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I am a perpetual account hopper; if you need me but I'm not replying feel free to shoot a message to my other barns if they say I'm online! Most likely culprit is Darkfall Wonderland:)
Barn layouts are under construction, some links have inaccurate barn names.
I apologize for my lack of activity recently. We had to put down one of our dogs at the new year, and life has gotten hectic. I will try my best to keep all foal comps/excetera updated, but as of right now life is... Rough.

 photo Darkfall-Wonderland_zpsybacgzah.jpg


Welcome to Darkfall Wonderland! Home of my breeding TBs and itemed TBs in jumping!

Darkfall Wonderland Barns

Darkfall Wonderland - Breeding Home of TBs and Jumping Non Supers
Darkfall Wonderland 15s - Home of Super Horses in Jumping
DF U n d e r l a n d - Closed TB Breeding Program
DF 20k Challenge - The project barn, playing as a 'new player' and starting from 20k.
Method in the Madness -Breeding the Rare Kelpies
Method in the Madness II - Breeding the Rare Kelpies

Thank you for visiting!

Studs, Reservations, and more!

Breeding Rules

-If a horse is up for a private breeding, do not breed. There is a picture that clearly states when they are up for private breeding.
-If you have a question about breeding, message me first
-Breeding to a stud who is for private breeding will result in negative karma for multiple offences (I understand breeding a mare on accident, just message if you do and we can work something out.)
-However I do not see breeding multiple horses as a 'single' offence, and will result in negative karma.
-Feel free to message about horses who are not up for breeding. However, if a horse isn't up and won't be up, messaging multiple times, especially in the same week, is not going to change my mind.

Stud List

None Available

Non Supers
None Available

Mares for Reservation

*Must Provide Foaling Apple. If to an outside stud, it is fee + the SF

None Available


Commissions are Closed. I am focusing on my personal/college life right now. However I am still making art, so feel free to bid on whatever is on the forums! If for some reason you are convinced that your idea is something only I can make, message me with the info for the project and your price, and I will get in touch with you.
Due to real life monetary issues, I will take precedence on projects involving real life money. If you have such a project, I will be willing to fit it in 98% of the time. I also do art in digital painting form.
Find my art at Aedrielle.Deviantart

Thank you!
Darkfall Wonderland 2018
Some of my art

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