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About Us


The Horses

American Cream Drafts

Upon returning, I did not know what to breed. For the first few months, I mostly played around with horses in the sales. Some of these horses just so happened to be American Cream Drafts. Being some of my best jumpers at the time, I decided to start breeding them. Although the original lines weren't inbred, they were not what you would call clean. So I decided to start fresh with new foundations. I am currently working with the second generations. Jump heights are going strong.

These lines are private for the time being.


I have a slight obsession with helping rare breeds. I used to buy any rare horse someone was selling. I am much more sane about it now, though. These Aztecas are one of those breeds. They quickly showed me some amazing jump heights! My all time highest jumper is one of these horses. At the same time of selling all of my original ACDs, I also cleaned up their lines. I sold around half of them and cloned the foundations I had. I am a few generations in with new, clean lines.

These lines are private for the time being.


Coming back, I always had it in the back of my mind that I would eventually breed Nokotas, in honor of the former Legacy server. One day the sole breeder of Nokotas decided to sell their foundies and second generations. If not inferred, I bought them. They are going strong, and they are some of the highest jumpers I have.

These lines are private for the time being.

About Me


My name is Molly, but you can call me Shimmer. I'm a 18 yr. old female living in the U.S. I own four cats, a dog, two parakeets, four chickens, and two ducks. I don't own any horses, sadly. I try to ride as much as possible, but I don't get to that often. When I'm not in school or on PB I spend my time as an all-star cheerleader. An all-star cheer team is a group of individuals from different schools coming together to learn a 2 1/2 minute routine consisting of tumbling, stunts, jumps, and dance. It is a competitive, team sport. My team practices 4 hours per week, we also have an hour of a mandatory tumbling class to practice new tumbling skills. Most of us also choose to take classes on the rec side of the gym for extra practice. At the beginning of last season, my gym owner gave me the amazing opportunity to become a cheer coach. I have been doing it ever since. Probably one of the best jobs I could ask for. My favorite TV shows are Once Upon A Time, Rookie Blue, and Law and Order:SVU. My favorite movies are Forrest Gump and Silver Linings Playbook. I don't necessarily prefer a certain genre of music; I listen mostly to the message of the song. My favorites bands are Peirce the Veil, Ghost Town, Panic! At The Disco, and Fall Out Boy. I also watch youtube videos. I am mostly subscribed to comedy and gaming channels. My favorites include, but are not limited to; ChilledChaos, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, The Gabbie Show, and Emma Blackery. I also watch gaming live streams on Twitch. My favorite channels are MonotoneTim and SattelizerGames. I don't mind chatting or answering questions so feel free to drop a message anytime.


About the Horses

While my horses aren't the best in the game, they are pretty amazing and continue the get better with every breeding. So far, two of my breeds have had horses hit 87". Two ACDs, one Aztecas, and hopefully more soon! My second best jump heights sit closely behind those top horses. My cull standards currently sit at 83" for all breeds. I also cull foals whose stats are 36/40 and below. However, I do make exceptions for foundie foals.

Horses for Sale

On 10/9/16, I will be releasing my first foals to the public. For the first breeding, I will only be releasing foals with stats of 35 and 36/40. If all goes well, and there is more interest, I will breed more often and release higher statted foals. This is a huge milestone for me and my horses. I feel they are finally getting to a place that I can be proud of, and I feel extremely comfortable sharing them with you all now! If there is demand, I will start offering foal reservations, public studs, and perhaps even clonings.

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