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Stone Creek Ranch is located in the rolling hills of Kentucky. Here at Stone Creek Ranch we have 2000 acres of wide open space. Each horse is feed a high quality grain mixture suited to their personal needs. Our mares, weanlings, and yearlings are all fed Mare and Foal until showing ages. Every stall is picked twice daily, with automatic water dispensers in each stall as well as paddock.
Here at Stone Creek there are two full sized training round pens, three out door arenas and two indoors, we also have two full sized training tracks, and a hot walker. There are five barns located on the property. Each stall is 15 x 15 with the front sliding door along with a back gate door, a fan, two water buckets, and their feeder. Some contain salt licks. Each stallion has a private grass turn out area. Mares and foals are turned out on 20 acre paddocks until the foals are weanlings were they are moved to smaller paddocks with another weanling their age, Soon after, they're turned out together in a herd until they're yearlings unless they go to the sales.
Here are SCR we breed and train the top Thoroughbred horses. Most of our horses move onto the track as three year olds, if we do not deem them fit for racing, they will move on to careers as Dressage horses Our current barn winnings are roughly 4,000,000 between the track (shows) and Grand Prix Wins (jump-offs)
Ooooh boy. Welp, I'm Stoney! I live on a small horse farm in New England. I recently graduated with a BS in Criminal Justice and as of Feb 1st, I'm a nationally certified Emergency Medical Tech. I formerly worked with green police and military K9s. I have a German Shepherd of my own, his name is Trooper and he's 6yrs old. I also have a 21 year old QH cross named Sugar. We have several fish, a pet spider, and three cats!
Because SCR generally has a minimum of thirty broodmares at a time, only our 87 or better jumpers will be listed.
  • SC Red Sea 88n
  • SC Soldiers In Rain 87.5 I
  • SC Bazooka Baby 87.25n
  • SC Banshee Legend 87 I
  • SCBonemans Daughter 87n
    N = Natural, I = Itemed

  • Stallions
    Current Stallions
    All stallions can be found at our second farm Stone Creek Stallions. Below are the top stallions we have (87 or better ONLY)
    N = Natural, I = Itemed
  • SC Alaric 90.25 Super
  • SC Warlocks Stone 87.5
  • Sinking Steamship 87.25
  • SC Goblin Shark 87.25
  • SC Graduation Day 87

  • Reservations
  • currently CLOSED
  • Foal reservation fee's are based on our mares and go horse by horse. The minimum price for a foal reservation is $75,000 and goes up to $2,000,000
  • Stud fee is NOT included in the price, you are responsible for that.
  • You must provide a horseshoe or you will be charged an addition $10k to foal on a foaling day. I will not hunt down a HS for you.
  • Make sure to check out and take advantage of our BREEDING DISCOUNTS! Our stud fees are high to keep away unwanted breeding's or mares that are cross bred, inbred, or just poor quality. Just checking this out could earn you up to 50% off a stud fee or more! Immediately take 30% off stud fees on holidays! IF you message me
  • Queen of the Nile reservations available at $450k regardless of stats.

  • Name
    Cosmic Flaw
    Queen of the Nile 2 83 40/40 Mare Thoroughbred
    Enders Game 50 79.75 40/40 Stallion Thoroughbred
    Sea Panda 39 82.75 40/40 Stallion Thoroughbred
    Shadow Of Omorosa 9 82.25 40/40 Mare Thoroughbred
    SC Alaric X 90.25 Super Stallion Thoroughbred
    SC Gravedigger 523 87.25 40/40 Stallion Thoroughbred
    SC Kaa 512 84.5 40/40 Mare Thoroughbred
    Red Sea X 88 Natural 40/40 Mare Thoroughbred
  • [x] Make a super (SC Alaric)
  • [x] Sell a foal for $500k
  • [x] Sell a foal for $700k
  • [x] Sell a foal for 1mil
  • [x] Sell a foal for 2.5 mil (Alaric x Red Sea baby)
  • [x] Breed an 85 jumper
  • [x] Breed an 87 jumper - SC Gravedigger
  • [x] Breed a natral 88 jumper (Red Sea)
  • [ ] Get another pair of foundations
  • [x] Have a stud with a 100k stud fee
  • [x] Have a stud with a 150k stud fee
  • [x] Have a $300k stud fee
  • [x] Have $500k stud fee
  • [x] Have 5mil in winnings
  • [x] Have 7.5 mil in winnings
  • [x] Have 10 mill in winnings
  • [x] Have 15 mil in winnings
  • [x] Have 20 mil in winnings
  • SCR tries to keep the Sales horse list up to date as possible. If a horse is not sold on public forum, it'll be listed here for sale! Feel free to check out our barns or message us with horses you may be interested in.
  • Currently none. Public sales are currently closed until further notice!

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