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Started December 18, 2018

Day 1:
Today I started my journey as if I was someone just starting out. Finding a couple horses was the first task. This wasn't so easy since the large majority of what was available was linebred. A pattern quickly emerged that any stallion that was up for stud and was around 500pb would carry the linebred gene. I decided to buy a 6 yr old mare for 2k that I named 20k Mistress. She was the cheapest none linebred available and than placed a bid on another listed horse. The thought did occur to go ahead and buy a couple young linebreds to use just for challenging as a way to make money but than decided that would be a waste since I couldn't breed and sell the foals later.

Day 2:
Today brought on some new challenges namely jump-offs. I started by looking through the forum for jump-off posts but the large majority are for itemed horses and the naturals I did find my horse wasn't in the same class. So I took advantage of the horse search option and looked for horses under 7 yrs old and had it set so sort by height. Currently I'm down 3,300pbs cause she's just not preforming. On another note I won the auction for All Star who is a crossbred but has good stats and DNA so he could possible be an ok starter stud. Tomorrow is foaling day so maybe I can find a few more good cheap horses.

Day 3:
Last night I finally saw a return from all the jump-offs and decided to take some of the money to use for stud fee. My goal was to find the highest jumping stud I could with a stud fee under 5k. This was an interesting task as I found several for over my budget so it seemed impossible. However, I did manage to find a few options and after checking the owners page I decided on one which from the pairing produced a nice filly. With the birth of Light In The Darkne and the success of finding a good budget friendly stud I decided that I would focus on purchasing and raising mares. A couple things I've noticed is 1) it would be great if the stud fees was listed on the search page so you didn't have to click on each link 2) The price of feed keeps changing and it would be great to be able to adjust all the feed at once instead of the page refreshing 3) It would make things easier if on the search you could select for jump-off only again so you're not having to click on each horse.

Day 4:
Finding items to buy isn't an easy task and can be very time consuming. So many times posting on the forum yeilds no leads and so going barn by barn looking to see who had the items I needed seemed to be the most effective. It would be really nice if there was an actual item market place. During this search I found some tokens cheap so I bought a few and then used the profit from them to buy jumps and a couple carrots. Today proved again that doing a horse search was the most effective way to find challenges for my horses.

Day 5:
Focused on sending jump-offs and improving my horses height

Day 6:
Focusing on jump offs ad have set a goal of having 500k pbs on hand without buying tokens unless the tokens go strictly for purchasing of items or more horses.

Day 7:
Today I took a look at the horse sell page and placed bets on some Welsh Cob horses.

Day 8:
Haven't really done much

Day 9:
Some of my horses are really starting to like to jump which is great. I've redefined my search for challenges and trying to challenge horses that are jumping just higher then mine in hopes to encourage them to improve even more.

Day 10 - 15
Just keeping at the jump-offs

Jan. 2, 2019
Kinda lost track of the days and haven't really made much progress to having 500,000pbs My horse haven't done to bad since this was started. Went from 0 winnings to 238,625pbs so that's not to bad at all. Going to try and hit the jump-offs hard to day and try to get at least 100k in winnings today alone. Moon Dancer finally hit 80 today!! With so few horses it takes longer to fill up the jump-off limit and it also seems to take longer to rack in winnings compared to my other barn with more horses. A lot also has to do with the number of horses that can be sent to each on challenged plus with them being in different classes. Time to start sending a couple of mine to 82+ jumpers to hopefully increase their jump height
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