanent nerve pain in her left arm; which is also rough with scar tissue from burns. This has made her shyer than ever and hindered her in her favourite hobby of running.
Leo Maslow Lee 24 Male Human Sedate. Sarcastic. Loner. Quiet. Grumpy. Shaggy blonde hair. Clear dark blue eyes that are covered with a misty film; making them almost white. 6'0", sturdy build. Light tan skin. Leo grew up as an average kid until the accident that blinded him occurred. He was at a party with friends when the building caught fire. He was helping people get out when he got struck over the back of the head by a falling beam. He hates no longer being able to see and he takes out his frustration on the world. Though he can't see people staring, he can feel it and he'll always glare right back; despite his constant wearing of sunglasses.
Jade Elliot n/a 21 Female Human (soulless) Non-existant. Curious at times. Lacks emotion. Flaming red hair. Her right eye is green, her left eye is grey in colour. 5'5", curvy build with strong shoulders. Pale skin with a dusting of freckles over her nose and cheeks. At birth all seemed normal. But when their infant had never shown emotion by the time she was one her parents called in a warlock. She'd never cried, thrown a tantrum, giggled... His conclusion was shocking; she had no soul. By rights she shouldn't be alive. An oddity she's always been on the fringes of society. She was born and raised in Scotland. She moved to London to study at Oxford. She's studying law because it doesn't include this strange thing called emotions.
Some links you guys might find useful.

Main BarnEllessy SupersLSBHE Retirement
LS Broken Heart Equine 3LS Broken Heart Equine 4LS Broken Heart Equine 5LS Broken Heart Equine 6

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Pb Horsepic
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Height max: 475 px

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Main post: 850px wide
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Up to 1100px wide last check - but usually use smaller so room for borders when coding
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