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*Welcome to Princeton Equestrian!*

I will always love you

I will always love you I carried you to victory. I 'll give my all for you and you for me. We are a team. We ride together as one. We jump the sun. You and I, I and you. A love and bond strong and true. Never shall I leave your side, for that is my hearts pure and true desire. The green pastures you have given to me, the things you have suffered for me. We stayed strong all these years. I have always caught your tears. The moonlit rides, the graceful strides. We were champions. Once so bold. And even now in this broken state, one thing still remains. Our love so precious. As our bones crumble and our friends die away, together forever, we'll always be the same. Adventurers, explorers, and lovers. Till death do us part. The Horse and Rider, who share one heart. True and brave we ride forever. Always together for always and ever my Love.

In dedication to my horse Prince I wrote this a long time ago and just found it again. It made me cry, because every word and every emotion pertectly describes Prince and I's relationship. Now, nearing the end of his life, we are still the same. =) Don't hate them, or take them for granted, they can teach us the most about ourselves.



===== *Updates* =====

Princeton's runnin' for mayor!

DR- 1000 HC- 1 FT- 250 TF- 50

*Breed News*

I'm just doing Dutch Warmbloods now. I have given the Hano's to my friend,

who is PE Jessies Hanoverians. She is a branch of of Princeton Equestrian, and will continue breeding said quality breed,

and training them in dressage just as I was.

I'm now breeding Dutch Warmbloods and Hanoverians

*Pride and Joys*
Black Tie Affair

===== *Horses* =====

Currently breeding Dutch Warmbloods

Black Tie Affair- 69", 39 statted, Dutch Warmblood Mare.

===== *Training/Boarding/Feed* =====

Feed and board options are now open

Level 4 training in Barrel: Open

Level 1 training in Hunters: Open

Level 4 training in Equitation: Open

Level 4 training in Dressage: Open

Level 4 training in Jumpers: Closed

===== *Friendehs* =====

A Little Slice of Heaven

Musicbox International

Breezing Hill Farm

5 Horseshoe Stables

Kirkridge Farm

Northwood Ranch

Lucky Acre

Biz Barn

Movin on Farm

jolie leap

I ♥ you guys!!

===== *Random Randomness* =====

I luff wee ponies! I'm a sucker for a good thoroughbred

and I love jumping!. =) I know tons about horses(not bragging), so if you ever need advice

of any sort on horse products, tack, horse care, buying/leasing, jumping,

equitation, lessons, horsemanship, or just horses and ponies in general. I'm your girl. =)

I've been riding for 4 years. And I have my own horse, named Prince.=)

===== *Extras* =====

Thanks Indigo Moose!





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