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Hi, please read at the very least my rules in the bottom left c:
My Horses
I breed champion Appaloosas, Thoroughbreds and Arabians. I am currently also working on bringing back the previously extinct MBayars. I have been on ponybox breeding on and off since about 2007/2008, this is not my original account. I have always bred Arabians as I have always wished to have one irl. I aim for horses all above at least 85" with good lines or 88" with not proven or good lines. Feel free to shoot me a message if you are interested in buying any horses or a foal reservation, I will tell you if it's not available at the given time.
Horses to Look Out For
  • NE Arrogance All 15 Appaloosa Stud
  • NE Ashes to Ashes All 15 Arabian Mare
  • NE Bad of All 91.25" 40/40 Arabian Mare
  • NE Black Darya 40/40 Thoroughbred Mare (93" x 90")
  • NE Cal 14-15-14-15 MBayar Foundation Stud
  • NE Cara 14-15-14-15 MBayar Foundation Mare
  • NE Dark Carlo Natural 88" 39/40 Arabian Stud
  • NE King of Islam 91.25" 40/40 Arabian Mare
  • NE Truth Be Told All 15 Thoroughbred Stud
  • NE Winter 90.5" 40/40 Appaloosa Mare
  • NE Mystique 40/40 Thoroughbred Filly (117.75" x 95.5")
  • NE Mistake 40/40 Appaloosa Filly (First foal of Arrogance)
  • Rules
  • Only crossbreed if you're going to use a Diamond Horseshoe or retire foal before age 3
  • I will message you when the foal turns 2 if it is not retired or made purebred and if not fixed I will leave negative feedback
  • If you do not pick up your reserved foal by age 1(unless specifically discussed with me) I will either keep the foal or place it for bid in the forums.
  • If you read this line message me after breeding to any of my studs for a one time 50% off breeding c:
  • Typically stallions go up for stud around age 10-15
  • If you get twins in a foal reserve, I will sell you both unless you do not want one
  • I try to keep my stud fees & mare fees fair, if you would like a discount it doesn't hurt to ask me (:
  • All sales are final, please do not message me later asking me to take back the horse for full price
  • Please do not message me asking to buy your horse unless I state I am searching for a horse that yours meets the requirements, I will message you or post on the forum if I desire to buy your horse
  • Do not ask me for free horses, I will likely not even bother to reply to your message, if I am willing to give a horse away I will message you/post on the forums.
  • Breeding
    Public Studs
  • NE Dark Carlo Arabian 39/40 Natural Jumps 88" Fee: 25k
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