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Items sold on this barn are meant for those who are new or returning. Please do not buy the lowly priced items if you have enough ponybucks to buy from someone else. :) And please be mindful not to buy more than you need item wise. I understand buying up to 10 jumps (enough for two breeds for training) and maybe up to 5 feed items at a time but there needs to be enough to go around. If I continue to see people abuse the cheaply priced items I will just have to not put any up for sale until new players directly message me when they are on which would take a lot of time. I see people buying 20+ items and so I limited the items sold.

I have not been able to be on here much. I apologize for any late replies. I am going to try to find someone to help me out with the barn. There is a mentor list to help anyone out with questions.




*Simply message the barn about your interest as a sponsor or post a comment on the forum post. Either way is great! Will be getting a list together of sponsors and posting it on this page.


***Anonymously created to help Ponyboxers. Still a work in progress. Below you can find a mentors list for new and returning members to receive help from a helpful ponyboxer, a tutorial/start up guide (still have some more to add), and information about this barn. Feel free to send a message if you need any help and I will get back to it as quickly as possible.***

Donations of any kind are greatly appreciated. Ponybucks are public and log of items bought with money are below.
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Donators (Choice of saying Anon or public name displayed):




Colins Legacy- 2 million pbs



Identity Sporthorses



Manip and layout:

Turn Waterhorses

Open to donating horses:


Colins legacy


Welcome to Project Anonymous!

This page has a helpful tutorial for the game, a list of Ponybox mentors, a list of donators, a money/item log, and some news. This barn was created in the intention of helping, whether it be with ponybox or just for someone to listen to you. There are items available (some are not posted for sale, just message me and I'll put it up), some ponyboxers have offered to give free great horses for new and returning members, and a small donation of ponybucks can be given to those who need it (nothing large so that there is enough to go around for other people).

If you ever feel the need to talk to anyone, please send a message. I want this barn to be an ear for those who have a heavy heart. No one is perfect and we all have our own problems and sometimes we need to get our problems out so that we don't bottle it all up inside. I promise that anything said will always be anonymous. Anything you say in a message to this barn will not go out of that message.

Money/Item log:

Ponybucks started out with: 342,000

Items bought or given for 1pb for new/returning ponyboxers:

2 horseshoes (for 2k each)
48 horse jumps (up for 2k each)(Not all are up because I dont want any one person buying all of them at once.)
22 apples (up for 1pb)
39 golden apples (up for 1pb)
51 tractors (up for 100pbs)
7 tack boxes (for 1k)
6 Golden Carrots (not up for sale unless messaged- will be sold for 1k each)

Items for barn use (feedback/Announcements)

46 Marquees
36 sticky gum
2 item reviver (Just in case of finding items)
7 Best friends forever
18 Sparkling Apple Ciders
3 red rose


100k (half priced, coding free)

Items found and used/sold for profit for the barn:

Crown of ponybox (used to collect 100k)
Diamond stirrup (sold for 185k)


More News to Come

Ponybox Newsletter to come and some fun competitions!
Mentor program is starting up! A list can be found below. New and returning members can either choose or be assigned to a mentor.

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Ponybox mentors are always open and willing to help out new and returning members by answering any and all questions! This is a new program that we are starting out and with the help of the wonderful Ponybox community, it will be great! A little description of the mentors are posted under the name. The Names of each mentor are clickable buttons that will open up to that mentor's barn page, where you can easily send them a message. If you would prefer to be assigned, simply message me and let me know!


About me: I've been an on again-off again member of PB for almost 10 years. I started out on the Paint server and spent most of my time breeding rares, specifically Karabakh's. I was a bit of a pioneer and made the first super on that server. I took some time off from the game in high school, and have come back in the last year now that college has slowed down. I was planning on bringing back the Karabakh's, but I got some TB's to bring myself back into the game and I've been doing pretty well with them, so I think I'm going to stick with them for a while. Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns you guys have! I've been around for a while and have experience with many sides of the game and I am more than happy to help you! =) And I'm usually on in the evenings, but jump on and off all day long.


About Me: I've been on PB since 2009, although I spent most of my time on PB3 (a newer server that was far different to this type). I've continued to play since the servers merged together, and now have a fairly strong understanding of the technical aspects of the game. The times I'm on vary depending on whether I'm working or not, but you can generally find me online sporadically throughout the day. I try to check in at least three times a day, and am more than happy to answer any and all questions to the best of my ability!


