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Something to remember;
If you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm
As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, and one for helping others.

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12/6/08-First all 10 mare born
2/7/09-Western riding group Leader
3/1/09-Western Riding Group Leader
3/2/09-Featured member
1/10/10-Reached 1,000,000PBs (1 Million)
4/4/10-Reached 3,000,000 PBs (3 Million)
4/8/10-Reached $50 dollars in donations.
4/10/10-Reached 4,000,000PBs (4 Million)
4/10/10-Reached $70 dollars in donations.

I currently have two types of feed for purchase, at 3-5 pbs per serving, your welcome to link to my feed.
~About Me~
This is 1 of 4 barns i own and operate on ponybox. I also own: Autumn Equinox Int. and Winter Mist Int. that both specialize in breeding ghost horses. My third barn is not advertised. This barn is deticated to my super horses. I have a full description and plenty of pictures of myself on my ME page, and if anything specific is not there and you would like to know feel free to message me.
~Horses For Sale~
If i am selling any they will be up already or in the forums. If you see one you have to have, message me.

Im currently breeding for super and ghost horses. I will be purchasing two sets of foundies, one for supers and one for OHs. Please inform me if you would like to donate or join in on my project. Ive yet to find a partner for either project.

-Message me about horses you wish to purchase
-Message me to join your graphic contest
-Ask me anything
-Message me to vote for you as mayor (I will if you actully tell me WHY i should vote for you)

-Message me with "Vote for me. Thanks. Bye" Tell me why i should vote for you as mayor and i will concider it.
-Ask me for my items for free. If you willing to pay for them, go ahead and ask.
-Leave me random negative feedback and not tell me why. Id like to know why i deserve the feed back you give me.

Welcome to Small Cakes

You don't drown by falling in water. You drown by staying there.

Currently breeding:
Quarter horses
Ghost horses
Super horses

Graphics are: Open closed
I make any and all graphics, and now Icons!
Riverdene Equestrian's contest
70k Paint or Appy
Kind of dark, vintage beach.

Sarrow Spirit Seeker's Graphic
Dark and sad with stock chosen.

$10 Packs are: Open closed
Message me with offers over 600k ONLY. Items are accepted.
(I don't care what other people sell them for. This is what i chose to sell them for and people buy them, so im happy.)

Current Poject: The very best quarter horses. My standards will be: All 10. I will not jump my horses before age 3. Horses will be jumping 65" by age 5, and 70" by age 7. Stats 39 will be sold, and anything below 38 retired.
Get 1 million[X]
Get 2 million[X]
Get 5 million[ ]
Have a close ponybox friend[ ]
Have a mod friend[ ]
Sell a graphic for more then 100k[X]
Sell a graphic for more then 200k[ ]
Be known as Caksey ponybox wide[ ]
Be barn ranked below 50[ ]
Have a horse on the board[ ]
Make a super foundie QH [ ]

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