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Welcome to Ebony Friesians, previously known as PUGS or years back as ColouredPonybrook Stables. I am back once again breeding the lovely friesians, and they are here to stay!

I bought this account empty and plain around november 2019 and on the 12th November got my first lot of fresh friesian foundations and the rest is history. In a short space of time we became top breeders and also claimed the highest top friesian of all time out of alive/retired.

I am playing around with my lines to see which are working the best, and hoping to take it from there. We have items and supers and hope to reintroduce naturals in the future when am more prepared. I try to keep my numbers under 30 so I have control xD.

Most of my lines will be in the future very limited to the public, supers may get the odd public slot.

If you are a friesian breeder and want to use a stud aslong as they are not private, inbox me and we can discuss prices =D

Supers (Past & Present) Goals
Name Conformation Jump Rank Fee
* Speedy Gonzales 13-13-13-13 96" 17 RET
* Vaprus 15-15-15-15 98.5" 20 3/3 PF
* Galway Girl 15-15-15-15 97.75" 17 ""
* My Sweet Angel 15-15-15-15 91.25" 51 PRIVATE
* Rustic Scars 14-14-14-14 88.5" 34 ""
* Irish Inchanted 15-15-15-15 96" 51 ""
* Vapour Spark 13-13-13-13 92" 33 ""
* Monster Fight 11-11-11-11 87.75" 75 ""
* Cookie Image 15-15-15-15 90.5" 32 ""
* County Cork 15-15-15-15 80.5" 45 ""
Name 10-10-10-10 00" Rank Fee Here
Name 10-10-10-10 00" Rank Fee Here

Breeder Achievements:-

Achieved Top Breeder 9th Jan 2020. Just short of 2 months since I started a fresh with this account and Friesians. Proud moment.

Got Top Friesian Horse 26th Jan 2020. Vaprus was the highest Friesian alive/retired to date. Another proud moment as he was such a stubborn sod until 15/16 years old! *wipes brow*

Won 2 shows since the release date in feb 2020

Key About Me
  • * = Supers
  • + = Foundations
  • EF = Friesians Item/Natural

  • Supers = Friesian with white bridle
  • Special Supers = Personalised Pic
  • Bred By Me = Blue Friesian Pic With Lava
  • Bred By Me/But By Outside Stud = Friesian In Field

  • Hey am known as PUGS mainly or my RL name is Helen. I live in the beautiful country known as Ireland, altho originally from the UK. I am married mother of three children, one being in heaven ♥. I have been playing here since 2006, and spend my free time on it as I thoroughly enjoy it and its got me through hard times in my past and present so I owe it to PB really.

    In RL I own my own Horse, he is a Registered Welsh D, Buckskin, Colt, to make around 15hh. He was born May 2nd 2019 so he is currently classed as yearling. I plan to show him in hand this summer and in the future maybe break to ride & drive, but he will mainly be for trail riding and fun! =D. Oh and for any Pug loves I own a lovely Pug named Boe xD

    Over the years Iv made a good bunch of friends here and would class some of them as my close friends ♥

    I have been a moderator on/off for around 2 years, and if you have any questions or concerns message me anytime. If it says am online but you get no reply its because I forget to log out but will get back to you ASAP, I am usually around daily at some time or other!

    I also for the past few years dabble in a bit of art work but I don't tend to do customs as I panic to much with them, but feel free to look out for my work on the forums for sale and also the link to my deviantart is in the link section above.

    Thanks for taken the time to read and feel free to drop a message anytime and say hello, have fun! =D

    coding by ls blue haven
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