About me:Originally joined in 2009, returning player. Likely on during the day, UK time. If I can help I will.


About me: Hello :) I have been on and off Ponybox since 2007. I have seen many changes on here throughout my time. I am breeding three breeds at the moment (TBs, Pegasus, and Bretons). I would love to help anyone out with any questions about the game. Feel free to message me for help. I am on most days except for a couple days a week (typically either Thurs/Friday or Friday/Saturday due to work). I run on Atlantic timezone in florida in the US and am on usually nights (usually stay on late because I am a night owl).


About me: I'm Picky ( Formerly Picking Mortality) and I've been a member of PB since 2007. I'm one of only 5 active Pegasus breeder . I'm a member that likes to focus more on the horses and competition than the social side of PB, although you can still catch me in the forums chatting. Usually on after 6 at night but if you send me a message it sends an email alert to my phone and I will get to it ASAP.


About me: I'm a 21 year old female who lives in Australia. I have been on PB since 2007 on and off but the last 12 months I fell back in love with that game that gave me so much joy throughout my youth. I find PB is always a pleasant place where you can always find great people to talk with and share your passion for horses. I am normally on ponybox everyday even if it's just for a quick pop in to check the forums or messages. The best times to catch me (Australian time) 9.30am - 10.30am,12.30pm - 1pm and 4pm -9pm. I'm on my phone when on Ponybox so if you send me a message I will definitely reply outside of these times. Also most Tuesday's & Wednesdays I'm on all day.


About Me:Hello I am PUGS, I have played Ponybox since 2006. I am online everyday on and off throughout the day and quite often log in through my phone too so I hope to reply to your messages asap. I have what Id call a good theory to the game so please feel free to message me anytime for help :D. Thanks


About me:Hey! I'm Padfoot, I'm also known as Girleh. I've been on ponybox almost eleven years and I usually breed just rare horses but recently I've decided to put a few thoroughbreds into the mix. I'm from England, so the timezone usually confuses people. Currently I'm working just weekdays and having the weekend off but this will soon change. Right now it's best to contact me in the evenings as I get up at 5am and finish work at 3pm. So during that time I will reply when I can but don't feel bad if I can't get to you right away. I do get all messages to my email so as soon as I see it I will respond when I can.


About Me: Colin's Legacy is a 20-something year old from the Southern USA. She has been playing for a number of years (since 2008) though she took a break for a few years. Since returning she has made the only all 100 super horse as well as a few other supers and mini-supers. She loves to help people get into or back into the game and is usually around a few hours a day. Generally those hours are somewhere between 6:30pm and 11:30pm US Central. :)




_____________Start up tutorial and tips_____________

Welcome to Ponybox! Ponybox has gone through many updates recently and a lot has changed for all of us and I believe some more changes are to come. Ponybox is a sim horse game. A lot of this game is based off of how high horses jump in jump offs, their stats, lineage, and DNA. There are multiple items that can be used (collectibles, useable on horses, useable on feed, etc). There are many factors that affect how your horse does in the game!

*Little tip: If you are looking for a specific item or something just press Ctrl+F on your keyboard and you should be able to type in a word on the left side of the screen. For example: "golden carrot"



There are multiple breeds of horses on here. The most popular at the moment are Thoroughbreds (TBs), which is which breed I would recommend starting out with when you are new. A lot of people will get into other breeds, especially some of the more rare breeds, but typically a lot of people on here breed TBs.


Stats on a horse can be found on a horse page below the horse picture in a green box. Perfect stats are all ten. 10-10-10-10 (head and neck, chest and underline, back and hind, legs and feet). Stats can play a role in how well your horses do but it doesn't seem like it affects that much because many lower stated horses still do well but when it comes to selling horses and breeding, people mainly like all tens. Add all four of the stats up (ex. 10+10+10+10=40) and that is the conformation stat total. Stats can be raised by the use of stirrups (item) or a Diamond saddle (item).


From the age of 0-2, horses are called foals and cannot breed. From 3 and forward, horses are capable of breeding but it is recommend to wait till after 15 years of age to breed them because prime jumping age can be anywhere from perhaps 5-15 or 16. Mares are female horses and Stallions are male horses. Stallions can be put up for stud by going to Horse's page > set stud fee (to keep them off of stud simply put it on 0). I cannot stress enough that crossbreeding is not recommended on here unless you have a Diamond Horseshoe (item) to make the horse pure because crossbred horses usually do not perform well and most ponyboxers will probably not buy or breed with your horses (some will buy just to retire and do not take offense to it as there are lots of purebred horses to buy/breed).

