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Your Horse.
Created by colormeindago and taken 305 times on Bzoink
Just you
Name please?: Erica
How long have you been riding?: all my life
Do you like it?: love it
How many horses have you rode?: to many to count
Do you work for a barn/stable?: yes
English or Western?: both
How many horses do you have?: 15
Have you ever...
Been bucked off?: no
kicked?: yes
bitten?: yes
knocked out from a riding accident?: almost
rode english?: yes
rode western?: yes
Used spurs?: yes
Used a whip?: yes
Rode bareback?: yes
Galloped?: of course
Jumped?: of course
Which one?
Western or English?: western
Bay or Sorrel?: sorrel
Grey or Palomino?: grey
Reining or Dressage?: reining
Western Pleasure or Hunter Under Saddle?: western pleasure
Quarter Horse or Warmblood?: quarter horse
Arabian or Thoroughbred?: thoroughbred
Falabella or Shetland?: shetland
Bareback or Saddle?: saddle
Rodeo or Show?: rodeo
Watch or ride?: ride
Train or buy it trained?: both
Carrots or peppermints?: carrots
Endurance or Cross Country?: both
Barrel Racing or Pole Bending?: both!!!
Bronc or Bull riding?: both
For the Rodeoer in you...
Do you enjoy a good All Around Rodeo horse?: yes
Why or why not?: because there so much fun to ride and know what there doing
Do you like to watch rodeos?: yes
Do you think rodeos are stupid or harmful to animals?: nope
Do you hate rodeo?: nope
Why or why not?: because there fun and do not harm animals in any way
Have you ever considered rodeo?: yes
If not, why?:
If you do rodeo, do you like it?: yes
What do you do?: barrel racing pole bending roping
Does your horse seem to like it?: yes
For the showman in you...
Do you show?: yes
Do you like to show?: yes
Who do you show?: depends on who is ready for the show at that moment
Why or why not?:
Is it fun or boring?: both
If you show pleasure, is your horse actually good?: ha no he doesnt like going slow
Did you buy it trained or train it yourself?: trained myself
Do you ride Pleasure or HUS... or neither?: both
Why or why not?: cuz i can
Does your horse like it?: yep
Do your parents like watching it?: depends on what class it is. they mostly just like watching gymkhana
Don't you hate waiting on your class?: sometimes
Lots of hard work, right?: yep
Finally, you and your horse
Registered Name(if reg.): Legendary symbol
Barn Name: tux
Age: 8
Breed: paint
Gender: gelding
Discipline(s): trail gymkhana roping and team penning
Fav. Treats: horse cookies
Fav. Horse buddy: chance
Fav. thing to do: run
Fav. Gait: gallop
Fav. noise:
Fav. object:
Would you ever...
Lease?: no
Buy?: yes
Sell?: yes
Why or why not?:
Break a horse?: yes
Try a new discipline?: yes
Try to get a friend into it?: yes
Ride bareback?: yes
Gallop bareback?: yes
Swim with your horse?: yes
Jump?: yes
Do something you didn't know how?: yes
Ok, so I'm a cowgirl... if your not sorry
Aren't rodeos great?: hell yea
What horse do you use?: both
What do you compete in?: barrel racing pole bending n roping
Hichschool rodeo?: yes
Doesn't it piss you off when you see a poser wearing a Cowgirl t-shirt?: omg yea!
Don't you hate it when people take up all the good land?: yep
Don't you think feed prices suck?: yes
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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