__________________________Factors- There is a point system that affect your horses.__________________________


Feed is an important factor when it comes to your horses. If you have no specific feed set or run out of feed, it will automatically go to pasture which will not harm the horse but it will not give any extra points. Feed can be purchased with ponybucks under horses > feed > buy feed.

Types of feed:

-All purpose feed-can be purchased directly from Ponybox. Prices will vary. All purpose can be used to make other types of feed. All purpose on it's on will +5 bonus points.

-Pony Aid feed- can be either be purchased by other players or can be made by using apples (item). You need 500 servings of all purpose to use an apple to change it into pony aid feed. Pony Aid will + 8 bonus points.

-Monster Blend feed- can be either purchased by other players or can be made by using a golden apple (item). You need 500 servings of all purpose to use a golden apple to change it into monster blend feed. Monster blend feed will +12 bonus points.

-Rockstar fuel feed- can be either purchased by other players or can be made by using a tractor (item). You need 500 servings of all purpose to use a tractor to change it into rockstar fuel. Rockstar fuel will +16 bonus points.

-Carrot Juice feed- can be purchased by other players or can be made by using a golden carrot (item). You need 500 servings of all purpose to use a carrot to change it into carrot juice. Carrot juice will +20 bonus points.


Training can be added for each separate horse breed using horse jumps (item). Each horse breed at each barn can have up to 5 horse jumps added on giving it up to a 100% training level. This will increase your horses performance at your barn. Keep in mind that there are many horse breeds on Ponybox and having multiple breeds at your barn to begin with may not be beneficial due to needing so many horse jumps per breed. To add horse jumps to training and to see training levels per breed go to Horses > Training


Strength can go up to 100% and go down to 0%. Strength is important when it comes to jumpoff performance. Putting horses in jumpoffs and keeping them in jumpoffs is important for strength. Every day without being in jumpoffs, horses will lower a little bit in strength and everyday in jumpoffs the horses strength will increase a little. Gold leg wraps (items) can be used to bring horses strength to 100% at all times. Breeding horses affects the strength as well. Stallions that are bred to will go down about a small portion per breeding while female's strength will go down to 0%.


There are multiple types of DNA that can affect your horses. Most come from breeding but a couple can come from items. They can either be active or passive. Active usually affects your horse more and will usually pass along to foals, while passive can still affect your horse but may not always pass along to foals. DNA can be looked at when looking at any horse page and going to DNA page/link.

-Pegasus DNA-can add 5 bonus points to your horse and help in performance in Jumpoffs. Pegasus DNA can be breed into horses or it can be added by using Pegasus DNA (item).

-High fertility DNA- Does not affect your horses performance but rather allows the chance of having twin foals. This can either be bred into your horses or added by using High Fertility DNA (item).

-Lineage DNA- There are Generation 1 lineages from when Ponybox had multiple servers (we merged into one) and there is also generation 2 lineage from a certain period of time. Each lineage that your horse has will add 1 bonus point. This type of DNA can only be bred.

-Superhorse lineage-Superhorse DNA comes from breeding from immortal superhorses (horses brought back from retirement and live forever) or one of their lines. This adds 2 bonus points.

-Test Tube Birth- test tube DNA comes from cloning a horse (cloned horse gets the DNA) or breeding to any clones or their lines. There is no affect from this DNA.

-Linebred-Linebred DNA only comes from inbreeding horses, breeding horses within their own family. It will give a negative affect of 5 points on your horse and any foals and so forth. It is best to either retire the horse or not breed them. Most ponyboxers will not knowingly buy inbred horses and I recommend looking at horses before buying them to see if they are inbred because of the negative affect.


Registries have become extremely important for your horses when it comes to performance. You can add your horse up to 5 registries. Registries are rated from not rated to five stars. It is recommended to register your horses to five, 5 star registries. There are multiple registries for more popular breeds such as Thoroughbreds and Paints while there are much less for more rare breeds. Prices can range from 1-5000 ponybucks or so. There are many at 1-100 ponybucks that are very well rated to choose from. Registries can have restrictions such as what percentage of the breed your horse must be in and stats. (To create a registry, it costs 75,000 ponybucks and you can choose cost and restrictions, add a banner, and a description.) To register, go to horses > Registry > Registry search > Select your breed > all registries of that breed should pop up (can be many pages)


Feedback can be left on each ponyboxer's barn page for all to see. Feedback can be left using karma items. There are positive karma items and negative ones. Negative feedback can be erased by using feedback erasers (items). Negative and positive feedback can affect your horses performance by a very small amount.


There are many many items on Ponybox. Items will randomly pop up on your page as a little icon (small square, usualy with a picture of the item) and you just need to click it. You can buy them form other players, find them, or get them through credits. Some are collectible, some affect your horses, some are for advertising, and some are for collecting ponybucks! If you use items on your horses they will be in their own jumping class (there are non-itemed and itemed). Descriptions will be directly from ponybox's item descriptions as well as some added information for some.

Feed items

Apples- Modify 500 servings of All-Purpose feed to Pony-Aid. Increases horse performance by 8%.

Golden Apples-Modify 500 servings of All-Purpose feed to Monster Blend. Increases horse performance by 12%

Tractors- Modify 500 servings of All-Purpose feed to Rockstar Fuel. Increases horse performance by 16%.

Golden Carrot- Modify 500 servings of All-Purpose feed to carrot juice. Increases horse performance by 20%.

Training items

Horse Jumps- Increase your horses performance in Jumpoffs by increasing your barns experience in training specific breeds. Max use of 10 per horse breed.

Items to affect your horse

Horse trailers- Increase the number of jumpoffs a horse can compete in daily from 4 to 5 jumpoffs. Increasing the potential PonyBucks a horse can earn per day.

Companion Dogs- Horse companion. Gives slight advantage to horse in Jumpoffs when competing against a horse without a companion or against a horse with a less aggressive companion. Order from least to most beneficial is mouse, cat, dog. Using this companion item will replace any previous companion the horse received.

Tack boxes- Increase the max number of items a horse can posses from 5 to 10.

Stirrup- Increase one confirmation stat for one horse (+1). Max 10.

Golden stirrup- Increase one confirmation stat for one horse (+2). Max 10.

Diamond stirrup-Increase one confirmation stat for one horse (+3). Max 10.

Diamond Saddle- Increase your horses conformation by +1 in each category. Item has no max conformation limit but is limited to 5 diamond saddle uses per horse.

Gold leg wraps- Keep your horses strength at 100%. Horse strength will never decrease.

Loyalty Hearts-Horse will maintain 100% loyalty throughout it's life. Decreases Jumpoff opponent horse loyalty if opponent horse does not posses a loyalty item.

Pegasus DNA- Make your horse float through the sky. Increases performance in Jumpoff Challenges and Shows.

High Fertility DNA- ncrease the chance of twins when in foal!

Horseshoes-Immediately foal any pregnant mare.

Diamond Horseshoe- Make any horse in your barn a PureBred. Breed percent will increase to 100%

Golden Horseshoe- Duplicate one horse in your barn. Cloned horse will be added to your barn as a 3 year old. Conformation (Max 10), Training, Loyalty, gender, breed, breed percent and pedigree stats will carry over to the cloned horse. This item does not add to or count against horse item limits.

Items that do not affect horse

Stall Name plates- Rename one horse in your barn

Tokens/Money items

Token-Collect 5,000 ponybucks

Golden Token-Collect 10,000 Ponybucks

Diamond Token-Collect 50,000 ponybucks

Golden Crown of Ponybox- collect 100,000 ponybucks

Karma items

Best Friends Forever-Give feedback and Karma to any barn (+100 Karma). To use this item click on any barn name and select Submit Feedback.

Sparkling Apple Cider-Give feedback and Karma to any barn (+75 Karma). To use this item click on any barn name and select Submit Feedback.

Red Rose-Give feedback and Karma to any barn (+50 Karma). To use this item click on any barn name and select Submit Feedback.

Football- Give feedback and Karma to any barn (+25 Karma). To use this item click on any barn name and select Submit Feedback.

Pizza- Give feedback and Karma to any barn (-50 Karma). To use this item click on any barn name and select Submit Feedback.

Angry Stallions-Give feedback and Karma to any barn (-100 Karma). To use this item click on any barn name and select Submit Feedback.

Pacifier-Give feedback and Karma to any barn (-75 Karma). To use this item click on any barn name and select Submit Feedback.

Feedback Erasers-Your barns feedback can have a negative effect on your horses performance. Erase that negative feedback from your barn


Player of the day- Each Ponybox moderator can award a Player of the Day award to any member that represents a good attitude on Ponybox. Ponybox moderators are not allowed to accept bribes or Ponybucks for this award. This item can't be sold.

Gemstone Necklace-Gemstone Necklace is considered a Gift item and is only in a limited quantity. Item was given to all donating members in March 2008.

Sparky- (can't find description) Collectible horse that was given as a gift to donators from a certain time period. Able to leave a note to other members.

Sparky Was Here notes- Collectible item left from Sparky.

Other items

Sicky Gum-Make any discussion stick to the top row of the forums. The discussion will remain a sticky discussion for the life of the discussion. This item is used from the Forum Pages.

Marquee-Place your barn in lights! Display a text message on the top of all pages for 7 days. Advertise your services to thousands!

Item Reviver-Revive one item that you missed in the past week!

VaccinesUsed to prevent horse from contracting the PonyBox Equine Virus (PEV). Does not cure horse if PEV DNA is already present. [Ponybox has not released the virus yet so right now there is no need to use this item.]

_______________________________________ Ponybox Lingo/forums/etc._______________________________________

-Ponybucks- Ponybucks is money on Ponybox! You get 1000 ponybucks once a day just logging in. I believe you start out with 20,000 ponybucks to begin with.

-forums- The forums can be found at the top of the page. This is where a lot of action from the community goes on. You can introduce yourself with a post, advertise (perhaps you are selling a horse or item), meet new people, play games, play RPGs, join compeitions, and much more! The ponybox community is extremely helpful and I promise we don't bite...much! :) But please make sure to follow forum rules and just in general, follow ponybox rules! Rules can be found at the bottom under terms and conditions and on forums page >forum rules

-Mods- Our Moderators are extremely helpful players that were recognized by the staff of Ponybox for doing an amazing job! Our mods on here have been playing for quite some time and I recommend that if you have a problem (may it be a problem with a player, problem with your barn), to go message a mod. You can see which mods are available by looking at the very bottom of the screen. They can report Ponyboxers if they break the rules. Usually they will give a warning or delete inappropriate post.

- Manips- Photo Manipulations are very important on here! Many of us like to use them on our barn pages and on our horse pictures. Many ponyboxers are amazing photo manipulators and will sell manips for ponybucks or real life money (going through paypal). Any photo on here, may it be a manip, your own photo you took, or a little painting/drawing you did must have credits on it. If you made it or took it all on your own, you will need to add text on the photo with your barn name on it or Devintart name on it. If it is a photo manip that is made of different photos, each person must have given permission and credits must be on it. (deviantart photos are used often on here as stock for manips, credits of each stock photo must be put on it.) The only place on here I dont think you need credits is (if the photo was taken by you) under photos and art, where you can post photos for all the ponyboxers to see under the photos page or by looking at your barn. You can set one of the photos as your profile picture.

- Real Life (RL) transactions- Any real life transactions of money, you are basically taking your own risks. You can check the ponyboxer's feedback beforehand to see what feedback other players may have to say about them or you can go through a mod if you are more comfortable, but again everything is at your own risk.

-Accounts- We are allowed to have as many accounts as we want now and you will sometimes see people selling accounts for ponybucks or RL money.

- Credits- Credits can be purchased for $10 from using a credit card. The credit will be automatically credited to your account. You can also purchase credits from other players sometimes but know they do usually run about 2 million ponybucks a credit. Credits can be found at the top of the screen in the green box. Click it and you can see options of what you can purchase with a credit. My recommendation is to get a package with items because either you can use them or you can sell them on the forums or another cool option is to buy foundation horses of any breed that you want. If you get a rare breed you could revive it (but remember that it takes a lot of money and items to make foundations great) or if you get a popular breed, people love new lines because foundations are brand spanking new and have no lines of any horse on Ponybox. I honestly would not recommend getting the 200,000 ponybucks because the items in the other packages are worth more. You can also send and receive credits from people, which goes back to buy or sell at your own risk.




Free graphics/manip use

On this barn page are free use manips. Do not claim them as your own. Some you can put text on while others, you can't. This is a great way to put pictures on your horses for free. This idea and barn was created by helpful mod.





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